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A long wait rewarded: The 1981 Dodgers

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Ron Cey signs an autograph near a replica of the 1981 World Series trophy on November 8, 2011.

By Jon Weisman

Three years ago today, I published this piece for Dodger Thoughts at ESPN Los Angeles on the 30th anniversary of the 1981 World Series champions.

The 1980s might be considered the last glory days for the Los Angeles Dodgers. But for Dodger fans at the start of that decade, those were desperate times.

It had been 15 seasons since the Dodgers had won World Series title, their longest drought since Next Year first came in 1955. They had suffered through three near-misses, each arguably more agonizing than the last, in their 1974, 1977 and 1978 Fall Classic falls.

The 1980 Dodgers had arguably the most dramatic season yet of that era, winning three games on the final three days of the regular season before falling in a 163rd game against Houston still painful for those who remember it.

Even their hot start in ’81, when the Dodgers won 29 of their first 40 games, was clouded by — yes, this resonates today — off-field issues. A labor crisis was brewing, the sport’s biggest yet. Would the Dodgers, potentially the best team in baseball, even be able to finish their season?

Some Dodger fans today – especially the younger ones – don’t think of the 1981 World Series title much, or at least they take it for granted. The 1988 title is the one on everyone’s frontal lobe: Kirk Gibson, Orel Hershiser and friends giving the franchise its last taste of October glory. It’s the team that the desperate fans of today call back to.

The 1981 team, though, is the team that for which the desperate fans of the last generation give thanks. …

I spoke to Bob Welch that day, though I didn’t quote him for the story. I wish I had.

Read the entire piece here.


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  1. 1981 was my first WS and will always be on my frontal lobe :)

  2. I recall the team of the 70s very fondly, and even forget that they didn’t actually win a WS.

  3. myplane150

    Reggie Jackson and his damn hip…

  4. My greatest sports thrill until the Kings won their first cup, was when the Dodgers won in ’81. Started following them in ’74 as a 7 year old, heartbroken in ’78 when I truly thought they were the best team. ’81 at least made up from that disappointment.

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