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In case you missed it: Two days until pitchers and catchers
By Jon Weisman

Pitchers and catchers, we’ll be saying hello to you at Camelback Ranch inside of 48 hours. Hope you packed as well as we did.

In the meantime …

  • The Dodgers have a better starting lineup that matches the best of the Phillies, Twins, Astros, Diamondbacks, Indians, White Sox and Royals combined, determines Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus.
  • Mark McGwire told Dylan Hernandez of the Times that season-long consistency and patience are the big keys for Yasiel Puig this year, and added that he hopes to see the Dodger offense strike out fewer times in general.
  • FanGraphs ranks the top 200 prospects in baseball, and the Dodgers big three-plus-one of Julio Urias, Corey Seager, Joc Pederson and Grant Holmes do predictably well in Kiley McDaniel’s report. Chris Anderson and Alex Verdugo earn honorable-mention mentions.
  • By one measure, the Dodgers’ have the fourth most valuable farm system in baseball, writes Dave Cameron of Fangraphs.
  • How might the speculated changes to the MLB strike zone affect Dodger pitchers? Daniel Brim of Dodgers Digest takes a look.
  • For the New York Times, Michael Beschloss wrote about how integrating Spring Training was in some ways more challenging and perilous than integrating the Major League regular season.
  • Since 2005, the Dodgers are sixth out of 30 teams in appearances on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, according to Baseball Essential (via Deadspin). Remember when Manny Ramirez was leading the Dodgers against the Diamondbacks in 2008? That’s the last time Arizona has been on a ESPN’s national Sunday broadcast. One more tidbit: There have been nine Dodgers-Giants matchups since 2005, compared with 31 Red Sox-Yankees contests.
  • Want to ask official MLB historian John Thorn a question? Here’s how.
  • Bill Murray’s summer as a minor-league ballplayer is captured in this oral history by Rob Neyer at Fox Sports’ Just a Bit Outside.
  • Former ballplayer C.J. Nitkowski explains what really goes on when you sign a minor-league deal with a Spring Training invite, also at Just a Bit Outside.
  • Longtime MLB coach Wendell Kim passed away at age 64. Grant Brisbee paid tribute at McCovey Chronicles.
  • And here’s one more from Valentine’s Day …


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  1. jpavko

    It would be nice for the Dodgers to acquire a particular one of those Phillie pitchers

  2. On the final post-game show of each season, Jerry Doggett used to ask, “When does spring training begin?” I’m with Jerry on that. Thank goodness we’re almost ready for the only sport in the world.

  3. rams8821


    I have a Dodger Insider Magazine subscription for the past 2 years, does that auto renew or do I need to sign back up? And the Dodgers website says that I will miss the March edition now. Is that right? Is the March edition the one with Rollins and Kendrick on the cover? I never received that.


    • Jon Weisman

      The March issue hasn’t shipped yet, but yes, the mailing list for that issue was closed on Sunday. I’m not aware of any auto-renew process. Give me your full name and I can see what your status is.

      • rams8821

        Just read you earlier post, Sorry I have been away for a little while and missed the 15th.

        I just renewed today after I saw your post about it. If you can get me out a March copy that would be great. Matt Abrams

        • Jon Weisman

          Our records show that you have two issues remaining on your existing subscription, Matt.

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