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Vote for your top Dodgers in MLB’s Franchise Four



By Jon Weisman is asking fans to vote for the top four players in the history of every franchise — not unlike the “Who goes on your team’s Mt. Rushmore?” conversations you’ve probably been a part of. Also being voted on are the greatest from the Negro Leagues, MLB pioneers and greatest living players.

Selecting the eight for each team were panelists including official MLB historian John Thorn, representatives the Elias Sports Bureau (official MLB’s statistician),, MLB Network and the Baseball Writers’ Association of America.

Click here to vote for your top Dodgers’ candidates (a write-in vote is permitted).

Of note: Steve Garvey is also among the Padres’ finalists. For that matter, so is Adrian Gonzalez.


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  1. Based on who created the list it obviously isn’t a fan favorite list.

    Wow no Piazza? How about Don Sutton? And as always where is Pete Reiser?

    Just for fun I pick Reiser, Campy, Snider, and Koufax.

  2. I wish that when they include a few stats like that along with the player, they only include the stats the player compiled within that particular franchise.

    The whole question of which stats they chose to represent the players is another matter altogether.

  3. My first 3 were easy, Robinson (Hell he belongs on the MLB Top 4, not just Dodgers for what he did for the game), Koufax (greatest pitcher Dodgers ever had, but see my comments further), and Fernando (what he meant and means for the latino community goes beyond the field). The 4th pick was tough, but I choose Kershaw, because he’s done as much as the others already as far as rewards, and at 27, can add too them in the future and could even surpass Koufax as the greatest pitcher in Dodger history.

  4. So, everybody’s writing in Vin, right?

    • Well it says “Players”, so I think that would leave out Vin, but for sure he would be in the top 4 if eligible (and maybe Lasorda would be as well),

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