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Corey Seager’s first two hits

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Corey Seager not only doubled in his second big-league at-bat tonight, scoring on a Joc Pederson single, but Seager also singled in the tying and go-ahead runs for the Dodgers in his third at-bat — getting the green light on a 3-0 pitch.

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I am older than Corey Seager and Joc Pederson combined. That is all.

— Jon Weisman

Update: After the Dodgers rallied from a 4-0 deficit to take a 7-5 lead, a controversial call seemed to open the door for the Padres to rally back, which they did, for a 10-7 win — the most runs ever allowed by the Dodgers at Petco Park. With San Francisco losing to Colorado, the Dodgers’ lead in the National League West remained 6 1/2 games.


Corey Seager has arrived


Damon Berryhill named PCL Manager of the Year


  1. Mat Latos needs to disappear

  2. Another blown lead tonight! This team’s bullpen is pathetic and sick! The NL West crown should have been won week’s ago! So disappointing! If they make the playoffs, it will be embarrassing–especially if Greinke and Kershaw have bad outings. Deja uv all over again. Gets tiresome–27 years without a Pennant is not in accordance with Dodger tradition! Sad!

  3. This team just swept SF and took a 6 1/2 game division lead, followed immediately by this loss on the road, which of course brings out the doom and gloomers. Amazing how many fans are so convinced the team will embarrass them personally in the postseason.
    The Dodgers may not win the WS, but they can play with anyone–especially with the 2 aces you already project to have bad outings, with zero evidence.

    There’s an element of entitlement in some fans’ thinking….no titles in 27 years, sob.
    There are 8 teams who have NEVER won a WS. The Dodgers have, 6 times. Their future is very bright, even if they don’t win this year.

  4. oldbrooklynfan

    Congratulations to Corey Seager on his successful debut. Thanks to the Rockies for beating the Giants and making last night’s loss a little less painful.

  5. Found out that the controversial play is not revieable, and that’s why the replay wasn’t overturned, even though it was clear that Utley indeed had the side of his foot on the bag. Conroy, the ump says he doesn’t believe in the “neighborhood rule” even though it’s a rule, if you are an umpire and don’t believe in the rules, and cal them the way the rule book says, then you shouldn’t be an umpire

    • My understanding is a little different, but with same result. What cannot be reviewed is a neighborhood play at second. Those calls are by definition outs. Since this was called safe it was reviewed as a force play and NY felt there wasn’t enough evidence to reverse the call on the field.

      • Which even makes it worse, because there was plenty of evidence showing his foot was touching the side of the base.
        Anyway, I think it’s about 90% the calls of replay don’t go Dodgers way, that I expect them never to get one anymore, no matter how obvious (like this one) is. When they get a call, I’m like “wow”. Something is up in NY against the Dodgers, not sure why, but someone pissed them off.

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