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Dodger Stadium of yore: Name the game

Name the Game

Here’s a rustic photo from Dodger Stadium’s history. Click to enlarge the picture above or the scoreboard portion below — and for you Internet sleuths, see if you can figure out the date of the game.  I tested it on Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A., and he solved it in under seven minutes.

— Jon Weisman

Name the Game partial




Video: Dodgers, Giants and Vin being Vin


  1. Looks like an end of the season game mid 60’s. I remember when the games started at 8pm when I was a kid, then 7:35, then 7:05, now 7:10. You should write a story on game start times…

  2. Dang. Took me about three times as long as Eric.

  3. Last guess: 5/17/62

  4. May 17th, 1962. You threw me as I thought it might be 9/11 1966 (also Koufax pitching), but that was a day game. Eric whooped my time though…

  5. Mistook the “5” for a “6” in the number of the Houston pitcher, which sent me on a wild goose chase. Wally Moon playing clinched it.

  6. playing “first base”.

  7. I’m no internet sleuth but my guess it would have been early 60’s because of Maury Wills (30) and Sandy (32) pitching. It says #8 catching. Who was that? Roseboro wore #13.

    Also the wall says 410 in left center and right center. Were the fences moved in at some point? I always remember 395.

    Finally was this a midweek game? Right field pavilion is empty.

  8. Also for an early season game and a brand new stadium, the grass looks awful. Was there a concert or some other event played right before this as to why it looked so bad?

    • Jon Weisman

      My understanding based on what I’ve heard Mark Langill say is that the weather that spring was murder on the grass — keeping in mind it was the first season there. They dyed the field for Opening Day to try to make it look better.

    • Maybe a heat wave like the one we are going through right now.

      Are the words to the anthem displayed on the LF scoreboard?

  9. Tuesday, July 20, 1965

  10. I got it quickly, and I’ll tell how. I recognized most of the numbers but not #11. I went to the Baseball Reference page on that and the #11’s when Koufax pitched at Dodger Stadium were Burright, McMullen, and Kennedy. I knew the latter two usually played 3B, so I went with 1962 and got Koufax’s logs on Retrosheet. And there it was.

    Just to throw in trivia of interest only to me, the umpires were, from HP around, Chris Pelekoudas, Frank Walsh, Jocko Conlan, and Ken Burkhart. They have numbers on the scoreboard, alphabetically on the staff. Conlan was #4 and Burkhart #3. Interestingly, when the National League decided at one point to retire the numbers of some of its umpires, it retired #1, #2, and #3–for Bill Klem, who never wore a number; Al Barlick, who was almost always the first alphabetically; and Conlan. Go figure!

  11. oldbrooklynfan

    Koufax’s perfect game?

    • oldbrooklynfan

      Sorry I didn’t read the comments first before I responded.

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