By Jon Weisman

With Monday’s AC/DC concert at Dodger Stadium behind us, I went down just now to speak with Dodger groundskeeping guru Eric Hansen, who said that the Dodger Stadium field would be “more than playable” when the Dodgers return Friday for their final three regular-season home games.

Emily Nuckols/Los Angeles Dodgers

Emily Nuckols/Los Angeles Dodgers

Hansen said that the field looked as he expected after the concert, with no surprises. There were marks on the field from the elaborate staging and seating setup, and a few rough patches, but Hansen said his crew had “some tricks up our sleeve” to deal with those.


No earthquake here this afternoon — just a little rippling via the iPhone Pano setting. Click to enlarge.

While part of the stage was still being dismantled this afternoon, for now it appeared there was nothing that should prove a hazard this weekend.



Dodger Stadium on Monday afternoon, before the concert. (Daytime stadium photos by Jon Weisman)