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Ten things we know about Corey Seager’s debut

Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres

By Jon Weisman

Oh, nothing. Just 10 bits of info about the Dodgers’ latest phenom, Corey Seager …

  1. With a .337 batting average, .425 on-base percentage, .561 slugging percentage and .986 OPS in 113 plate appearances, Seager’s adjusted OPS (OPS+) of 173 was the highest in Dodger history by a rookie.
  2. The left-handed hitting Seager had a .426 OBP and slugged .500 against left-handed pitching.
  3. He started 25 games and reached base in 24 of them, hitting .347/.436/.579/1.015 as a starter.
  4. Seager OPSed 1.100 with the bases empty and .877 with men on.
  5. For whatever reason, Seager had a .478 OBP while playing shortstop and a .190 OBP while playing third base or pinch-hitting.
  6. Seager had a .959 OPS (7 for 20 with four doubles and two walks) after falling behind in the count 0-2.
  7. In “late and close” plate appearances (seventh inning or later with the Dodgers team tied, ahead by one, or the tying run at least on deck), Seager was 5 for 14 with four walks, a home run and one strikeout.
  8. Seager hit .378/.511/.676/1.186 in 47 plate appearances against relief pitchers.
  9. In his 113 plate appearances, Seager hit into two double plays — both at San Francisco on September 30.
  10. In what qualifies for now as a reality check, Seager slumped from September 19 through October 2, hitting .205/.271/.364/.634 with 12 strikeouts in 48 plate appearances, before finishing the season Sunday with two singles, a walk and a home run.


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  1. Really hope he’s the starting SS in the NLDS. I know Rollins has a great history against the Mets, but unless a lefty is going, I’d rather he be on the bench over Seager.
    Turner also hits righthanders better than lefties, so you could move Seager to third and play Rollins at short if Mets do toss Matz in game 4.

  2. He is a cool customer at the plate. Wow against lefties.

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