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Dodger exit velocities, 2015

Contact and speed

With the caveat that I might be punching out of my weight class, here’s a comparison of exit velocities off the bats of Dodger hitters in 2015 (with swing-and-miss rates also noted), using data from Brooks Baseball. Players with at least 100 plate appearances as a Dodger this year are listed. Click the image above to enlarge.

— Jon Weisman


America’s irrational pastime


Adrian Gonzalez’s Bat 4 Hope Celebrity Softball Game comes November 7 to Dodger Stadium

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  1. Dodger brass, let’s cut to the chase, it has been TWO YEARS since you have been televising Dodger games to most fans. Enough, no more “we are really working hard on this and we feel your pain”, get it done!!

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