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1976: ‘Dodgers of the Future’

Dodgers of the Future, 1976

Forty years ago in the official team program, here’s what the Dodgers’ top prospects looked like, from the familiar to the forgotten.

— Jon Weisman


Reminder: All-Star voting ends Thursday


Dodgers claim infielder Cole Figueroa


  1. I so wanted John Hale to start 50 games in a row to give him a chance to succeed. It wasn’t like there were much better options in left field at the time. Oh well, at least Joc is getting the starts to jump start his career.

    • Are you forgetting Buckner was the LF in 1976, and then Baker was moved there from CF in 1977 (with Monday playing in CF after being traded for Buckner)?

      • There were plenty of opportunities to play Hale 50 games in the 1976 outfield in the early part of the season. It might have been more in CF and RF than LF, but I really wanted to know what he might be able to do. As it turned out, he wasn’t as good as I hoped he would be.

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