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Rank Vin Scully’s Top 20 calls in Dodger history


By Jon Weisman

In honor of Vin Scully’s 67th and final year announcing the team’s games, the Dodgers have nominated Scully’s Top 20 calls of all-time. Now, it’s up to you to rank them.

Go to, where you can play videos to hear all 20 calls — and then drag and drop them in order of your preference. Voting takes place through August 12.

The Dodgers will begin revealing the order of the Top 20 on August 13, starting a countdown that will end with the announcement of the fans’ choices for his top two greatest Dodger calls on Vin Scully Appreciation Night, September 23.


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  1. jpavko

    #1 has to be his retirement announcement

  2. Of course its his Retirement, But to me #1 was Kirk Gibson’s Homer in 1988 as I was privileged to be at the Game and setting just below where he Hit it out… My 1st was Age 7 when My Dad took me and My Brother to a Game at the LA Coliseum and the SADDEST has and still is NOT being able to Watch or Listen to the Games for 5 Years now THANKS to GBP and TWC’S and MLB’S GREED and NOT Giving a DAMN about us Fan’s…..

  3. It’s interesting that when Drysdale hit Dick Dietz (the 1968 call), Vin actually got it wrong–he thought the ruling was that it hit the bat, when Harry Wendelstedt ruled that it hit Dietz but he did nothing to get out of the way and the pitch was a strike. That isn’t a criticism of Vin–they didn’t have replays and the like. But for what it’s worth, for several years, when teams ranked umpires, the Giants always ranked Wendelstedt last or close to it because of that call. He ended up with 33 years in the National League, and more than that running the top school for umpires. He should be in Cooperstown.

    Now, Jon, I know that Reynolds squeeze is one of your all-time favorites. I have to say, when Vin was younger and he called a squeeze, it sounded … well, let’s just say that he might have injured himself!

  4. I too was at the opening game of the WS in 1988…. I didn’t have a radio with me in the stands, but heard just about all the calls of Gibby’s homer after. Vin’s call was tremendous and when it left the park, Vin shut up and let the enormous crowd noise and celebration do all the talking. That’s one of many things that made him so special. Now, oddly enough, the BEST call of all goes to Don Drysdale. His call was simply out of this world… I can’t find a copy of the call anywhere… sigh.

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