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Dodger offense on record pace since All-Star Break

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Dodgers at Phillies, 4:05 p.m.
Chase Utley, 2B
Corey Seager, SS
Justin Turner, 3B
Josh Reddick, RF
Adrián González, 1B
Yasmani Grandal, C
Joc Pederson, CF
Howie Kendrick, LF
Ross Stripling, P

By Jon Weisman

The Dodger offense has been sensational over the past several weeks, and part of the reason for this post, believe it or not, is to remind people (OK, me) that they can’t stay this hot forever.

Right now, the Dodgers have an .814 OPS since the All-Star Break, which is 30 points higher than the Los Angeles record for second-half OPS of .784 by the 2008 Dodgers. In franchise history, only the 1953 Dodgers have had a higher OPS after the All-Star Game.

Since the All-Star Break, the lineup has been nearly flawless:

  • Joc Pederson: .422 OBP, .623 slugging, .439 wOBA
  • Justin Turner: .371 OBP, .670 slugging, .434 wOBA
  • Yasmani Grandal: .412 OBP, .600 slugging, .426 wOBA
  • Howie Kendrick: .400 OBP, .550 slugging, .405 wOBA
  • Corey Swagger: .378 OBP, .558 slugging, .398 wOBA
  • Adrián González: .371 OBP, .514 slugging, .374 wOBA
  • Chase Utley: .262 OBP, .433 slugging, .296 wOBA
  • Josh Reddick: .228 OBP, .189 slugging, .193 wOBA (with Los Angeles)

Reddick, it probably doesn’t need to be said, has the lowest batting average on balls in play (.205), compared with .407 for Kendrick. He has no homers as a Dodger, but it doesn’t seem like a game goes by when he doesn’t hit a ball hard for an out.

Baseball Savant shows how hard the ball is coming off his bat this year in each part of the zone.



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  1. Corey Swagger, nice.
    OK Reddick hits the ball hard, but if he’s hitting 4th, some of those need to be hit were they ain’t.

  2. I am not impressed with the type pitchers that Dodger management keeps wasting good money on. The have to stop bargain hunting injured players and look for quality healthy players that can grow with the club. Currently they are doing a poor job in this aspect.

    • They do seem like bottom-feeders, don’t they. Of course injuries, particularly to pitchers, are a constant in baseball. So far 99 starting pitchers have visited the DL. This list includes Strasburg, Zimmermann, Hernandez, Gray, Cole, Darvish, Carrasco, Estrada, Harvey Teheran, Kershaw and Greinke. Any points for not signing the latter? Points against for signing Kershaw?

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