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#VinTop20: No. 18, Yasiel Puig’s first slam


Between now and Vin Scully Appreciation Day on September 23, the Dodgers are revealing the results of the fan vote ranking Scully’s top 20 Dodger calls of all time, one at each home game. Here’s No. 18: Yasiel Puig’s first career grand slam.

— Jon Weisman

[mlbvideo id=”1085170483″ width=”550″ height=”308″ /]


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  1. Jon, I’m really trying to be positive, but my patience is done with Grandal behind the plate. He just refuses to block balls properly and tries to catch everything, it’s cost 2 of the 3 runs so far in tonight’s game.

    • Jon Weisman

      Definitely not his best game. Also looked like he was crossed up a couple times.

      • I can look past the cross ups those happen to the best. But it’s his flat refusal to drop to his knees and block the ball. You don’t try to catch everything when it’s in the dirt. Hell he got lucky and caught one with a runner on third, that he again should have blocked, but thankfully ball bounced high enough into glove.

    • Agreed. I think Culberson cutting off Seager on the Panick ground ball allowing him to get a hit that should have been an out along with Grandal just flat out missing a strike (crossed up or not, you have to catch a ball right down the middle) really hurt Maeda in the 3rd inning. Outside of that he had a decent night. Not sharp but effective enough and got the job done.

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