If you’re familiar with Scorigami, you’re in for a treat.

If you’re not familiar with Scorigami, you’re in for a treat.

For those of you in the second group, a quick primer: It tracks unique final scores in NFL history, generating huge excitement when a new one is announced on Twitter. For example, on September 27 came the first 36-9 NFL game ever, the 1,056th unique final score for the league. 

Baseball doesn’t have nearly as many unique final scores as football, but that’s not to say that each individual final score doesn’t carry its own flavor, its own mystique. So in my spare (and unspare) time, I’ve compiled the chart above of all the final scores in Dodger history, providing the dates of the most recent time they’ve happened. 

(Update: I’ve started laying the groundwork to publish the first time a score happened and the frequency, but I’ll need more time to finish.)

You can even click on a link in each box to take you directly to the full boxscore for each game. I’m no computer whiz, so my chart isn’t as spiffy as the official Scorigami chart, but at least it’s something. 

Here are some of my favorite tidbits from the chart:

  • The oldest current Scorigami in Dodger history is from April 11, 1912 — an 18-3 loss to the New York Giants. 
  • The highest Scorigami comes in the next decade, a 20-16 victory over the Phillies on May 18, 1929. 
  • There are currently three Scorigamis on my wedding anniversary, April 29 — 19-15 in 1930, 17-7 in 1948 and, on the very day I got married in 2000, 13-12. All of them are high-scoring Dodger victories that I hope hold up. 
  • Postseason games are included — 15 in all — dating from the five we’ve had so far in 2020 all the way back to a 13-8 victory over the Yankees in Game 2 of the 1956 World Series. 
  • Counting that Fall Classic game, there are 49 franchise Scorigamis remaining from the Brooklyn era, all the way up to a 26-8 loss to the Giants in 1944. 
  • There are ties all the way from zero runs to nine, including a 0-0, 19-inning tie in 1946. Dodger fans have not only been waiting 32 years for their next World Series title, they’ve endured 32 years and three months since their last official tie. (With the way the rules are, it’s going to be a long wait for the next one.)
  • Every single-digit Scorigami involving both teams has been taken (0-0 to 9-9). Putting aside a 10-10 or 11-11 tie, the lowest-scoring Scorigami available would be a 13-10 Dodger loss. They’ve lost 14-10, 15-10, 17-10, 18-10 and 19-10, but never 13-10 or 16-10. 
  • The lowest-scoring available Scorigami with a Dodger victory would be 14-11. They’ve won 14-12 and 14-13, but never 14-11. 
  • The Dodgers tallied every score from 0 to 23. So have their opponents — but those dang Giants tacked on a 26 on April 30, 1944 (barely denying me having four anniversary Scorigamii). 
  • The Dodgers have been shutout by every score from 0 to 18 … except for 15. Going the opposite way, the Dodgers have every shutout under 20 except for 16-0 and 18-0. 
  • There is a Jackie Robinson Day Scorigami in 2011 — unfortunately for the Dodgers, an 11-2 loss. (Again, I’m tracking the most recent occurences for these scores, not the initial events.)
  • And, there are two Independence Day Scorigamises: a 14-12 loss to Philadelphia in 1929, avenged by an explosive 16-1 lighting up of the Phillies in 1962. 
  • If I come up with any more, I’ll add them here. For now, enjoy!