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What to know about Yasiel Puig and the Home Run Derby

By Jon Weisman

Above is a chart from ESPN Stats & Information that gives you a flavor of what this year’s Home Run Derby — co-starring Yasiel Puig, we learned today — would look like, if this year’s Home Run Derby were the first 3 1/2 months of the baseball season compressed into one night.

But not only does this year’s Home Run Derby not resemble that, it doesn’t even resemble last year’s Home Run Derby. Anthony Castrovince of summarizes the key differences:

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The ballad of Hee Seop Choi

Harry How/Getty Images Sport

Harry How/Getty Images Sport

By Jon Weisman

Nine years ago before this three-game series against the Twins, the Dodgers hosted Minnesota in a weekend set that became the Hee Seop Choi show.

The first baseman homered in six of his 12 at-bats against Twins pitching: two (including a bottom-of-the-ninth walkoff) on June 10, one on June 11 and then a hat trick on June 12. Though he was a polarizing player from practically the moment he came to Los Angeles in the summer of 2004, chants of “Hee! Seop! Choi!” reverberated around Dodger Stadium.

Choi finished his brief Dodger career with 15 homers in 382 at-bats and a .747 OPS. He eventually worked his way back to his native South Korea.


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