Off-day links

The next edition of Dodger Cogs and Dogs will be June 16. In the meantime …

  • MLB’s Dodger hall monitor, Tom Schieffer, was interviewed by Tony Jackson of

    … “I don’t think there is any question there is a strain between the franchise and the community right now,” Schieffer said. “And that isn’t the community’s fault.” …

    “Have you been approached by anyone in support of Frank?” I asked.

    Schieffer laughed, then gave me the answer I fully expected.

    “I’m not going to go there,” he said. …

  • Steve Henson of Yahoo! Sports has a wonderful personal remembrance of Sparky Anderson.
  • The saga of Vin Scully’s covered-up star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, first uncovered (the story, not the star) by Roberto Baly of Vin Scully Is My Homeboy, has only gotten crazier, writes Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News.
  • Chris Jaffe of the Hardball Times writes about the 50th anniversary of what he calls “baseball’s most surreal bottom of the ninth,” and (insert Vin Scully’s voice here) it had to be the Giants and the Dodgers.
  • Brandon Lennox of True Blue L.A. has capsules on seemingly every 2011 MLB draft-eligible player who is related to a past or present Dodger. You’ll love looking at the names.

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