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Jon Weisman is in the best shape of his life

Matt Kemp isn’t the only one working hard to have a big year. My eldest son, Young Master Weisman, filmed this feature piece checking in on my winter training regimen as I prepared for the 2012 blogging season.


Somewhere under the rainbow


The Bronx prepares for Hiroki Kuroda


  1. I’m glad I can expect you to give 110%, one day at a time. But on the other hand, don’t forget you also have to make sure that you stay within yourself.

  2. Are you just working up to pressing the LA County phone book? That program guide (if that’s what it is) is pretty weak tea.

  3. You’ve shamed my conditioning program. Fingers so weak, I can hardly finish this sentenc

  4. A definite Michael Scott vibe there.

  5. Anonymous


  6. Anonymous

    Does the beard have to come off for the regular season or is it before spring training? Or, now that you’re a ronin blogger, can you just keep it?

  7. Anonymous

    I can a test to how sore one might feel…

  8. I have that same hat!  First game I went to, if I recall correctly. 
    Keep on keepin’ on, Jon.  

  9. Jon – the 5lb book you were throwing around like it was nothing…had Scully’s photo…new Dodger 2012 media guide?  

  10. And is that a copy of “101 Things…” on the shelf in the background?

  11. So I take it Jon is going to be a Yankee next year? (The Russell Martin Scenario.)

    Dig the video, now just want a version where young Mr Weisman adds “Gonna Fly Now” as background music.

  12. Anonymous

    I wish there was a like button. That was great!

  13. Anonymous

    Haha! My favorite line at this time of year- “I’m in the best shape of my life.”

  14. Anonymous

    Your semi-circular “best effort” statement had, dare i say it, definite shades of Jim Tracy to it. Hilarious.

    • Anonymous

      Tracy would have phrased it all in terms of questions to himself.

  15. Anonymous

    perfectly pitched. :)

  16. Anonymous

    When you said you were getting into shape by doing some light jogging, shouldn’t that have been some light blogging? Like maybe some sessions of 80 words per minute instead of 90 or 95?

  17. Just make sure you drive better than Loney. A serious injury at this point in the off season, may not heal in time for opening day!

  18. This was on a previous thread: Matt Worland blogged in detail about the Saturday softball tournament. First of two parts:

  19. Good stuff, Jon — as was Diner Thoughts, which I finally got around to reading tonight.

    Diner is near and dear to my heart too, and is arguably the quintessential example of one of my favorite genres, the “People Doing Nothing But Sitting Around and Talking” genre. Other favorites in this category include Before Sunrise, Kicking and Screaming (the original), Waking Life, plus, of course, Seinfeld and Cheers.

  20. I know Jon hates at least one of those though.

    • I wouldn’t say “hate,” but I did find it bleah, and I did kind of hate Ethan. Love that old Kicking and Screaming, though.

      • Anonymous

        The NYT wedding announcement for Ethan Hawke’s mother a few weeks ago was both deeply disturbing and outrageously funny.

  21. The only thing this lacked was your son whispering “Weisman Mode” non-stop in the background.

  22. Anonymous

    “So get on board – this train is rolling…” words I love to hear. Pitchers/catchers report date here we come!

  23. Anonymous

    OT – I just wanted to say that I had a fantastic time at the tournament on Saturday!  I couldn’t ask for a better group of teammates!   I hope that the tournament will become an annual event – though waiting another year for it seems rather long.   I felt like I resembled a robot walking yesterday morning with my sore legs, but I feel almost normal today.

    P.S.  Don’t worry Jon, I won’t reveal the terms of my contract to those suspicious TBLA folks!

  24. Anonymous

    Seriously – we should do a mid-summers classic at BLD just with the folks from DT and TBLA.  Will be a blast

  25. Jon, it was a pleasure to meet you briefly on Saturday. I’m glad your team had as much fun as mine (Team Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness), AND managed to last a round longer than we did. Great job, Dodger Thoughts!

  26. Anonymous

    Very funny Jon.  How are the hamstrings by the way?

  27. Thomas Beatty

    Your son’s breathing in the background is utterly charming.  And you are quite the wit sir!

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