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The Bronx prepares for Hiroki Kuroda

Alex Belth of Bronx Banter has a thorough, thoughtful, spare-no-effort piece on Hiroki Kuroda today.


Jon Weisman is in the best shape of his life


The Emerald City prepares for Hong-Chih Kuo


  1. KT

    Jon this is a web page issue. Do think you can put a link to go to the next page on the bottom of the comment section or would that be too hard?

  2. That’s a great piece on Kuroda.  There is an implication that the only U.S. team he would have played for this year was the Yankees.  Is that a general perception and is that the reason Colletti pursued Harang and Capuano instead?

    •  I think if the Dodgers had been more aggressive with Kuroda, he would have stayed.

      • That had been my belief also and I was disappointed that the Dodgers hadn’t made a greater effort.  But Dylan Hernandez’ comment “I was surprised that he didn’t go back (to Japan) … My feeling is that he made an exception for the Yankees” seems to tell a different story.

  3. No, just click on the Dodger Thoughts logo at the top of the page or click on the link in Recent Posts in the box at the upper right. 

  4. Good God, I really can barely walk. Sitting at the computer is doing nothing for my post-softball recovery. 

    • Anonymous

      Motrin 800 = good.

    • Yeah, my body is yelling at me that 4 games in one day is too many.

    • Anonymous

      I had to walk around Disneyland all day yesterday, so that at least reminded my body how to function. Soreness on the other hand . . .

    • after 90 minutes of soccer tonight I will probably join y’all in the men-downing-Motrin club, as I curl up atop a heating pad. 

  5. It’s very sad that Kuroda couldn’t finish his major league career as a  Dodger, which I thought he would after refusing to be traded last year. Now I know that the reason really was  that being traded is considered a failure    in Japan.  I guess it doesn’t look as bad not to being signed.
    Like others that have been traded to, or wind up with, the Yankees or Mets, I’ll be following him in my morning newspaper.

  6. BBTN goes All Access with the LA Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw to see how he stays in shape when he’s not on the field.

  7. Great stuff from Bob:
    The unused, unloved, and unmoving LA Memorial Sports Arena.

    • Anonymous

      In the days when I was a basketball fan, I saw the Bruins of Goodrich and Hazzard in an Xmas-time tournament at the Sports Arena while visiting my aunt and uncle in LA (I don’t dislike basketball, but it no longer interests me much).

      On a tangent, when I was an undergrad at the University of Washington, some friends and I encountered Kenny Heitz, Lynn Shackleford and John Valelly looking for a bar after they had beaten the Huskies in a close game. Valelly was not yet 21, but we were able to direct them to a place where nobody checked IDs, and ended up spending most of the evening talking with them over a few beers. All pretty nice guys, in my opinion.

  8. Anonymous

    jon i just bought your book is there any thing i read first as a young dodger fan

  9. Man, I miss Kuroda already. :(

  10. Anonymous

    Great article, thanks for the link!

  11. New post up top. 

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