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Family Friday

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Without further or farther ado …

  • From the Dodger press notes: “The Spring Training Baseball Show with Kevin Kennedy and David Vassegh on Dodger radio partner AM 570 Fox Sports L.A. rolls on tonight after the duo debuted yesterday. The show will air tonight from 9:00-10:00 p.m. PT, but the hour-long show will normally air six days a week (excluding Sunday) at 7:00 p.m. PT. “
  • A fun video of the Dodgers during 1967 Spring Training includes great shots of coach Jim Gilliam, manager Walter Alston and an earful of 21-year-old Don Sutton. Thanks to Roberto Baly of Vin Scully Is My Homeboy.
  • The Dodgers signed two players from their tryout camp, Blake Johnson and Brandon Mims, and both have interesting backstories that Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness chronicles.
  • Today in Jon SooHoo: My favorites are the smiling Clayton Kershaw with Sandy Koufax (and Rick Honeycutt), A.J. Ellis with Chad Billingsley and broadcaster Jaime Jarrin with his grandson, Dodger minor-leaguer Stefan Jarrin.
  • Ellis, devaluing his own on-base skills (and his minor-league track record), told Ken Gurnick of that batting eighth helped him draw walks and seemed not to want to feast on the fastballs that would come batting in front of Matt Kemp.

    … “I love hitting eighth. I take it as a challenge and embrace it. There’s a strong mental aspect to it and I feel privileged in that spot. Jamey Carroll hit eighth a lot for us and he taught me a lot.

    “Before my first game at Triple-A, Tim Wallach was manager and he called me in and told me I would hit eighth no matter what, because that’s where I would hit in the big leagues and it’s the most important position. After that, I took pride in it.”

  • Related: Chris St. John of The Platoon Advantage studied how minor-league walk and strikeout rates for batters correlated with major-league performance.
  • Why not? Mark Timmons of predicts 30 wins for Clayton Kershaw. A safer bet than 50-50 for Matt Kemp?
  • Former top MLB draft pick Brien Taylor, whose story I linked to recently on Dodger Thoughts, has been arrested for cocaine trafficking.
  • Jim McLennan of AZSnakepit looks back at Spring Training 2011 and writes about what the regular season would have been like if it had continued in the same fashion. Among other things, Arizona would have lost 109 games.
  • Kerris Dorsey, who played Billy Beane’s daughter so well in “Moneyball,” was cast in a Showtime pilot, “Ray Donovan,” starring voice of HBO Sports Liev Schreiber.
  • The title says it all: Eastbound and Downton.


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  1. Anonymous

    Jon – you liking eastbound and down yet?

  2. I haven’t watched it since I gave up on it after the second episode.  And as much as I enjoyed this clip above, it didn’t make me want to see more. 

    • Anonymous

      I went and watched the pilot last week. I’m afraid that I find the main character so repulsive that I just can’t watch, even though I realize that he is supposed to be a figure of fun, not admiration. 

  3. Dammit, I made the Eastbound and Downton joke weeks ago! On Twitter, or, well, somewhere! I could be rich by now. Or just one of 100s who probably came up with it but didn’t make a video. :) 
    I found the show off-putting at times, too, even though I think McBride is a funny presence and the supporting cast is great. Kept giving up, coming back, watching individual episodes. Some of it is very squirmy or too dark, but often I am ultimately glad I watched an episode. The one with Will Ferrell guesting again, last week, was pretty astonishingly ballsy. Hoo boy.

    Back to Dodgers, Johnson and Mims are good stories to root for, though ultimately unlikely to stick. Maybe Johnson could end up as AAAA fodder though. Bless em for trying.

  4. Anonymous

    Let’s get the ST games going! Can’t wait for some baseball (or at least ST baseball…)

  5. Anonymous

    In my dreams I spend all day bubble watching and geeking on the first ST game. In reality, I’ll spend every second with my two young boys. Fair trade and I’ll take it. Happy baseball everyone.

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