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Hitting prospects Silverio, Songco sidelined

Minor-league center fielder Alfredo Silverio, considered by some the Dodgers’ top position-player prospect, will be sidelined indefinitely as he recovers from a serious January car accident in the Dominican Republic. Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. and Tony Jackson of reported initial details, and Jackson has a follow-up.

… In short, the kid is lucky. From talking to various people (still haven’t been able to talk to Silverio), this is what I have been able to cull: the accident happened on a stretch of road called Curva de la Muerte, which translates to Curve of Death. Apparently, he was going about 60 mph and lost control, the car going off the road and flipping several times. He temporarily lost consciousness, and the car was demolished. …

Silverio, 25 in May, had a .883 OPS for Double-A Chattanooga last year.

Meanwhile, Angelo Songco “is expected to miss the next two to three months after having a rod inserted into his lower right leg,” Jackson adds, the results of complications from a 2011 injury. Now 23, Songco had a .948 OPS for Single-A Rancho Cucamonga.

* * *

  • The boys in the press corp also confirmed that Clayton Kershaw is scheduled to pitch the season opener in San Diego on April 5 and the home opener in Los Angeles on April 10. An off day follows the Dodgers’ first four games, meaning that the No. 5 starter, probably Chris Capuano, will be in the bullpen for the first series of the year. The last Dodger pitcher to start a road Opening Day and a subsequent home opener was Tim Belcher in 1989, in part because Orel Hershiser had the flu.
  • Today in Jon SooHoo: Kirk Gibson and Hershiser in that spring of ’89.
  • Dee Gordon had to get stitches on his lip today following a bad-hop grounder, according to Dylan Hernandez of the Times.
  • Blake DeWitt, at age 26, has earned the moniker “professional hitter” from Cubs manager Dale Sveum, according to Doug Padilla of
  • Manager Pedro Guerrero? Oh yeah …
  • Adrian Beltre, bathroom trendsetter? Okay …



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  1. Anonymous

    Depressing news, hope both guys fully recover.

  2. Sigh, Songco too? Bummer of a… day, Hal. 

    At least both should recover okay. Does sound like Silverio has a darned good guardian angel on his side. Yikes. 

  3. Anonymous

    Its not like there is just one Curva de la Muerte in the Dominican Republic.  Every town has one.  Best to Alfredo.

  4. Anonymous

    Dee needs to learn to catch them in his jersey, a la Angel.

  5. Anonymous

    MLB Network rankings of current players:

     1. Matt Kemp
     2. Justin Verlander
     3. Miguel Cabrera
     4. Troy Tulowitzki
     5. Clayton Kershaw
     6. Jose Bautista
     7. Roy Halladay
     8. Robinson Cano
     9. Ryan Braun
    10. Prince Fielder
    11. Albert Pujols

    The Dodgers have no other players in the top 100.

    • Anonymous

      Strange I would think Ethier would at least make that. And no one knows about Jansen yet….

    • Anonymous

      Every team needs role players; Detroit has a couple of roll players.

    • Anonymous

      Given that there are 30 teams, the Dodgers are probably well within one standard deviation of the mean, and share with the Tigers the distinction of having two in the top five.

    • Anonymous

      This list is bogus anyway, you got Michael Young at #28 and you’ve got things like Dan Haren 20 spots up on Cole Hamels, Ichiro at 100. Ethier is certainly above Young and Ichiro

  6. Anonymous

    That is a fairly obscure league that our beloved Pedro will be managing in, essentially a minor league of the Mexican League.  Still, Aurelio Rodriguez, old friend Jorge Orta, and Fernando played there.

  7. Re: bathrooms

    We have a 2,100sf house with 2.5 bathrooms and seem to manage okay. Pool decks we’re having trouble with, but bathrooms? We’re fine. 

  8. Anonymous

    Buss is known as a gambler as far as player signings go, I think.  Should he trade Gasol and Bynum for 
    Kevin Love if he could and hope to sign Howard as a free agent for next season?

    • Anonymous

      Doubt they would have room under the cap. And Minnehaha would be nuts to trade Love

  9. Anonymous

    A. J. the catcher – the other one – is slated to hit second in the lineup:–20120304,0,6258847.story

    • Anonymous

      Good thing that the White Sox want to give a player with one of the lowest walk rates in baseball, a spot high in the order.

    • Anonymous

       If you ever want to get a Gnats fan to go ballistic, mention your admiration for A.J. Pierzynski.

  10. Anonymous


  11. Anonymous

    I spent a New Year’s Eve at Beltre’s beach house in the Dominican (it was rented out, he wasn’t there for me to bug).  The guest bathroom was nice enough.

  12. From Jim Callis of BA on twitter this a.m.
    Jim Callis ‏ @jimcallisBA: My top group: Lee, Webster, Reed, Eovaldi (may be RP), Gould, Miller, Withrow (RP to me). @rob_23: Can you rank the #Dodgers SP prospects?

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