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Dodgers on Twitter

Giants at Dodgers,
12:05 PM

Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Juan Rivera, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jerry Sands, 1B
Juan Uribe, 3B
Matt Treanor, C
Jerry Hairston Jr., DH
(Ted Lilly, P)

Here’s your handy-dandy list of Dodgers (at least those on the 40-man roster) on Twitter:

Dodgers – @Dodgers
Todd Coffey – @ToddCoffey60
A.J. Ellis – @AJEllis17
Dee Gordon – @Skinnyswag9
Javy Guerra – @JavyGuerra54
Blake Hawksworth – @BlakeHawk425
Matt Kemp – @TheRealMattKemp
Josh Lindblom – @JoshLindblom52
James Loney – @JamesLoney_7
Justin Sellers – @SellBlock_12

I haven’t compiled the remaining feeds for others in the organization yet, but will try to do so for another post.

The Dodgers’ official team Twitter feed offers occasional contests with prizes, such as this.


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Lilly hammered


  1. Loney usually says dumb stuff. So if you like to read people saying dumb stuff follow him

  2. Will we continue to see Kemp in the 3 hole for the balance of the season?

    •  That’s what Mattingly is telling reporters. Whether it always will stay that way, I don’t think we have any way of knowing. 

    •  you would think he would really have to struggle not to be..and he better not really struggle! :)

      •  No, I would see it more as Mattingly deciding to protect Ethier by putting him back at 3, or something like that.

        • I thought of that Jon, as well as moving Loney into the 5 hole to go LRL, but I think Mattingly is smart enough to hit your best hitter 3rd and also just not mess with a good thing in Kemp

  3. Tony Jackson’s Twitter feed recounts an epic debate between Dylan Hernandez and Jaime Jarrin over Maradona vs. Pele.!/dodgerscribe

  4. Looks like the game today will be rebroadcast on MLB Network tonight at 7, if my TV Guide listing is any indication.  It’s not otherwise on here in SF, but I know LA PrimeTicket is doing it. Not sure whether that’ll be blacked out on my MLBTV or not. Guess I’ll find out!

  5. Anonymous

    I guess unsurprisingly, fangraphs has the Dodgers list as #30 in 2B power rankings:

  6. Anonymous

    Because there’s no substitute for proven veteran leadership, I would follow a random sports cliche generator.  

  7. The lead to Variety critic Peter Debruge’s review of “John Carter.”
    “Earth to Edgar Rice Burroughs buffs: “John Carter” is a dog. Actually, it’s more like a Calot, an ugly dog-like creature found only on Mars, characterized by its clumsy nature, spastic pacing and entirely too-eager-to-please personality.”

  8. Ted Lilly’s first two batters go homer-double. 

  9. And Pill homers to make it 3-0. 

  10. Nice of Ted Lilly to throw a little BP for the Giants. Ahhhh…the 1st ST outing blues…..

  11. News Flash: Dee Gordon is fast…also, water is wet

  12. Hawk and Lindblom get old fast on twitter…

  13. Anonymous

    So, I just ponied up the $125 for MLB premium–I’m out of market and don’t get so see but 12 games out of the year–and after watching Ted Lilly and Juan Uribe in the top of the second I’m gonna see if I can get a prorated package for only when the good players play…

  14. Anonymous

    In a spring training that’s been so improbable the impossible has happened! 

  15. The Tater Man Can!  Yes the Tater Man Can!  The Tater man can cuz he tosses it real soft and the ball goes far!

  16. Anonymous

    And yet you still have him beat on wikipedia. 

    •  I’ve been asked a couple times if I were him. Then I asked him on Facebook if he had ever been confused with me. He said no.

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