Dodger sale poised for confirmation today

The Dodgers’ sale to the Guggenheim Group is expected to be approved at a 1 p.m. federal bankruptcy court hearing, reports Bill Shaikin of the Times.

Related: Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal looks at the phenomenon of financial firms owning major-league teams.

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Hiroki Kuroda is leading 3-0 against the Angels in the bottom of the second inning of his Yankee Stadium debut.

  • Jon Weisman

    The “Scout” feature on Gameday is about as inane as they come. 

    • Anonymous

      It can be turned off.

  • Jon Weisman

    Hiroki Kuroda strikes out Pujols in a 1-2-3 sixth inning. Leading 5-0, 81 pitches, four hits, 2 BB, five K.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll bet if this sale had happened a year ago Kuroda would still be a Dodger.

  • Anonymous

    I’m missing Kuroda already. 

    Chris Capuano looks like he will be good for no more than 6 innings.  Not a complaint, exactly, just an observation.  When Lilly returns, I could envision a scenario in which Capuano and Harang share the fourth starter role, coming in to relieve one another.  

    Failing that, I might slot one of them in between Kershaw and Billingsley so the bullpen doesn’t have back-to-back long nights.  

    • KT

      pretty good idea but is two days rest better for the arm then back to back days? I have no idea

  • Anonymous

    Kuroda pitching, J. Martin behind the plate…

    Wait, what???

  • Jon Weisman