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Dodger sale poised for confirmation today

The Dodgers’ sale to the Guggenheim Group is expected to be approved at a 1 p.m. federal bankruptcy court hearing, reports Bill Shaikin of the Times.

Related: Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Journal looks at the phenomenon of financial firms owning major-league teams.

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Hiroki Kuroda is leading 3-0 against the Angels in the bottom of the second inning of his Yankee Stadium debut.


Kasten no crazy spender


Kuroda goes eight shutout innings in Yankee Stadium opener


  1. The “Scout” feature on Gameday is about as inane as they come. 

  2. Hiroki Kuroda strikes out Pujols in a 1-2-3 sixth inning. Leading 5-0, 81 pitches, four hits, 2 BB, five K.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ll bet if this sale had happened a year ago Kuroda would still be a Dodger.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m missing Kuroda already. 

    Chris Capuano looks like he will be good for no more than 6 innings.  Not a complaint, exactly, just an observation.  When Lilly returns, I could envision a scenario in which Capuano and Harang share the fourth starter role, coming in to relieve one another.  

    Failing that, I might slot one of them in between Kershaw and Billingsley so the bullpen doesn’t have back-to-back long nights.  

    • KT

      pretty good idea but is two days rest better for the arm then back to back days? I have no idea

  5. Anonymous

    Kuroda pitching, J. Martin behind the plate…

    Wait, what???

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