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Kuroda goes eight shutout innings in Yankee Stadium opener

I’ve probably never been happier over a Yankee win. Hiroki Kuroda pitched eight shutout innings, allowing five hits, two walks and striking out six before 49,386 at the Bronx Bombers’ home opener today, a 5-0 victory over the Angels.

Kuroda didn’t allow a hit after Peter Bourjos’ fifth-inning single until an infield single by Bobby Abreu in the ninth on the former Dodger’s 109th pitch, after which Kuroda left the game to a standing ovation. A highlight was a called strike three against Angel slugger Albert Pujols in the sixth.

I’ll always be a fan, Hiroki. Good for you.


Dodger sale poised for confirmation today


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  1. A.J. Ellis has the power to turn Russell Martin (.440 OBP, .222 slugging) into A.J. Ellis. #ajellisfacts

  2. While I’d definitely like to see Baltimore or Toronto at the top of that division for a change, it’s great to see Hiro continuing to pitch well — especially if it’s at the expense of that team down in Orange County.

  3. Anonymous

    Agreed. As soon as I saw that news I wanted to hop on every Yankee forum and tell ’em how wrong they were about Kuroda. If I can recall the SI headline from a thousand years ago about Roger Staubach (bleh): “A Do Gooder Doing Good.”

  4. I’m gonna be pissed off every time Hiro pitches a game like this. He should still be in Dodger Blue, and the fact that Ned couldn’t make it happen sickens me.

  5. Anonymous

    Wait, what?  How did Kuroda give up a single to Derek Jeter?  Did Jeter get traded mid-game?

  6. Anonymous

    Good to see his home opener go well after his rocky first start in TB.

  7. Since April 17, 2000, Dodgers have played 972 consecutive home games without a rainout. 

    • Anonymous

      have they declared a rain out yet?  or is it just very likely?  It’s hard to tell from 2500 miles away ;)

  8. I watched this game today and was also happy for Hiro. But also happy for myself in that somebody in my fantasy league dropped him after his bad first start and I snatched him up. I knew Hiro was much better than that start, and my trust in him has payed off.

  9. Anonymous

    here’s a nice piece on the effect of bunting on run expectancy:;

  10. James McDonald broke up Matt Cain’s perfect game in the sixth inning with a single.

  11. Anonymous

    I believe the last one-hitter where the only hit was from a pitcher was in 2010. 

    Cole Hamels got the only hit off of R.A. Dickey.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t Fernando pitch a game where he got the only hit and it was a HR?

  12. Anonymous

    I had completely forgotten that Juan Uribe broke up a potential Padres no-hitter last year (started by Aaron Harang with four relievers following) with two outs in the 9th.

  13. Anonymous

    Anybody else watching Shaikin’s twitter feed about the sale? 

    •  Off and on.  Mostly I’m waiting for the sum up at the end.

    • updates here, for the curious:
      Lauria is MLB atty.
      4m Bill Shaikin ‏ @BillShaikin Lauria: “a number” of conditions are “inconsistent” w MLB rules, we need to review.
      3m Bill Shaikin ‏ @BillShaikin “We have issues not only w the purchase agreement. We have issues with the” Dodger Stadium land use document.
      3m Bill Shaikin ‏ @BillShaikin Lauria: “We have issues with control provisions” regarding parking lots and surrounding land.
      2m Bill Shaikin ‏ @BillShaikin OpenLauria: We have issues w debt, financing, possible media deal.Lauria: We hope sale documents reflect agreement as approved by MLB owners in March, says “significant deviations” since.

      {not sounding wonderful but nothing too surprising, seems like these things are par for the course and shouldn’t panic…}

      • Anonymous

        This is sounding pretty hardcore. MLB is striking back against both McCourt and the Guggies. 

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget:
        Lauria: Guggenheim atty Dan Webb sent letter saying “the big guns were coming out and if we didn’t get in tow we would have big litigation”

  14. Anonymous

    Both Jerry Hairston and Jerry Hairston Jr. have broken up no-hitters with two outs in the 9th inning.

  15. Anonymous

    Is MLB going to kill this ownership group? Anyone? Anyone?

    • No, I don’t see why anyone’s going to kill it.

      • Anonymous

        Via the twitter: Lauria: You can’t announce or execute a purchase agreement w/o MLB approval.

  16. Anonymous

    Well, the Dodgers finally have someone exciting to watch play ball (Dee Gordon) and Mattingly gives him a rest.  What a genius.

  17. Anonymous

    pitching for the Yankees.  8 shutout innings.  Hiroki?!  Our
    Hiroki?!   Dodger fans love Kuroda.  He took a bullet in
    the head (see video of HK being hit in the head by a line drive), and came to
    pitch tough.  I’m with Jon.  Any night he is pitching for the Yankees, I am
    rooting for the Yankees which I never do.

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