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Dodgers’ walk-happy feat first since ’89

The Dodgers became the first team to end a game by receiving four consecutive walks in nearly 23 years, according to research by Bob Timmermann.

The last time it happened was May 19, 1989, when the New York Mets edged the San Francisco Giants in 10 innings.  The final pitch was thrown by future Hall of Famer Rich Gossage.

METS 10TH: Elster flied out to left; CARREON BATTED FOR MYERS;
Carreon was called out on strikes; Dykstra walked; TEUFEL BATTED
FOR JEFFERIES; Teufel walked [Dykstra to second]; GOSSAGE
3B); Johnson walked [Dykstra to third, Teufel to second];
Strawberry walked [Dykstra scored, Teufel to third, Johnson to
second]; 1 R, 0 H, 0 E, 3 LOB.  Giants 2, Mets 3.

* * *

Juan Uribe not only went 0 for 4 on Friday, he never touched the ball during nine innings of playing third base. No putouts, no assists, no chances, no attempted plays at third.


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  1. There’s another new post above this. 

  2. Adam Luther

    Classic – Harang’s streak and the one to end the game, the best of pitching and the worst of pitching  in the same game.  A nice no-no-no-no-no by Uribe to boot (no pun).

  3. That’s a crazy factoid about Uribe. I wonder how often that happens.

  4. Test your knowledge. Add first names to those player names in that clip without looking them up.

    Kevin Elster, Mark Carreon, Randy Myers (probably), Lenny Dykstra, Tim Teufel . . . I’ll leave the rest for anyone else who wants to play.

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