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Home run d’ohby

Dodgers at Astros, 4:05 p.m.
Kershaw CXX: Kershawrvin Gardens

Why is August 21, 2010 significant to this Dodger team?

On that date, four different Dodgers homered. That’s one more than has homered for the 2012 Dodgers in 14 games this season.

Aside from Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier, the Dodgers have one home run in 350 at-bats this year. That was hit by A.J. Ellis on April 7. The Dodgers have played 11 consecutive games without someone besides Kemp or Ethier hitting one out.

Kemp’s slugging percentage is exactly 1.000 (first in the National League). Ethier is at .648 (sixth in the NL). The rest of the Dodgers are slugging .277.

* * *

Clayton Kershaw did not have a good start the last time out, facing 26 batters and allowing 11 baserunners with three strikeouts. Looking forward to seeing him bounce back today against the Astros.

If the Dodgers can build a lead against Houston starter Kyle Weiland (7.90 ERA in 35 1/3 career innings), perhaps we’ll see two Los Angeles relievers who have been absent lately. Mike MacDougal hasn’t pitched for the Dodgers since April 14, Scott Elbert since April 13. MacDougal has thrown 60 pitches this season, Elbert 50.


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Kemp homers, Kershaw cruises in Dodger win


  1. Anonymous

    Kershaw-hope he gets his first win

  2. Yeah it would be nice for some of the other guys to hit some balls out, but honestly I’m not too concerned about it. Kemp & Ethier currently have more home runs combined than many other teams do as a whole. I’ll take that for now. 

    • Yeah, offense is down in general right now so Dodgers aren’t alone there — except for having the rare gift of Kemp and Ethier. :)

  3. Anonymous

    Because of an illness, Ryan Theriot hasn’t made it to New York to join the Giants. So they are forced to play Aubrey Huff at second base there in extra innings.

  4. A very interesting game being pitched in Seattle by the White Sox’ Phil Humber.

  5. Speaking of home runs:
    (via) DKnobler ‏ @DKnobler: Jayson Werth and Logan Morrison became the 214th and 215th players to hit a home run before Albert Pujols this year

    • Anonymous

      Still just a matter of variation I think. Just as we know that Kemp isn’t going to keep cranking out homers at his current rate, neither will Pujols. 
      Two days before Opening Day, Pujols hit a monstrous homer at Dodger Stadium off of Eovaldi. So it’s not like he forgot how to hit.

  6. Anonymous

    The interesting Mr. Humber has thrown all of 80 pitches through 8 innings. And he has 7 Ks.

  7. Anonymous

    Has Eovaldi developed arm trouble?

  8. Anonymous

    Colletti’s project of turning the Dodgers into the Bonds-era Giants is complete.  That team had Bonds, Kent, and the occasional Aurilia hot-streak aside, a bunch of Punch-and-Judy drek.  This team has Kemp and Ethier and 7 days of rain.

    Eventually, opponents will figure this out and stop throwing K&E strikes.

  9. Anonymous

    I’m not sure about that call in the Humber game. The Anti-Jim Joyce.

  10. Anonymous

    in tonight’s lineup, dee is back at short leading off, kennedy at second hitting second, and sellers at third hitting 7th.

  11. Anonymous

    Lyons on dinger watch for Dee.

  12. Anonymous

    Kemp is in a slump.

  13. Looks like Josh Bell is back in the NL West, but with the D-backs this time around. I remember when he was pretty highly regarded, sad to his stock drop so low.

  14. Finally! BGJ hitting one out in his hometown!

  15. Anonymous

    Crazy Eyes. At home. Good for him.

  16. Anonymous

    What a disaster the Red Sox have become.

    • Anonymous

      I would feel sad, but … I can’t. The people of Boston deserve all the misery they can get.

      And then some more. In fact, I’m pushing for the reinstatement of the Intolerable Acts.

    • Anonymous

      I just wish it wasn’t against the yankees

    • Anonymous

      our old friend padilla was part of the bullpen meltdown. 5 runs on 4 hits, a walk, a K, and a home run in 1/3.

      • Anonymous

        Old friend Bobby Valentine should have an interesting year in Boston. If he makes it through the year.

        • Anonymous

          indeed.  the box score screams “mismanaged”.  it has gone final;  yankees win, 15-9

          • Anonymous

            15 unanswered runs!

          • Anonymous

            although it’s VERY early in the season, I always thought bobby valentine was a bad fit in boston.

            I thought he was a bad fit just about anywhere, but especially in boston.

  17. Anonymous

    interesting.  steve lyons said the balk was a bad call.  the houston announcers called it “clear cut”

  18. Anonymous

    you swung on strike two at ball four, matt.

  19. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if MLB Gameday pitch track is scientific at all? Is there anything to it other than someone just guesstimating where the pitch was?

  20. T.M. Brown

    I am so amazingly tired of Lyons. 

    • Anonymous

      I drift more and more towards tuning in the home announcers.

  21. Anonymous

    Isn’t it wierd how few runs the dodgers score after the third inning. I’m sure it is just an anomoly.
    Funny, even if you only score one early, you still might win with Kershaw and some of our bullpen.

  22. I know it’s a one run game but really Donnie? An intentional walk with one on and two outs? As if Kershaw wouldn’t have been able to get Snyder out. He of .095 batting average.

  23. Anonymous

    dee needs to do more of that

  24. Anonymous

    My goodness.

  25. Anonymous

    Nice to see Kemp come out of his slump.

  26. Anonymous

    Weildand just put his head down.

  27. T.M. Brown

    I am in awe. Why are they pitching to him?

    • Anonymous

      it appeared to be a mistake pitch.  weiland was all but rolling on the ground in regret before Kemp hit it.

  28. Anonymous

    Hard to believe–but that pitcher missed over the plate. If Matt continues this hot, this will stop happening. Matt will have a continual 400+ OBP. and it will be up to Ethier. And if the Dodgers could acquire one more hitter——Oh—glory days!

  29. Anonymous

    I don’t know if Matt Kemp is just really hot to start the season, or if he is about to do something really, really special this year.

    • Anonymous

       I like that idea. Let’s chose that one.

      • Anonymous

        just take braun’s steroids away from him.  heh.

  30. Anonymous

    Could Matt win player of the week award again this week? I’m guessing Humber has wrapped up pitcher of the week for the AL.

  31. Anonymous

    The KK Show.

  32. Anonymous

    I am noticing that the Pirates are in the 8th inning and still within their 5 by 5 scoring system.

  33. Dee with warning track power!

  34. Anonymous

    Cruz is flirting with disaster!

  35. Anonymous

    Like bringing in another pitcher will make a difference…

  36. Anonymous


  37. Anonymous

    this is a problem.

    • Anonymous

      macdougall threw 17 pitches, only 8 for strikes. 

  38. Kenley gets 4 strikes, no K..

  39. Anonymous

    the umpire suddenly won’t call the inside strike.

  40. Anonymous

    The strike zone tonight was whack.  What’s up with that?

  41. Anonymous

    AZ lost.  the rox lost.  at this microscopic moment in time, life is good.

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