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Kemp homers, Kershaw cruises in Dodger win

Taking the night off tonight, so indulge yourself in a recap of the Dodgers’ 5-1 victory at Houston and other action in baseball today from Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness.



Home run d’ohby


Looks like close but no cigar for Kemp’s next Player of the Week award


  1. Anonymous

    uribe will start tomorrow.

  2.  The Matt Kemp start is mind boggling.

    15 games, .474/.523/1.018, 9 HR, 17 R, 22 RBI.

    I’ve been racking my brain to think of when I’ve ever seen a Dodger be
    this hot.  The only ones I could think of were Manny Ramirez after
    getting traded here and Pedro Guerrero during his 15 HR June.  The best
    15 game streaks I could find for them were:

    Manny August 26-Sept 10 2008: 15 games, .451/.523/1.039, 8 HR, 15 R, 19 RBI

    Guerrero June 3-June 22, 1985: 15 games, .368/.439/.947, 10 HR, 16 R, 18 RBI

    Very close, especially Manny, but Kemp obviously holds his own with
    those 2.  I’m sure Piazza had some incredible 15 games stretches, but on
    quick look I couldn’t find one that was this good.

    • Anonymous

       Wow hard to chose from that list! I do remember that Manny was absolutely unreal.

      Still let’s not forget the greatest one game tear on May 23, 2002 by the Hebrew Hammer Shawn Green!

      6 for 6, 7 rbis, 4 HRs, 19 total bases (a mlb record).

      Still the way the Bison is going he might even top that this year.

      • Anonymous

        Loney came up with a 9 rbi game tying Gil Hodges for the Dodger one game rbi record.

        • Anonymous

          Loney akways has been a boom or bust type guy with the bat which is what makes him so frustrating.

    • Anonymous

      Ron Cey had an incredible April one year.

    • Anonymous

       You’re forgetting AJ Ellis, who is leading the major leagues in walks per at-bat!

    • Anonymous

      Plus Kemp has two additional dimensions to his game.  Admittedly, he is not stealing bases (only 1-3), but it’s hard to steal from the dugout.  But Manny might as well have stood on first base, and I wish that Guerrero had done that (and avoided the fateful season-ending, career-altering slide into second based in 1986 Grapefruit League).

      And Kemp is playing solid (error-free) defensive Center Field, whereas Manny might as well have been Greg Luzinski out there.  And Pedro’s offensive funk the first two months of the season was attributed to playing him at third base–and he did not start hitting until Tommy moved him to the outfield.

  3. Anonymous

    The Phillies had beaten the Padres 13 straight times at Petco. And then they lost tonight with Halladay starting.

    • Anonymous

      Reminds of the old Joaquin Andujar(?) line-in baseball you can sum it up in 2 words-you never know.

  4. Methinks our host tired himself out playing baseball in the back yard with his family (per Facebook post).

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