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Kemp hits Coors Field

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:40 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
James Loney, 1B
Juan Uribe, 3B
Tony Gwynn Jr., LF
A.J. Ellis, C
Aaron Harang, P

Matt Kemp’s OPS in 2012: 1.382.

Matt Kemp’s career OPS at Coors Field: 1.285.

Clearly, he’s headed for a slump over the next three games.


Top o’ the workweek to ya …


Rockies rock relief feat against Kemp, Ethier


  1. KT

    Here’s to Kemp and Loney breaking out and having a great series…As you all know this is Loney’s home away from home.
    It will be nice to beat Colorado in 2 sports in 2 days

  2. Anonymous

    If Sellers ever gets on base, I would have Gordon come in and pinch run immediately.  If you have Gordon on the bench, it would be a waste for him to not enter the game as a pinch runner at some point in the game.  Why not take the extra base when you can.  It’s getting Gordon to first that’s been the problem, not getting him from first to second.

  3. Is this a KCAL game? It’s not on my TV sked for Prime Ticket out here.

  4. Kemp not put forth for NL player o’week consideration – Dodgers nominated Capuano (2-0, 0.66 ERA, 13.2 IP, 14 SO).

  5. Donnie is finally batting Loney 5th. Praise Jesus.

  6. I had forgotten that Vin isn’t travelling to Colorado anymore, that was a very disappointing intro.

  7. KT

    Come on Dee start it off

  8. KT


  9. KT

    2 to 3 more today matty

  10. Anonymous


  11. Anonymous

    He has made April fools out NL pitchers.

  12. KT

    Gywnn was doing piroits out there

  13. Anonymous

    I like his “slump”.  :)

  14. KT

    Nice play by Harang there

  15. Anonymous

    Check out which team tops’s new Power Rankings this week:

    • KT

      Yea I caught that earlier…It’s nice to be recognized

  16. Anonymous

    I wonder how long it’s going to take before teams start giving Matt Kemp lots and lots of intentional walks, like they used to do with Asterisk Bonds (and like we did with Pujols in the NLDS).

  17. Anonymous

    Another important walk by Ellis.  When you’re able to work a 2 out, bases empty walk with the pitcher on deck, you’ve got a great eye.

  18. KT

    Nice Mark

  19. KT

    Harang on a K role right now

    4 k’s with only 34 pitches through 3 innings

  20. KT

    Come on guys…Let’s score some runs

  21. KT

    good play by Helton on loney’s line drive

  22. Anonymous

    The Pirates have managed to score 9 runs tonight. And they’re ahead. They finally gave up more than 5 on Sunday. 

    RJ Dickey has an interesting game going on in Houston.

    • Anonymous

      So the instant I switch Gameday over, it gets less interesting.
      Oh well, I can’t complain.  I saw the end of Humber’s perfecto live on television, the third time I’ve seen one live on TV.

  23. KT

    Nice Tony
    Come on AJ get Harang up

  24. KT

    Good job AJ

    • Anonymous

      The poor man’s 1-2, Jr and AJ.

      • KT

        but they got the job done…skinnyswag9 starting off next inning

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, now if they had done that in front of Matty…

  25. KT

    need a DP here

  26. KT

    Nice Catch Matty!!

  27. Anonymous

    Couldn’t tell if AJ couldn’t or wouldn’t stay in front of the plate on that throw home.

    • KT

      Cargo would have been safe anyway

    • Anonymous

       It was a strong throw, but a little high for AJ to make the tag.

  28. Anonymous

    Very bad inning for Harang.  No cheap hits, and a sloppy walk.

  29. KT

    Nice double BGJ

  30. KT

    Come on Juan

  31. KT

    Come on Tony

  32. KT

    Good play by Helton again…That was a ball Tony

  33. Anonymous

    Harang against the heart of the Rocks’ order in Denver is not an appealing prospect.

  34. KT

    good tulo’s out time for a DP with helton’s speed

  35. KT

    We can still get this game…we are into their bullpen now…come on blue

  36. KT

    wow Loney didn’t try to get to 1st and elbert was very slow off the mound

  37. Anonymous

    Inexplicably bad play by Loney, who should have taken it himself.

  38. Anonymous

    Looking forward to the day Rubby De La Rosa returns to the rotation.

  39. KT

    Nice play Mark…Lets get some runs guys

  40. KT

    Belay my last on about being in the rockies bullpen

  41. KT

    Come on Jerry

  42. KT

    Nice Dee
    Come on Mark

  43. KT

    Come on Matty

  44. Anonymous

    The following was posted earlier from SI.
    “Tremendous baseball point by Keith Olbermann. The baseball aficionado pointed out Saturday that for Mickey Mantle’s big-league debut in 1951 and for Bryce Harper’s in 2012, Vin Scully was in the broadcast booth both times”
    I don’t see how this can be anything but utter nonsense unless it means that Vin Scully was in a broadcast booth both times.
    Mantle’s debut 4/17/1951, Yankee Stadium, game started at 2:12, Dodgers are at home in Brooklyn, game started at 2:07.
    I would like to discuss how like a demagogic politician Olbermann is but I have neither the time or energy for such a project which doesn’t belong here in any case; and, Peter King might have misunderstood the original. 

  45. KT

    Oh he missed that one

  46. KT

    Come on Dre

  47. KT

    Come on Wild pitch

  48. KT

    Come on Juan make him pitch to you

  49. KT

    Wasted opportunity

    • Anonymous

      It happens to all teams from time to time. 

  50. KT

    I guess donnie’s thrown in the towel
    MacDougal and kenedy

  51. Anonymous

    If there’s anything positive to come out of this game, it may be Macdougal’s DFA.

  52. KT

    Excellent catch Mark

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