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Top o’ the workweek to ya …

As we wait for today’s Rockin’ New Ownership special …

  • It’s sugar, baseball cards and the need to stop time today for Josh Wilker of Cardboard Gods (via The Classical).
  • Moose Skowron, the former Yankee (and 1963 Dodger World Series hero), is remembered by Bruce Markusen at Bronx Banter.
  • A new official scoring guideline came into play during Sunday’s Angels-Indians game, writes Mark Saxon of Errors can now be charged on balls that fielders don’t touch, which meant that when Torii Hunter lost a ball in the sun, it went for a two-base (and two-run) error, rather than a double as it would have been in past years.
  • Chad Billingsley was a model of pitching in this Saturday sequence described in detail by Carson Cistulli of Fangraphs.
  • Juan Uribe had a .476 on-base percentage and .500 slugging last week, notes Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A.
  • Two Rancho Cucamonga minor-leaguers had big strikeout games this weekend: Andres Santiago and Garrett Gould.
  • Former Dodger reliever George Sherrill will have Tommy John surgery (via Hardball Talk).
  • Interesting what Cleveland Press sportswriter Franklin Lewis wanted to change about baseball – in 1957. Larry Granillo shares the info at Baseball Prospectus.
  • Dodgers public relations staffer Amy Summers, who’s been great to Dodger Thoughts over the years, has left for a new job at Time Warner, according to Tony Jackson of Best of luck!


Dodgers strike strikes against Nationals for sweep


Kemp hits Coors Field


  1. Anonymous

    Good Morning Dodger fans.

    Charlie Steiner asked (yesterday during the 6th inning on Dodger radio) about Matt Kemp, ‘has anyone had a better April…ever?’

    Jon I’d love to see the comparison/analysis of the how Matt’s numbers stack up against the best Dodger and best MLB player achievements for previous April’s. He’s defintely earned the NL Player Of The Month.

    • Anonymous

      From Ron Cey’s Wikipedia page: “In 1977, he helped the Dodgers to a fast start by batting .429 in April with a record-tying 11 home runs for the month and 29 RBI’s”

      • Anonymous

        Cey and Russell were my favorites on that team.  One might think Cey had a great year after that start but I don’t remember Cey winding up with any year that was Hall of Fameish.

        • Anonymous

           No, he really tailed off in the second half.

  2. Anonymous

    It’s always hard to be ahead of your time and perhaps no one knows this better than Franklin Lewis. 

  3. Yes, happy End of the McCourt Era Day everyone! Hope today is Magic. 

  4. PS: Rancho Cucamonga is loaded with pitching prospects right now, and that’s before we were even thinking of Santiago. Anyone who’s in that area needs to go check out a game or two! 

  5. How good has Matt Kemp’s April been? It’s one of the best ever

    • Anonymous

      Corcoran inexplicably refers to “hitting-happy” 2004. It would be more accurate to say “steroid-fueled.”

      • I don’t think “hitting-happy” is either inexplicable or inaccurate, whatever the cause. It’s worth noting that pitchers used performance enhancers too.

        • Anonymous

          When the most notorious abuser is at the top of the list, this amounts to journalistic negligence.

          • Anonymous

            I’m one of the biggest Anti-Bonds fans around, but the 1993 season was probably prior to his needle days. 
            Watch Kemp’s spectacular April, makes the seasons by Walker, Brett, and Cey really stand out too.  I remember the starts from Walker and Cey, but failed to appreciate Brett’s enough to take notice.

          • Anonymous

            That’s true, Gribel, but he was in his ostensible prime, at age 29, in 1993. At 40 years old, in 2004, he could not possibly have achieved those figures without chemical enhancement.

    • Anonymous

      The article says Matty’s April has been in the toughest hitting environment compared to the others on the list. Not sure if orange juice park or miller light park with the roof closed should qualify as tough? But I’m glad he poo pooed on Larry Walker and coors light park.

  6. Anonymous

    The Fish have apparently decided to emulate the Gnats’ hideous black and orange jerseys. For that, they deserve to be losers.

  7. foul tip

    Only chance I’ll have to comment today, so got to get this in–thinking it’s unlikely there’s a last-minute glitch–

    Goodby, Frankrupt McTort.

    We knew ye all too well.

  8. foul tip

    Also, while this isn’t intended as political in any way, Mitt Romney is reportedly worth $250 mil or so.

    Jamie McCout will be half as rich as Romney in one day after the $131 mil divorce payout.  Though it took her a while to “earn” it, or however you regard how she got it.

    She might even be luckier than Frank just for being in the right position at the right time, again depending on how you regard that. 

    •  Mitt’s son Tagg worked for the McCourts.

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps Jamie should be Mitt’s “running mate.”

      • foul tip

        WBB, a while back there may have been a rumor (I may have started it) that McTort would be in touch with you looking for some very important information, since you know about Argentina.

        It wouldn’t be for himself, you understand…but he knows someone, who knows someone, who needs to know if a person can be extradited to the US on tax evasion charges after, um, “relocating” to  Argentina.

        And he knows someone else who would like to know about Argentine law on extradition issues involving failing to pay large divorce settlements.

        It’s not for him personally, you understand.  It’s just that he knows these guys who need really quick answers.  Especially on the divorce settlement question.

        No doubt you’lll keep us apprised if this comes to pass.

  9. Anonymous

    Does Jaime have season tickets?

  10. Anonymous

    Anyone agree that taking a chance on Jorge Cantu wouldn’t be a bad idea? The guy has some pop…

  11. From SI’s Peter King, in his Monday Morning QB column, post-NFL Draft edition:

    “Tremendous baseball point by Keith Olbermann. The baseball aficionado
    pointed out Saturday that for Mickey Mantle’s big-league debut in 1951
    and for Bryce Harper’s in 2012, Vin Scully was in the broadcast booth
    both times.

    “Read more:

    • Anonymous

      Hate to give Olbermann credit for anything, but that’s pretty cool.

  12. Anonymous

    When does the sale become official? I need to buy the kids some Dodger t-shirts, but won’t do it until I know the McSteal won’t get any of my money.

    • I don’t think buying a T-shirt an hour before the announcement vs. an hour after will affect who gets the revenue from your purchase.

  13. Anonymous

    WBB…. I couldn’t reply above, but I couldn not be anymore in agreement with you on Bonds 2004 season.  For that matter, I would say your comments applying to anything post ( and including) 1996.

    • Anonymous

      If I recall correctly, BB started juicing seriously out of jealousy after McGwire’s 70 HR season in 1998, so he gets the benefit of the doubt before that. Everything thereafter should be suspect, especially since his numbers should have been declining after age 35.

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