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The return of the Cool-a-Coo?

Dodgers at Cubs, 11:20 a.m.
Matt Kemp is resting a tight left hamstring but is available to pinch-hit, according to pregame reports. Kemp has started 123 consecutive games, according to Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A., and played in 392 in a row.

However, the start of today’s game is delayed by rain. 

Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, LF
Jerry Hairston Jr., 3B
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Aaron Harang, P

Apparently, a Cool-a-Coo resurrection is possible after all.

All my research had shown that Cool-a-Coos, the greatest dessert treat in sports history, had disappeared when the company had gone out of business, but according to Bill Shaikin of the Times, they’re being manufactured by a small company under the name of “Mr. Cool.”

If it’s the real deal, then the Dodgers absolutely need to bring them back as soon as possible. And please, don’t try to sell me on the Its-It. It’s not the same thing.

Elsewhere …

  • Looking ahead: After today’s game, the Dodgers have four consecutive series against their four National League West rivals. Three of those series are at home.
  • According to the Elias Sports Bureau (via ESPN Stats & Information), Chris Capuano had an 0-1 count on 20 of 26 batters he faced Saturday.
  • Teams are starting to shift against Matt Kemp, writes Christina Kahrl for – taking into account his tendency not to pull the ball.
  • John C. McGinley will play Red Barber in the upcoming Jackie Robinson movie 42, writes Dave McNary of Variety.
  • Tommy John surgeon Dr. Frank Jobe, Jim “Mudcat” Grant, and Luis Tiant have been elected to the Baseball Reliquary’s Shrine of the Eternals. They finished in the top three by receiving at least 33 percent of votes. Just missing election this year were Lefty O’Doul (32%), Dizzy Dean (30%), Manny Mota (29%), Don Zimmer (29%), Steve Bilko (27%), Charlie Finley (25%), and Glenn Burke (24%). Induction day is July 15.
  • Steve Dilbeck of the Times becomes the latest to wonder why Jerry Hairston Jr. wouldn’t be the Dodgers’ regular third baseman even when Juan Uribe is healthy. The argument is that Hairston would wear down – the response would be whether Uribe isn’t already worn down.
  • Alex Castellanos and Scott Van Slyke were named Triple-A all-stars for the month of April by Baseball America.
  • Wrightly or wrongly, third baseman David Wright, an obvious trade target for the Dodgers, is likely to remain a Met, writes Ken Rosenthal of
  • The Cubs have designated Blake DeWitt (.305 OPS) for assignment.
  • A shoutout to Scott of venerable Rancho Park Pharmacy, thanks to Scott mentioning these words last week when I picked up my prescription: “R.J. Reynolds.”



Capuano shining bright for Dodgers


No Guerrantees


  1. Rob Moore

    I always preferred the Its-It

  2. Anonymous

    I loved the Pacific Coast League and its weekend doubleheaders.  My little league all had PCL names.  And, yes, we all enjoyed Steve Bilko.  Angels, Stars, Padres, Solons, Beavers, Raineers, Mounties, and Seals.

    •  No Tacoma Giants? No Hawai’i Islanders?

      • Anonymous

        I was a Tacoma Giants fan – never a Gnats fan, though – a recall falling asleep around 1 a.m. with Tacoma trailing the Islanders 8-0, after which they staged an 11-run ninth to win the game.

        • Anonymous

          My very first baseball game was Opening Day, 1969 – Tacoma Cubs at Cheney Stadium.

      • Anonymous

        Not when Steve Bilko was playing for the Angels.  Weren’t those teams added after the Seals and Angels were chased away by the Dodgers and Giants?

  3. Anonymous

    wasn’t really a fan of the cool-a-cool but know a lot that are.

  4. Anonymous

    Human nature being what it is, even as we speak someone is negotiating license rights to make and sell Coola-Coos. You can take it to the bank….

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope that person is Dodger employee

  5. Anonymous

    Loney is frustrating me and Mattingley is making it worse by the way he is playing him.  I would love to see Loney hit second in the order for 7 consecutive games without being pulled for a pinch hitter, asked to bunt, or platooned.  Get him going.

  6. Anonymous

    it’s interesting – i don’t really understand analytics all that well but got a bit curious to look at Tim Wallach’s numbers (3rd base coach for the Dodgers), so his best Wins Above Replacements year was ’85 but i’m looking at his ’85 numbers & they look pretty ordenary to me, meaning he’s had better years & least from my prospective… [comfused look and all]

  7. The Cool-a-Coo and It’s It are definitely different, but the differences are pretty subtle. Most importantly, it wouldn’t feel right to serve the It’s It at Dodgers Stadium since it is a San Francisco item. It would be comparable to selling Boudin bread bowls or Ghiradelli chocolate at Dodgers Stadium.

    • Anonymous


      *It’s It* is from Frisco and therefore the work of the devil. Cool-a-Coos rule.

    • Anonymous

      They sell garlic fries at the Ravine, they just don’t call them Gilroy fries.

  8. Anonymous

    Some Chicago weather news, Next 6 hours
    Showers and thunderstorms ending around 2pm. Decreasing cloudiness with temperatures steady in the mid 70s. Winds SE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 95%.

  9. Anonymous

    If the game’s postponed, is it likely that Matt Kemp gets another season of 161 games?

  10. Ah, to hear the familiar  song of the vendors again – “Ice cream sandwiches!  Cool-a-Coos!”

    The only disheartening thing in the Times article was that Peter Guber thought they were called “Curly-Coos”!  C’mon!

  11. Anonymous

    I was always partial toward chocolate malts

  12. Anonymous

    anybody know when/if they’re expecting to get this game on?

  13. Anonymous

    The shifting in the Christina Kahrl article linked above discusses only the middle infielders.The ss moving into the hole; the second baseman moving to his right to get behind second base. This is what to do with a RH pull hitter. The Cubs are giving Kemp a bigger hole between first and second than the normal positioning does. They obviously must feel his tendency to go to the right side of the field is only on balls hit to the outfield

    • Anonymous

      Just happen to be watching “Moneyball” during the rain delay.  Three guys on our roster played for that 2001 A’s team.

  14. Dodgers PR says they think the game will start at 2.

  15. In the old days, we wondered when rain delays would be over without a scrap of info. Now I can compulsively check Chicago with a weather radar app. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or bad.

    There’s a window now, but I hope the next band passes south, or they may have to pause mid-game.

  16. Anonymous

    Frank Jobe did all the work and yet Tommy John, up until now, has gotten all the recognition. Congrats to the reliquary for righting this wrong. It should rightly be called Frank
    Jobe surgery.

  17. Anonymous

    They’re back!

  18. KT

    Told my daughter we had to be back fr1400 so I can see the start of the game after the weather delay…start time 1403…got to love it

  19. Anonymous

    Pujols has just tied Gordon in HR’s!!!

  20. Anonymous

    WGN is showing a run expectancy matrix.

  21. KT

    Got to love that bat flip by campana on strike 1 and the umpire’s stare

  22. KT

    Twice now by AJ

  23. KT

    Oh no Jerry’s hamstring is hurt

  24. Anonymous

    What with an 11:30 brunch at the Palace Hotel in SF, I thought I’d miss today’s game, but the weather cooperated – at least from my point of view. I am immensely disappointed, though, that Kemp is not in the lineup.

    • KT

      after Jerry just pulled his hamstring and Kemp’s is already tender…I think it’s a good move with current weather and the delay

  25. Anonymous

    Telegram to Sellers.

  26. Anonymous

    expectancy matrix is kind of interesting.
    A.J. Ellis continues to impress; a few of the plays he has made lately simply have turned the early game around. With Hairston gone we are getting close to a AAAA line-up.

  27. Anonymous

    Hope Sellers didn’t unpack yet.

    • Anonymous

      You can say that again!! Although Kennedy has been used  in some years past for DH, Ist base, and 3rd base( and I would expect also SS), even in his prime he never had an OPS that reached .800. Plotting his progression with age, this should the year his OPS falls into the .500s.

      • Anonymous

        Seller not in the lineup today in Albuquerque and actually hasn’t appeared in a game since he was sent down.

        • Anonymous

          Is he AWOL?

        • Anonymous

          he hasn’t even been given a number at AAA; including Sellers they have 26 men on their roster which is one over the limit as far as I believe. Wouldn’t be surprised if he never left until the team could be sure of Uribe.

  28. KT

    At least with AJ up Kennedy is getting his wind sprints in

  29. KT

    Come on Tony

    Good eye Tony…Come on Aaron

  30. Anonymous

    Lyons is suffering from some major brain cramps today.  What’s the hard decision in replacing Hairston?  Did he forget about Justin Sellers?  Also Uribe played SS for years, so why would Kennedy be the current backup there?

  31. KT

    Nice Tony, Aaron

  32. Anonymous

    Bad play at short and first gives the Dodgers a run.

  33. KT

    He didn’t touch second…Tony was safe except because of the neighborhood rule he’s not

  34. Anonymous

    To be honest Dee needed to have a six pitch at bat there. We can have this pitcher on the ropes here if we work him as a team, like we did a few years ago.

  35. KT

    Nice play James

  36. Anonymous


  37. Anonymous

    Kings 3, St. Louis 1 F

    First playoff series sweep in franchise history.

    We return now you to Wrigley Field…

  38. Anonymous

    Juan hit it a ton!

  39. Anonymous

    I hate to say it, but Ethier still looks helpless against left handers sometimes. I’m glad the stats for this year show that it isn’t that often.

  40. Man, I was afraid we were gonna have another Dave Winfield incident on our hands with that Rivera blast through the gulls in the outfield. But fortunately no birds were harmed in the making of that home run.

  41. Anonymous

    Just as I’m about to wonder out loud if Billz or Loney is the first piece to be traded, Loney makes a nice pick at first…

  42. Anonymous

    I’m coming in late, how bad is Jerry’s hamstring?

    • KT

      no word yet but it didn’t look too good

      • Anonymous

        How did it happen?

        • KT

          He hit the ball hard off the pitcher and was running it out for a single when he pulled up lame two steps from the bag…Kennedy pinch ran for him

    • Anonymous

      strained left 

  43. KT

    Come on DP…3rd to 2nd…campana’s too fastunless it’s a line drive DP

  44. KT

    almost wished that pitch hit harang…of course not in the head where it was going…just to stop the second run from scoring

    • Anonymous

      AJ did throw out Starlin.

      • KT

        replay was close…looked like he got in under the tag from one angle and from the other angle looded like he slide onto the other Ellis’s foot

  45. Anonymous

    Terrible inning by Harang – a double to the pitcher, a walk on which no pitch was close, and a base hit to the Cubs’ best hitter with a base open after falling behind.

    • Anonymous

      Aaron going for the quality start.

  46. KT

    doesn’t look like aaron is not going to be long for this game

    • KT

      not so bad now…that he got two pop ups

  47. KT

    AJ just got hit on the wrist on the back swing of Soriano’s 2nd strike

  48. KT

    way to strand him Aaron

  49. Anonymous

    I’d love to visit Wrigley Field at one point in my life, looks beautiful….

    • KT

      I got to see the Cubs play the Cardinals the weekend I graduated Navy Bootcamp…My original seats were along the right field line in the nosebleed section…Some guy walks up to me and said promise me you won’t scalp these tickets. 1st I didn’t understand what he was saying and thought he was trying to con me out of my tickets. Ended up the guys seats were 7 rows up from the field in between home and 1st…BEAUTIFUL seats and a great game…Didn’t realize the rivalry until I attended that game

  50. Anonymous

    actually, that’s a pretty good swing by the Cubbies pitcher. It’s still kind of embarrasing for Harang to give up a hit to the pitcher though.

  51. Anonymous

    bad move by Harang there, that was clearly a DP but thought Dee wasn’t gonna get there in time.

  52. KT

    Feel good to get out of that inning alive Aaron?

  53. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, the injury to Hairston probably means Kennedy’s continued presence on the roster.

  54. KT

    We had this guy on the ropes and let him off…I think as someone stated earlier it was the Dee gordon at bat that sort of turned things around for the guy who now has shut down 11 in a row

    • Anonymous

      i know we’re winning but it kind of feels like we’re loosing today, with Hairston down & Harang doing a high wire act.

      • KT

        I know the feeling…1 more inning to hang on

  55. Anonymous

    If James Loney keeps up this trend all season with no last month hot streak to save him, what do you think management does?  And if you think he’s gone who will be a replacement?  Anyone in the minors looking good or a trade with another team?

    • The problem is that Loney has NO trade value. Where else in baseball would he be starting?

      • Anonymous

        Oh, I was wasn’t referring to including Loney in a trade – there is no incentive considering his production and the fact that since his contract is up, any team could just wait it out and get him for relatively cheap after the season without losing anyone in the minors/majors.

        I was asking to speculate who the Dodgers would be willing to part with for a more productive 1st  baseman or someone else’s hot minor league prospect.

  56. Anonymous

    Jon, it was a pleasure to meet you last week at the pharmacy.  I have resolved to stop lurking and contribute.  RJ Reynolds lives!

  57. KT

    Why no attempt at LeHair

  58. KT


    • Anonymous

      Quality start!

      • Anonymous

        I’ve already given my opinion on that, but timmer disagrees with me.

        • Anonymous

          btimmer doesn’t take into account the torture factor.

  59. Anonymous

    Harang’s curve ball scares me today, it’s staying way up there, i’m shocked the cubbies aren’t hitting them out of the ballpark.

  60. KT

    Man that was close thought they were going to tie up the game

  61. Anonymous

    We all knew that Kemp would PH – but is it a good idea?

  62. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, I have little hope that if the Dodgers fall behind this late, their offense can do much. And without Matt Kemp……………… lets hope he gets an at bat at least!

  63. Anonymous

    Camp seems like the type of pitcher that would give Kemp some trouble. veremos.

  64. Anonymous

    Still playing free baseball in Boston. 15th inning.

  65. Anonymous

    I hope the Dodger offense intends to try or that Donnie 2X has a plan because Lahair obviously will do us in if we don’t.

  66. KT

    Way to get on Dee

  67. Anonymous

    Castro is simply an awful defensive shortstop.

  68. Anonymous

    man these guys have amazing range.

  69. KT

    That could have really hurt….Come on Dre

  70. Anonymous

    Jansen just overpowered Barney there, wow.

  71. KT

    Juan was trying to be gone again on that swing

  72. KT

    Lyons was funny when he said the birds weren’t afraid of Campana that they could make a meal out of him…take him and fly away with him

  73. KT

    wow someone missed a sign there…we lucked out

  74. Anonymous

    Wow—that wa a poor match-up.

  75. KT

    Come on AJ

  76. Chris Davis with a K and a Double Play and gets the win for the Orioles!
    0 for 8 as hitter but gets the win. Hah!

    • Jibin Park

      Tough night for Darnell McDonald

  77. Anonymous

    hold on to your hats, its been a bumpy ride, but we may still yet get there in 1 piece ;)

  78. Anonymous

    Ump McQueezy

  79. KT

    Come on DP

  80. KT

    Throw strikes

  81. KT

    Another BS

  82. Anonymous

    Almost the worst-case scenario, and it’s not over yet.

  83. KT

    Good throw Mark

  84. KT

    Free baseball on a getaway day…Who leads off

  85. Christopher Staaf

    I hope this is the last game we see Guerra as a closer in a Dodger uniform. 

  86. Anonymous

    great play by Ethier & Mark Ellis there, Ellis threw an absolutely bee-bee & strike to AJ.

    • Anonymous

       Nobody makes a better throw than Ellis did there.

  87. KT

    Thought Abreu had a hit there

  88. Anonymous

    Here’s a news flash for Donnie.  Put Jansen in at closer and Guerra in the 8th inning unless he can’t do that either.  Anybody can see it!!

    • Anonymous

      Jon posted some numbers on Guerra he’s actually not bad (thanx Jon), but here is the thing;

      Jansen overpowers guys, Guerra just gets buy, Jansen should be the closer, no rocket science, just common sense…

      • Christopher Staaf

        Guerra has heart but he doesn’t have the stuff. Jansen does have the stuff but I dunno if he’s got the head to be the closer. Man I miss having a good bullpen. 

  89. Anonymous

    Guerra make me mad.  Hulk smash!

  90. Anonymous

    I have heard this though, that Jansen doesn’t recover as quickly as Guerra does…

  91. KT

    Good pickoff…Come on Mark start it off

  92. Anonymous

    Beautifully executed pickoff there.

  93. Anonymous

    Harper just stole home during a pick-off throw to first.

  94. Anonymous

     To make the frustration worse, MLBTV has gone out.

  95. Anonymous

    Looking ahead: After today’s game, the Dodgers have four consecutive series against their four National League West rivals. Three of those series are at home.<<< Just hope things don't get to out of hand today in regards to our relievers.

  96. KT

    Elbert sighting..not good
    Looks like we are going to need a miracle to score

  97. KT

    So now they bunt both of them over…why put castro on…he didn’t have a hit

    Giving the game away

  98. Anonymous

    If there were every any doubts about Kennedy’s worthlessness, he put them to rest today.

    • Christopher Jones

      Impossible to hide the fact he is no longer a major league caliber player.  Looked REALLY bad out there today.

      • Christopher Staaf

        I say trade Kennedy for a box of balls and bats. I still can’t believe he got a contract but hey, Colletti is famous for making horrible personnel moves. I hope the new owners promote Logan White as soon as possible. 

  99. KT

    Terrible offense at all after the 3rd

  100. A bases-loaded walk has to be the most annoying way there is to lose a ball game. Sheesh.

  101. Anonymous

    we’ve won this way & now we’ve lost this way.

    I gotta get my self out to the stadium this week.

  102. You guys wanting to throw Guerra under the bus are a little precipitate, I fear. The great Mariano Rivera blew a save this year on Opening Day. It happens.

    • Anonymous

      I bet he didn’t blow 3 as quick as Guerra??  He is terrible!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      But it’s not just one blown save.  He’s blown three of his last four opportunities.

      That can’t continue.

    • Christopher Staaf

      You should refrain from comparing Guerra to Mariano Rivera. 

    • Anonymous

      Guerra has 3 BS. I don’t follow your logic.

      •  And he has five saves. I don’t agree that he’s “terrible.” I think he’s hit a rough patch. What do you expect? He’s a youngster just getting his feet wet in the job.

        • Anonymous

          I didn’t say he was terrible. I wanted to see the logic of your Mariano post but there doesn’t seem to be any.

    • Anonymous

      Based on his track record, there’s a reason why Rivera gets the benefit of the doubt.

      And based on that logic, we should take a flier on Milton Bradley because Ty cobb had his inner demons as well.

  103. Anonymous

    Ethier starting April 18: 242/314/387 (17 games)

    • Anonymous

      just the ups & downs of a long season, I ain’t worried about him, I’m worried about the other guys.

  104. Anonymous

    The Orioles now have the best record in baseball.

  105. Anonymous

    Javy Guerra just Tweeted: “Haters will always hate. Im confident in my abilities and I know this is just a test in my young career. Giving up is NOT an option.”

    • Anonymous

      At least he has a good attitude about it

    • Anonymous

      I hate for the Dodgers to keep losing while Javy tests his career.  The Dodgers do have an option.

    • Anonymous

      Javvy is an average closer, not someone to compare to Gagne, Saito,etc.. If the Dodgers want to play in the World Series, they need a better than average closer. But today’s loss is on the offense. Anytime they don’t score 4 or more runs, the offense lost. Anytime the pitchers hold the other team to 3 runs or less for at least 9 innings, they deserve to win. With batters like Uribe, Kennedy, Gwynn, Treanor, et al, we’re not serious. Upgrades needed.

    • Anonymous

       I don’t think there are any Dodger fans that “hate” Javy Guerra….
      And, simply holding the opinion that Javy should not be designated as the closer… IN NO WAY constitutes “hatred”….
      Hey, it would be great if one of the Dodgers’ own farm hands could develop into the full time closer.  That would fill a need without having to trade any players or spend a ton in free agency.  Heck, we’d all like for Javy to be successful….
      The fact that Javy calls those who are critical of his failures as “haters” shows me that he’s got some growing up to do.
      Any pro with any level of class would suggest that you let your playing do the talking for you Javy!

  106. Anonymous

    Look, I know we have some problems, but so do the Gnats, D-Backs, Rockies and Padres – they are all trailing us in the standings  ;)

  107. Anonymous

    The only thing I feel I have to offer, of any value this evening is ….
                               Surprising Dodgers Outstanding 2012 Start
                                                          ( + )
                                        Enough Losses Like This One
                            Another Mediocre Season for the Dodger Blue…
    Mattingly says his club “plays the game the right way” …. and, “is going to give the other club all they can handle for 9 innings every night” ….. I believe him! and, I like this baseball club very much.
    Well, here’s to this 2012 Dodger ball club grinding their way right through the difficulties (such as this one) on their way to a pennant. :-)
    PS – Even though we’re all a bit frustrated about the loss, we sure won’t miss Lilly vs. Zito tomorrow!
    This is why I love this time of year so much…. win or lose.  Go Dodgers!

  108. our starting 1b,3b and Lf have a combined 2hr 22rbi, 17runs scored with an on base around .300 and an OPS around .600. Let’s start there. And our leadoff guy has an on base of .269 …the pen will work itself out. this won’t. maybe the leadoff guy. maybe.

    • Anonymous

      Tough loss.  No surprises here.  I think we all knew that those were our most blaring weaknesses going in and that’s proving to be the case.  Stellar starting and the hot stars by Kemp, Dre and AJ helped obsurse the notion that most of us held that on paper we are a .500 club, which with some breaks could win maybe 88 games, but just as likely to win 78.  In a nutshell.

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