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Ellis for chillin’

Thanks to the left leg injury he suffered Friday, Mark Ellis joins Juan Rivera, Matt Kemp, Juan Uribe and Jerry Hairston Jr. in the Society of Disabled Position Players. In his place, Ivan De Jesus Jr. becomes yet another ballplayer’s son on the Dodger roster.

Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. has more.

Cardinals at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Kershaw CXXV: Kershnakes on a Plane
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Elian Herrera, 2B
Bobby Abreu, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Adam Kennedy, 3B
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Justin Sellers, SS
Clayton Kershaw, P


Gordon might head to minors soon


Chad Billingsley and the truth about meltdown innings


  1. Anonymous

    It looks like the outfielders may need to get used to Sellers’ giving ground.

  2. Anonymous


  3. KT

    I have a whole lot of comments on last thread…didn’t see the NPUT

  4. Anonymous

    Is that a marching and chowder society?

  5. KT

    good no harm done..Let’s get on the board boys

  6. Anonymous

    Abreu seemed to call off Sellers at the last minute.

  7. KT

    Suprised Tony didn’t go from 1st to 3rd on that ground out he had such a good jump

  8. KT

    Come on Dre knock him in

    • KT

      thought we had him in….Dre hit the ball hard

  9. Anonymous

    Miles started at 2nd tonight for Alb. His first game there.

  10. Anonymous

    my father in mississippi is very glad to hear that he can listen to Vin’s play/call.

    • Anonymous

      my father, by the way, is the reason that I am a dodgers fan.  I was born in los angeles.  I suspect that my mother was also involved somehow.

      • Anonymous

        Great note. Cheers to your father in Mississippi!

  11. Anonymous

    Now our SS hits eighth.

  12. Anonymous

    Is Kershaw channeling Lilly?

  13. Dodgers have no more healthy infielders on 40-man roster after De Jesus callup. I look forward to Nathan Eovaldi’s conversion to third base.

    • Anonymous

      I am available!

    • Anonymous

       Not that I would advocate it, but I would think Sands a likelier candidate.

    • foul tip

      Now you have me running with this and expanding it, even trying to envision scenarios in which Eovaldi alternates between the mound and 3B in the same game, depending on the batter and situation and who else could play 3rd/pitch and be in the game at the same time for him to alternate with.

      I have too vivid an imagination.

      My head hurts.  But probably not as much as the Dodgers would if this came about.  But not to worry, right?  Right?

  14. KT

    Come on Adam

    • Anonymous

      that worked well.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not a Kennedy fan, but after last night, I certainly can’t second guess Mattingly on this one, especially given the DL situation.

        • KT

          I’m just hoping he hits a little for us

        • Anonymous

          my point is, and was, that these “way to go, boys”, and “c’mon, get a hit” posts are not only a waste of time, but ultimately dumb

          • Speak for yourself. 

          • Anonymous

            I think I did. 

          • Anonymous

            it’s just not my problem that you left the toaster for the la times, and then drug us to ESPN (which was unbearable for thinking individuals) and finally came back here, where homer posts like “go, team” are unavoidable.

            I didn’t do that.  you did, Jon.

          • foul tip

             So Jon should never have left the disbanding Toaster and tried to take DT to greener pastures…get it greater exposure, and maybe make a little money for all his efforts?

            Is that part of what you’re saying?  I hope not.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe they’re pointless, but it’s gratuitous to chide somebody for them. I don’t do such comments, but if somebody feels the need, I have no objection.

          • Anonymous

            well, those posts are the life of the party.

            your reply is understood, and incorporated.

          • Anonymous

            it’s a release of emotion, a very healthy release of emotion too. :0)

          • KT

            So you are calling me dumb? Just because I root for my team in print instead of yelling at the TV (_o_)

          • Anonymous

            no.  I am not calling you dumb.  I sincerely apologize if you took it that way.

            that was not my intention

  15. KT

    Nice hit AJ!!

  16. Anonymous

    AJ ellis.  he is my new god

  17. KT

    berkman maybe sitting for the rest of this series

  18. KT

    Nice play by both parties on that 5-3

  19. KT

    Only 4 NL teams won so far today

    • Anonymous

      I predict an NL team will win this game. I’m not a gambler but, in fact, I’m willing to bet any amount on it.

      • KT

        I would bet the mortage, house and anything else i could come up with. And I also don’t bet

  20. Anonymous

    Did you see that dig by Loney the same way I did?
    Incompetance at 3B completely bailed out by Excellence at 1B.
    Nice play James.
    James makes those plays look easy…… consistently.

    • Anonymous

      That was not an easy play for Kennedy, with an in-between hop and throwing on the run across his body. He made a good enough throw, on line, that Loney could handle it.

      • Anonymous

         Yes… WBB… Kennedy certainly made a nice effort, and he did get the ball close enough to Loney for the out….

  21. Anonymous

    we just expect Kershaw to be great, just saw some great pitch sequences by Kershaw to Freese, & i just kind of expected from him, he’s freaking amazing.

  22. KT

    Nice hit Dre!!

  23. KT

    Good job Adam

  24. Luckily we have the big bat of Adam Kennedy in the 5 hole.

  25. Anonymous

    Carpenter is an awful defensive player in either the infield or the outfield.

  26. Anonymous

    kind of held my breath there, with Kennedy slipping on the turn to first.

  27. Anonymous

    looong walk of shame for Kennedy.

  28. Anonymous

    aahh Kennedy!!! [fist up in the air]

  29. KT

    AJ…On base hitting machine…sure fooled the heck of me and I admit it…never thought he would amount to what he’s become offensively

    • Anonymous

      AJ”s numbers:

      .348 468 520

      • KT

        never thought he would hit above .260

      • Anonymous

        his OPS is at 1.000

        • KT

          I never got into OPS, or any of the other newer methods of measuring a persons performance. I see their value but never took the time to learn it. I know what most of the acronyms stand for

          • Anonymous

            OPS is the one saber metric that I value.

          • Anonymous

            to rephrase, OPS is ONE saber metric that I value.

  30. KT

    Great catch Justin

  31. Anonymous

    a famale friend of mind called me earlier in the day & said there was going to be a Hello Kittie bobble head, is this true?

    • KT

      yes…in early july

      • Anonymous

        Thanks KT, i’m a little embaraced to say i had a hard time visualising a hello kittie bobble head.

  32. Anonymous

    For the Madres, Eric Stults has pitched a very respectable six innings v. the Halos.

  33. Anonymous

    yyou guys see how Loney made Holliday commit to 2nd & THEN THROW the ball to Sellers?

    if you did, THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE!

  34. Anonymous

    when i typed that, i hope i don’t come off as a not it all, i’m just doing it in case there’s a young kid reading it… :0)


    RT @CHPsouthern: If you’re stuck on 110 fwy on your way to Roger Waters concert at Coliseum please do not exit your car & walk on freeway

  36. A nice rendition of God Bless America by Nancy Bea, the first time I didn’t want to hit the mute button.

    • Anonymous

       A nice rendition of a healthy Rafael Furcal by Justin Sellers.

  37. Matty loving that Sellers bomb!

  38. Anonymous

    Way to go Sellers!

  39. KT


    • Christopher Staaf

      I didn’t know Sellers had it in him!

    • KT

      Matty and Dee being the head cheerleaders

  40. KT

    Horseplay in the dugout

    • Christopher Staaf

      You have to admit, we haven’t had this type of camaraderie since Manny was around. Good to see Dee and Kemp being the biggest cheerleaders while they are out.  

      • KT

        yea that’s why the earlier comment about Matt not liking Loney threw me off…I thought the whole group pretty much got along 

  41. Clayton letting Holliday show off his glove in left field!

  42. Anonymous

    Holliday is in playoff form.

  43. KT

    Clayton testing Hollidays defense

  44. Anonymous

    i agree with Steve Lyons when he talks about non-power hitters hitting home runs.

    • KT

      just as long as it doesn’t go to his (justins) head

  45. KT

    way to keep it going Tony
    Hope Clayton isn’t worn out from running the bases

  46. Anonymous

    Are the broadcast people intentionally muting the volume when the camera points to the dugout?  Just wondering because it just happened twice.

    • I think they do that to keep the expletives from reaching the air, but they could just turn that mic off and not Vin’s and every other one in the stadium.

  47. foul tip

    I’ve seen Gameday screw up before, but never like this.

    It wants me to believe Justin Sellers just homered.  To CF.  In Dodger Stadium.  At night.

    How do you fix this thing?

    • KT

      not CF but LF

    • Anonymous

      He hit one last year, and some in the minors.  It’s not as big a surprise as the one Dee hit, or the ones AJ hit.

  48. Anonymous

    Vin is mistaken about left-handed catchers. In 1980, Mike Squires played two games at catcher for the White Sox. He also played some third base, and even pitched a third of an inning.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never understood the taboo against left handed catchers.

      • Anonymous

        It would not appear to make any sense. I can only see an objection to infielders other than first basemen, because of the awkwardness of throws.

        A friend of mine once fielded a slow-pitch tournament team called “This Ain’t Right” in which everybody batted AND threw left-handed. They won the tournament.

    • Anonymous


  49. Anonymous

    Not sure what’s amazed me more, the HR by @SellBlock_12 or the 2B by Kershaw. That ball was hit hard!

  50. Anonymous

    Also kinda surprised about the Cards’ fielding in this series.

  51. Christopher Staaf

    OK, save some for Chad tomorrow, boys!

  52. KT

    Good timely two out hitting

  53. Anonymous

    6-0 against the Cardinals with our B-team, pretty impressive.

    • Christopher Staaf

      Having a Cy Young winner taking the mound for your team never hurts though!

  54. Anonymous

    Wow, wow and double wow

  55. Anonymous

    I see that Adam Kennedy’s regressing to his mean tonight. But that’s OK, he was clutch last night when we needed him to step up. This team is reminding me more and more of the Stuntmen of ’88.

  56. KT

    Nice DP to end the game…time for the sweep tomorrow boys….Good game all and Good night

  57. Anonymous

    Siri is Clayton Kershaw an amazing pitcher, YES!

  58. Anonymous

    So the Dodgers now have five players on the active roster who are sons of major leaguers: Gordon, Sellers, Van Slyke, DeJesus, and Gwynn. Is that a record?

    • Anonymous

      Hairston could make six.

      • It would be great to have six but it probably won’t happen until September because the only three candidates to be demoted when Hairston is activated (Gordon, Sellers, DeJesus) are all part of the club as well.

        I’ve been wondering too if five is the record. It would really surprise me if it isn’t.

  59. Anonymous

    The ESPN headline is “Berkman hurts knee.”

    • Anonymous

       I’m bummed for him. 

    • Anonymous

      Well, he is Fat Elvis, but still.  SI went with the Kershaw shutout.

  60. Anonymous

    Just read about Ellis’ urgent procedure on his knee…. and, out at least 6 weeks.
    De Jesus:  Not ready yet. 
    Herrera:  Not too impressed with his defensive footwork. 
    Kennedy:  Might give the Dodgers a good season in a utility / PH role.
    Uribe:  Who knows…. but, get real.
    Sellers:  He hit the only pitch out that he possibly could tonight.  A change up he’s sitting on.
    Hairston:  Hurt, and a utility guy… although off to a nice start.
    Sum total all of the above mess, and you have the impetus for a Dodger trade.  IMHO. 

    • Aaron Miles is all-powerful.

    • Anonymous

      The situation does create the impetus for a trade but as for making one your HO ( why do you put that in every post? do you think we would otherwise assume it’s your dishonest opinion) has a weak foundation since we have nothing to give except players unproven at the ML level such as Sands or Tolleson who would have to be packaged in a group- too much to give up, or over-paid vets e.g. Guerrier- little trade value unless the Dodgers eat salary. I think we will make do with what we have now + perhaps Miles who started in AAA tonight until July.

      It’s a good chance to try AJ batting second, at least until Kemp comes back.

    • KT

      I knew he was hurt more than we were lead to believe as soon as I saw the replay and saw both his knee and ankle buckle

    • Anonymous

      I’m surprised the Dodgers didn’t pick up O-Dog.  I know he probably still harbors ill will, but still, you think they could have made it happen.  Rather than the Sox, where he will play third and only sparingly.

  61. Anonymous

    I wonder if a rotational change might help Billingsly. Pitching right after Kershaw’s usual masterpiece might be causing him to try to do too much, not stay within his own capabilities. It could be a daunting task. Just guessing at the other pitcher’s personalities and attitudes, I think I’d try Harang after Kershaw, then Billingsly or one of the other two. that might take a little pressure off him.

  62. Anonymous

    Amazing game by Kershaw, who seems to be returning to last season’s form.  Not just the complete-game shutout, but only two runners reaching second base, and ZERO walks.  I remember when people said he needed to work on his control.  Not any more!  :)

  63. So bummed about Ellis. Glad they caught the thing before something really terribly tragic had to happen, and that he’ll be back, at least. As a perspective check… But he will be sorely missed, an unsung hero of this young season. Our whole infield is like an Agatha Christie mystery, disappearing one by one. Wish we had better IF depth there in the minors but at least the guys we have coming up can field pretty well (Sellers, Herrera, IDJ). Dodgers just need to keep doing what they’ve been doing, and hoping for continued good pitching, to hold their spot until Kemp, Hairston, come back and eventually Ellis.  

    tonight’s ESPN game won’t exactly feature the lineups for either team that ESPN anticipated when scheduling the game. Oh well. 

  64. Anonymous

    I’m enjoying the heck out of this season. So many surprises. We’re definitely due for a cold spell, but who knows, maybe it won’t come. The solace for all these injuries (aside from our record and the fact other teams–Giants, Cards–have injuries too) is the fact that the NL just doesn’t look that strong this year. Sure the NL East is deep, but no team in the league scares me that much. Onward and upward.

  65. Anonymous

    Anyone think Tyler Greene might want to be real loose at the plate today?

    • Anonymous

       It was a clean, hard slide. Ellis simply had bad luck.

      • Anonymous

        Good. I really don’t like to see pitchers throw at or too near hitters.

    • Anonymous

      I thought Ellis created the collision.  If you notice he was way in front of the bag when the contact occurred.  He should have stayed behind the bag.  Vinny calls it  “using the bag as a shield”.  It would have given him enough time to get out of the way.  Tough break.  Hopefully he’ll be back soon.

      • KT

        I mentioned that exact same thing to my dad when it happened but the feed and the position he came at the bag forced him to receive the throw in front instead of behind the bag

  66. foul tip

    Looking at the May 20 expanded standings reveals that not only have the Dodgers regained MLB’s best record, their 8-2 mark over the last 10 also is MLB’s best.

    Couldn’t really ask for anything better, let alone expect it.

    • Anonymous

       The Braves are 15-9 on the road, but only 10-7 at home.

  67. Wow reading about Ellis. I had what he had but not diagnosed as quick. long story short from a soccer injury at 15 I was rushed into Surgery around midnight to save my leg from amputation (little did we know!). Internal bleeding..they had about an hour left to save it.. But I needed a second skin graft surgery so mine was  worse. I was back playing soccer pretty fast..

  68. foul tip

    Question for you guys who actually see the games–

    How dominant is Kershaw right now?  I have the impression he’s been more efficient than dominant so far–at least not dominant like late last year.

    OTOH, a six-hit shutout in which what, only a couple runners get as far as second, even though Ks are down….?

    Maybe efficiency for Kershaw=dominance for mere mortal pitchers?


    • Anonymous

      Fewer k’s mean longer starts. Much rather see him throw CG with 4 than go 6 with 12. As long as you can get a k when you really need 1 a ground ball out on pitch 1 is preferable IMHO.

      It’s like a big hitter in golf that’s always in the trees. I’ll take the shorter drive in the fairway any day. Of course, if any DTer had seen my drives they would chuckle about that.

  69. Anonymous

    I’m throwing this out there just to see what people think.

    Given our infield injuries…given that he is playing great and getting on base…would it be completely out of the question to propose…dramatic pause….playing AJ at 3B some games?

    I have absolutely no idea if he has ever played the infield.  But desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.  I don’t think we are there yet, but we are experiencing a rash of infield injuries.

    • Anonymous

      I remember the disaster of Russel Martin getting a “rest” at third base a few years back. I think AJ at third would end just as badly. It certainly is desperate though when you’re looking forward to Aaron Miles coming in to upgrade your infield depth.

      • Anonymous

        Difference being that Martin had been converted from 3B to catcher.  I don’t believe Ellis has ever played the infield.  Not that the amazing AJ couldn’t do it.

    • Anonymous

      You would do this to get 
      Matt Treanor more at bats?

      • Anonymous

        Ha ha ha! No, to get AJ more at bats :)

  70. foul tip

    Most Dodger-related part of this piece on Kasten:

    “In contrast, Kasten takes over the day-to-day operations of a Dodgers
    club that is currently in first place in the National League West with
    the best record in the Major Leagues entering Saturday. He is bullish on
    the job general manager Ned Colletti has done during the last year
    despite the turmoil of the bankruptcy that resulted in the $2.15 billion
    sale of the franchise by Frank McCourt to controlling owner Mark
    Walter, who arranged the financing as the chief executive of
    Chicago-based Guggenheim Financial. Former NBA great Magic Johnson is
    also a high-profile member of the group.

    Kasten has taken over a club that’s humming along at the Major League level and needs little work at the Minor League level.

    “This is a completely different situation,” Kasten said. “In Washington,
    we had to revamp the Minor Leagues. The Dodgers are not the case.
    Additionally, we’re a big-market team with big-market expectations, so
    we’ll have to focus on the Major Leagues. But they will be done side by

    About the job Colletti and his cohorts have done, Kasten said: “We have
    the best record in baseball, so you’re going to have to draw your own
    conclusions. Ned and the people he has around him have done a good job,
    obviously — a terrific job, considering the circumstances.”

    Times and those circumstances certainly do change. With the Nationals
    consistently in a rebuilding phase, there was never any thought
    in-season of bolstering the team. Instead, management had a habit of
    shedding players around the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline to look at

    The Dodgers went into action at home against the Cardinals on Saturday,
    leading the second-place Giants in the NL West by 5 1/2 games. If the
    Dodgers need help at the deadline, Kasten said he will certainly
    consider going out and getting it.

    “That’s up to Ned,” Kasten said. “When Ned comes to me with something he wants to do, we will discuss it.”

    It’s a new job another 3,000 miles away, and Kasten, at 60, is about to put his imprint on another team.

  71. Anonymous

    Max Scherzer has struck out 15 batters in 7 innings in Detroit today. He is trailing 2-1 because of two solo homers by the Buccos.

    • Anonymous

       I can’t say it disappointed me when the Snakes sent him to the AL.

  72. Anonymous

    I am hoping someone can add something to this thought/question.   In regards to Dee Gordon’s struggles and the possibility of him being sent to the minor leagues, why would he be sent to AAA and not AA?  From what I have read, the pitching talent is higher in AA and due to the environment, the offense is inflated in AAA.  Would it make more sense for a AA stint instead?  

  73. foul tip

    Couple comments I tried earlier about this disappeared or never appeared.  Once more–

    Contrasts Kasten’s Nat time with Dodger situation.  Says he likes job Ned has done. 

  74. Anonymous

    Meanwhile, at The Phone Booth to be Named Later, Tim Lincecum is once again self-immolating.

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