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Site update

For two weeks, I haven’t been able to give this site the attention it needs.  And I’m not happy with the level of content. It’s been of no use.

So until a solution comes, if you haven’t already, set your expectations accordingly. Thanks.


Hairston activated as Sellers joins DL-go-round


Wait, wait, don’t serve me


  1. Anonymous

    There’s no need to apologize or explain.  Handle it when you can.

  2. Thanks. Just to reiterate, there’s no personal crisis happening. All is well. 

  3. Still a devoted fan. That won’t change anytime soon.

  4. Anonymous

    Do what you need to do. We’ll be here when you can focus on it. We’re not keeping score — just rooting for you in every respect.

  5. Anonymous

    One of the great things about DT is that the community within is (with all due respect, Jon) as informative and entertaining as your posts. I hope that is conveyed properly, because I mean it positively to you and my fellow commentators here. 

    • I would love for that to continue.

      • Anonymous

        Although I feel like a relative newcomer — I caught on during the LA Times days — the folks I see on a regular basis don’t seem to be going away. For better or worse, this is the only Dodgers blog I follow for that reason alone. Moreover, I wish this kind of respectful and knowledgeable atmosphere existed for the Lakers and Raiders — my other two teams.

        • We are the chorus and we agree.

          I think I found Baseball Toaster a few times before DT moved to LAT, but I have followed Dodgerthoughts wherever it goes, and learned so much thereby. Jon’s thoughtful posts and knowledgeable insights attract thinking fans who can love and critique a team with eyes open without diminishing love of the game, in good years and bad. I would venture to say the Vin Scully way of appreciating baseball is found here, and few other places on the web, thanks to the example set by Jon’s posts.

          As for updates, oy. My own blog gets updated…once every two weeks, at best? Then again, that doesn’t make for a steady audience.

  6. Michael Tortoro

    “Winning breed chemistry, revisited” and the Billingsley meltdown innings posts were both useful, to me.

  7. If you think you’ve been less than helpful, don’t go back and look at MY blog for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Oh, there’s an entry every day, but . . .

    Springtime malaise, I calls it.

  8. Anonymous

    A few posts ago a commentor remarked that the Gibby home-run in the 1st game of the ’88 series was luck. While I’m sure the vast majority of visitors here know the backstory that led up to that famous bomb well, I’ll post it here just for the few who may not have heard it. My apologies in advance for those who actually saw it posted a few days back. Anyways, here was my reply ( posting again here only because I didn’t get to his post until after new NPUT was anounced by Jon) :
    Nice post leekfink but I disagree with Gibby’s homer being luck. “Gibson would later recount that prior to the Series, Dodger scout Mel Didier had provided a report on Eckersley which claimed that with a 3–2 count against a left-handed hitter, one could be absolutely certain that Eckersley would throw a backdoor slider. Gibson said that when the count reached 3–2, he stepped out of the batter’s box and, in his mind, could hear Didier’s voice, with its distinctive Southern drawl, reiterating that same piece of advice. With that thought in mind, Gibson stepped back into the batter’s box; and thus when Eckersley did in fact throw a backdoor slider, it was exactly the pitch Gibson was expecting.” That ain’t luck. Furthermore, before Gibson was even sent to the plate : “With a one-run lead, Oakland closer Dennis Eckersley, who led the AL with 45 saves during the regular season, was brought in to close out the game and seal the win for starter Dave Stewart. Eckersley quickly got Scioscia to pop out to shortstop and struck out Jeff Hamilton. Left-handed Pinch hitter Mike Davis followed; if he got on base the next batter due was the pitcher’s spot, which would certainly be filled with a pinch hitter. Not wanting the A’s to realize that Gibson was available, Lasorda sent Dave Anderson to the on-deck circle during Davis’ plate appearance. A’s catcher Ron Hassey got Eckersley’s attention and pointed at Anderson on-deck. Eckersley, who had seen Davis hit for power in the American League, decided he would rather walk Davis, assuming perhaps that the right-handed hitting Anderson would prove to be the easier out. Instead of risking making a mistake that Davis could hit for a game-tying home run, Eckersley pitched carefully and did in fact walk him.”Instead of sending Anderson to the plate, Lasorda sent in Gibson. There was a lot going on leading up to that blast by Gibson – none of which was luck.

  9. foul tip

    Batting averages don’t matter a lot by themselves, of course.  And some of these are small samples.

    But I was struck by the BA of Dodger starters last night.  They’re very respectable for a team which was supposed to be offensively challenged, especially with regulars out.

    Very respectable except for two, that is.  Not hard to guess which two.

    Gwynn      .290
    Herrera      .355
    Abreu        .289  (well over .300 as I Dodger, I think)
    Ethier        .319
    Hairston     .316
    Loney        .252 (at least he’s done better lately even if he has lost Don’s confidence)
    Ellis           .319
    Gordon       .210 (a work in progress, we all hope)

    I get that Loney’s Dodger days are numbered.  When Rivera comes back, wouldn’t be surprising if he doesn’t play much except for late inning defense.  And could be elsewhere soon thereafter, except he probably wouldn’t bring squat in trade.  Wonder if the team would DFA him outright.

    • Anonymous

      Who knows what will happen, but Rivera doesn’t bring much to the table against righties.  He is .196/.204/.261 as compared to WGJ at .283/.360/.424.  So I don’t think his return is all that important as regards Loney’s future.  That said, they could go with Bobby at 1st and Jr in left against righthanders.  And, of course, Kennedy can play first.

    • Anonymous

      I think Loney has lost Mattingly’s confidence only against LHP
      327 is correct on Abreu; all his May stats and none of his April stats are with the Dodgers

    • Anonymous

      Sometimes we see a hitter get anxious at the plate and try to make something happen instead of staying relaxed and hit with confidence.  Mattingley got anxious Friday and managed like an anxious hitter or saying it differently, over managed.  He never should have pinch hit for Loney with one out and the bases loaded and the game on the line.  

      The oddest part of his decision was using DeJesus as a pinch hitter in that situation.  Mattingley and Colletti bring up Herrera, Sellers before they bring up DeJesus and they sign Kennedy, Ellis, and Hairston instead of bring up DeJesus.  The Dodgers have basically tried their best to not use DeJesus and yet, with the game on the line, and one of the better hitters with risp coming up at a critical time, they go with DeJesus.

  10. Anonymous

    I enjoyed your post about “chemistry,”  so I have to disagree that you haven’t offered anything of value lately.  I actually like teams that defy the odds and have success.  I was listening to the Sunday night game on ESPN radio a week or two ago and it was mentioned on the broadcast that Magic Johnson said something about how he wants the Dodgers to be like the Yankees.  If I’m going to resume being a Dodger fan I think that Magic is going to have to fade into the background.

    These Dodgers remind me of the 1960’s Dodgers I followed as a kid.  Some players with stupendous talent (Kershaw, Kemp) surrounded by players with interesting story lines who contribute more than seems likely.    

    By the way, last Saturday night I watched the Cardinal-Dodger telecast on the major league cable network station. They used the Dodger feed, so it was the first time in many years that I had the opportunity to hear Vin doing a live broadcast There was nothing particularly memorable in what Vin had to say, no Kirk Gibson moment.  Nontheless it was certainly the best broadcast I have heard this year.  It is so refreshing to have a broadcaster who does not holler and scream, who does not jabber with a sidekick, who actually pays attention to what is happening on the field. Thanks Vin. 

  11. Anonymous

    “My free content isn’t up to my impossibly high standards!” *Jumps up, shakes fist impotently at universe while food-stained pajama bottoms slide down around ankles* #internet raging

  12. Eric Bergman

    Low expectations here = beyond reasonable expectations elsewhere…. so no worry

  13. Anonymous

    Just saw Bob’s comment that Kennedy can play first… So, that got me to wonderinging (yes, twice) if Loney has higher value than Kennedy in general. Does the fact he can play multiple positions mean he’s better for the team than a sure handed, but bat challenged Loney? Essentially they are the same person at the plate, right?

  14. foul tip

    A bit of regression to the mean in Bills’ (and the Dodgers’) favor tonight, perchance?

    From pregame story:

    “He (Billingsley) allowed nine runs and five earned runs over 3 1/3 innings in a loss to the Astros on April 22 at Minute Maid Park. He has lost all three career starts against Houston at Dodger Stadium. His ERA in those games is 10.80.”

    But a bit of hope for no such regression in this particular stat, same source:

    “The Dodgers are 7-0 on Saturdays this season.”

  15. Anonymous

    Once again, Heath Bell did everything possible to give the game away but, in the end, the Fish swallowed the Gnats 5-3. The Dodgers have another chance to pick up a game tonight.

  16. Anonymous

    When I rant to my friends about how bad the LA Times has become, I always mention that most of the information can be better obtained elsewhere. And example #1 is always this blog for Dodger coverage. After a lifetime of following the Dodgers through the Times, Dodger Thoughts has fundamentally deepened my understanding of baseball and the Dodgers. I haven’t posted much lately but I visit daily so I can maintain that understanding of the team.

  17. Since this seems to be a more-or-less open thread, I’m in the market for a new hatchback automobile. Anybody bought one recently and/or got a recommendation? I’ve looked at the Honda Fit and the Ford Fiesta. Also thinking of the Nissan Versa, the Mazda 2, the Chevy Sonic, and the Toyota Yaris.

    The only real requirement is that I be able to easily (easily!) get a wheelchair into and out of it.

  18. Anonymous

    My favourtie post of late was “Can’t Explain” from May 22nd. I thought it was pitch perfect in describing what we were all feeling after that game in particular and that week in general. And when you look to someone else to describe what you are feeling – and when that person delivers – then the level of content is just fine.

    I will continue to set my level of expectations as they always were – thoughtful, engaging and authentic.

    • Anonymous

      On the other hand, far be it from me to prevent a talented writer who has a desire to create, write and inspire further.

  19. Anonymous

    As a longtime, appreciative blogger on your site, I thank you for the inordinate amount of time that you have devoted to it.  This is the only Dodger site I look at and contribute to, and I always enjoy it.  You have nothing to be apologetic about.

  20. Anonymous

    Were others as surprised as I was when Mattingly pinch-hit DeJesus for Loney last night with the bases loaded in the 8th inning?

    • Anonymous

      I was not surprised at all seeing as how Loney had already gone 0 fer 3 with a GIDP. The only question in my mind was who Mattingly would chose. He wanted to keep out of a possible DP so that may have gone into his decision to send up the speedier DeJesus over Van Slyke and Sanders.

    • Anonymous

      Mattingley got what he deserved.  Over Manage, Under Achieve.

      • Anonymous

        If you want to blame the loss on Mattingly’s decision to PH for Loney in the 8th, be my guest. So far he’s managed the Dodgers to the best record in baseball. Following your logic, this means he has made many more correct moves than incorrect. Managers generally make moves based on a combination of numbers (matchups) and gut feel. Some lean more towards the numbers, others more towards gut feel. Either way, some moves work, some don’t. Most times one move does not decide a game. The Dodgers left 10 runners on base – they weren’t all left on base in the 8th inning.

    • Anonymous

      That was actually the third time in the past week that Donnie has used him as a PH in situations were other, seemingly more capable, hitters were available

      • KT

        And how many times did he come through, 1-3?

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, but it would have been even better (1-2), if he hadn’t used him last night.  ;-) 

          He also had a base-clearing double the other night, which I am sure Donnie liked.

  21. Anonymous

    Just saw highlights of the Angels game, where the Mariners were wearing old Seattle Rainiers uniforms (the Rainier brewery owned the team). They were my favorite team until the creation of the Tacoma Giants in 1960 (only on reaching the majors did they become Gnats).

  22. Anonymous

    Bills fiddled around with Altuve on 0-2, rather than go after him, then had to come in to him.

    • Anonymous

      Altuve is an exciting little player.

      • Anonymous

         I agree, but trying to get him to fish on three straight breaking balls was poor strategy.

  23. Anonymous

    Jordan Schafer, Houston’s lead-off man tonight, hadn’t played since Tuesday due to a toe problem. Schafer being back prevented Altuve from leading off with a double as he did last night.

  24. Anonymous

     “San Looey Obispo” LOL

  25. Anonymous

    Houuston’s pitcher’s splits are 246 to lhh, 219 r in BA; 316 l, 279 r in OBP; BB 13 to 5 a big factor, but SLG is 417 to 295 the other way mostly due to 5 HR to rhh only 1 to lhh. Loney is 5 for 11 against him

  26. Anonymous

    This is still my entry Dodger sites, and also my favorite.
    The Dodgers have had so many breaks this year that I expect the Astros may sweep them. We will still be in good shape—- GO Dodgers!

  27. KT

    Now we need a DP

  28. KT

    Nice Catch Dre

  29. Anonymous

    Good show Dre!

  30. Anonymous

    That could have been far worse.

  31. Christopher Staaf

    Wow, Dre just saved Bills. 

  32. KT

    Nice hit James
    Come on AJ

  33. KT

    Vin is bound and determined to give us that 3rd loss

  34. Anonymous

    So far, like last night, making the least of their opportunities.

  35. KT

    Nice play James

  36. Anonymous

    Billigsley’s WHIP for May was 2.20 in his first 4 starts. This is his fifth

    • foul tip

       Ugh.  Won’t be going down tonight, either.  4IP, 5 hits, 3 BB so far.  And 7 Ks.  Maddening.

      With his stuff, if  he’d just throw strikes he’d probably do far better, and far more consistently.

      Easier said than done for him, I guess.

  37. Anonymous

    Jon, about that double-our-money-back guarantee…  :-)

  38. Anonymous

    AJ earning his keep behind the plate tonight.

  39. Anonymous

    Dueces wild!

  40. Anonymous

    Some painful pitching going on here on both sides.

  41. KT


    • Anonymous

      Certainly don’t want to put the tying run on, but really need to think twice about pitching to Dre with Kennedy on deck.

      • KT

        We will take that mistake anytime they give it to us

  42. Anonymous

    Terrific AB by Ethier.

  43. Anonymous

    Bills has not been good, but he’s better than Lincecum. And even tonight’s line compares favorably with Zack Greinke’s in Phoenix.

  44. Anonymous

    when did billz turn into a 5th starter?  it’s depressing seeing how he’s evolved from a few years back.

  45. bcmaiden

    I really, really hate Donnie batting Kennedy/Hairston 5th rather than Loney. James has a much better chance of driving in runs. Also, James has been hitting well, especially with RISP. 

    • .I don’t want a .694 OPS hitter hitting 5th. ever. Hariston’s OPS this year is .865 and that works better for me.

      • Anonymous

        not fair to quote Loney’s stats when he is so bad vs LHP. I think you should assume the comment meant against RHP. Now, if you agree, I would truly be interested in your opinion.

      • bcmaiden

        That was before the DL trip and Kennedy is awful. A base hit to drive in a run or two is what we need until Kemp returns. 

      • But Kennedy? I got nothing for ya!

  46. KT

    Nice hit James
    Come on AJ

  47. KT

    Nice catch by Martinez

  48. Anonymous

    Wow, hate to see a play against the Blue, but that was a heck of a play after a classic AJ at bat. 

  49. Anonymous

    Tremendous catch. :-(

  50. Anonymous

    Terrific catch by Martinez.

  51. KT

    wow it’s only the bottom of the 4th…thought it was much later because my son is getting tired

  52. Anonymous

    That’s it, Dee!

  53. Anonymous

    Well, Dee knows the zone better than the ump. 

  54. Anonymous

    Pinch hit?

  55. Anonymous

    A squeeze with Loney? 

  56. KT

    Come on Tony

  57. Anonymous

    The target was low and away, and Bills swung and missed at a pitch up and in.

  58. KT


  59. Anonymous


  60. Anonymous

    lets hold that lead boys!

  61. Anonymous

    Listen, not for nothing, but is this the slowest game of the season? Jimminy Crickets, boys.

  62. Anonymous

    BTW Jon, no need to apologise. It’s like us, some days we have time to be here, other days we cannot as life can be very busy.
    There are other things in life other than the Dodgers (but at the moment I can’t seem to think what they are!!)

  63. Anonymous

    Norris has made Bills look like a model of efficiency on the mound. Hard to believe that Mills doesn’t even have anybody up in the pen.

  64. KT

    Good at bat by bobby

  65. Anonymous

    Mills is sending Norris back out? Anyone know if the Astros have a blog like this? They must be going bonkers!

    • Anonymous

      he threw a 43 pitch inning on the anniversary of 
      1900 – At West Side Park, the Chicago Orphans defeat the Brooklyn Superbas, 1 – 0, in just 95 minutes. Nixey Callahan is the winning pitcher and Frank Kitson the loser

      • Anonymous

        123 is his ML high in pitches in a game.

    • Anonymous

      They seem more or less supportive of Norris.  (Crawfish Boxes)

      • Anonymous

        Funny. Can’t believe they’re not screaming at Mills.

        • Anonymous

          Screamed more about Mills’ double switch than anything else.

  66. Anonymous

    Why, why ,why bat De Jesus (I hit an RBI once (or twice)) It doesn’t make me a great batter

    • Christopher Staaf

      Yeah, I agree. I think I would have let Chad hit for himself. Even at 99 pitches, he was really on it the last two innings. 

      • Anonymous

        Shoot, Bills was just hitting his stride there – he could have gone another 2 innings, easy.

        • Christopher Staaf

          I dunno about 2 innings but definitely good for one more. Sure, De Jesus is a better hitter than a pitcher but with two outs in the bottom 5th, I dunno if I use De Jesus then, especially since he could be used as a defensive replacement later in the game. If I use anyone in that spot, I use Van Slyke. 

          • Anonymous

            Don’t agree. Hold Van Slyke till you need  a long ball

      • Anonymous

        I thought he pitched well since he had a mound visit in the 2nd inning. It had to be atough decision but IDJ had a better chance to get us a 2 run lead than Billingsley

      • Anonymous

         I’m not so sure, and Elbert did well.

  67. KT

    right in the funny bone

    • Anonymous

      Thought it got him in the tenders (this is an euphemism for a medical term, not a swear word).

  68. Anonymous

    Ump going after Scotty for that one.

    • Anonymous

      Elbert shoulda thrown his glove down and put him in a Nolan Ryan noogie.

  69. Anonymous

    From AAA: Castellanos is finally off the DL. Hadn’t played in 4 weeks. played 2nd, Miles moved to 3rd. Castellanos 2 doubles in 4 AB’s BA now 373
    Ely with 4th good game in a row after 1 bad 2 good 3 bad.

  70. KT

    Good inning by Elbert 

    • Christopher Staaf

      Still don’t trust him but definitely a good showing tonight. 

  71. Anonymous

    Very nice inning by Elbert.

  72. Anonymous

    So, let’s get into this, if you don’t mind… Kemp and Rivera are due back soon. Sands and Van Slyke go back down, right? When Uribe (sadly) comes back, De Jesus goes down, right? I’m liking Herrera a ton and think he deserves to stay up. 

    • Anonymous

      I believe that Elian is our 2nd baseman now, so yes.

      • Anonymous

        Until he proves he can’t handle it, I’d have to think that’s the case. You certainly don’t want Kennedy or Uribe there.

  73. Anonymous

    So Belli getting the call instead of Josh?  Both threw 23 pitches yesterday.

  74. KT

    Soooo Close

    • Christopher Staaf

      Dodger Stadium + night time + center field = long outs lol

  75. Anonymous

    With one game left in the season, there is a 3-way tie in the Pac-12 baseball standings among Oregon, UCLA, and Arizona.

    Oregon is at Oregon State. UCLA hosts USC. Arizona hosts Arizona State.

    There is no tiebreaker used to declare a champion, just the automatic qualifier for the NCAA tournament, which all three teams will make.

  76. Deep thoughts:

    Good to see Jim Loney show up for this one, had a good day. Still need to platoon him though.Bills settled down a ton after another real shaky start. It was a borderline call to PH for him or not, but he does tend to struggle in the 6th so might as well call it at 100. Liked to see him fight back though. 
    Herrera continues to impress me with his at bats. Really a pleasant surprise. 
    Kennedy continues to be an unpleasant unsurprise. 
    Norris was really lucky to only give up 3, he was bailed out by some great D from Martinez, and some other hard hit balls. Astros could’ve scored more real early in the game, too.
    This 1 run lead has made me nervous for a few innings now. 
    And now let’s get back to this one.

  77. Anonymous

    Hard luck there

  78. Anonymous

    What happened to the strike zone? 

    • Christopher Staaf

      I like to think Laz Diaz knew he missed a few pitches, which is why he didn’t throw Donnie out of the game when Donnie said something from the dugout. 

  79. Anonymous

    Terrible break, but it’s Beli’s fault for walking two weak hitters. Nightmare inning.

  80. KT

    Whose idea was it to bring in Kenley…He’s terrible with runners on…He has to start off a inning fresh

    • Anonymous

      would you have left Belisario in? I would have brought Jansen in after the first walk.

      • KT

        no but not kenley

        • Anonymous

          lindblom or coffey were available. lindblom threw 23 pitches last night I have no idea if that’s a problem .excuse me wright as well. he threw 42 pitches on Wed.

  81. Anonymous

    Okay, please don’t make me go to bed mad…

  82. Anonymous

    Dear Dee, the bunt is not surprising anyone anymore. Love, the rest of baseball.

  83. Anonymous

    Man, that was close.

  84. Anonymous

    Can they pinch run for the dude just coming off the DL for a hamstring injury? 

  85. Anonymous

    This is where you miss having a hitter like Kemp in that 3 hole.

  86. Anonymous

    Hey. What are those people doing with an infant behind home plate. That’s ridiculous.

  87. Christopher Staaf

    I am calling it. Dre is gonna win it in the 9th. 

  88. Anonymous

    Donnie should pinch hit De Jesus, just to throw the Astros off.

  89. Anonymous

    No need for extra innings. This is already goin’ on 4 hrs.

    • Christopher Staaf

      Yeah, it’s like a Yankees-Red Sox game on ESPN with Joe West behind the plate. 

  90. Anonymous

    Send those doggies home, Dre.

  91. Anonymous

    What? SVS bunting? I don’t get that at all… Thoughts?

    • Christopher Staaf

      Yeah, if that was the case, I would have used De Jesus…oops never mind lol 

    • Anonymous

      all we need is one run 

  92. KT


  93. Anonymous

    No KIDDING!!!!!!

  94. Anonymous

    Love it!

  95. Just as good as a walk-off walk!

  96. Christopher Staaf

    Now starting at catcher for the National League, AJ Ellis!

  97. Anonymous

    That was awesome.

  98. Anonymous

    The bunt set it all up!

  99. KT

    1st career walk off HR

  100. Anonymous

    You know what set it up? Chemistry.

    • Anonymous

      That’s not what Clemeos would say but cotton balls and a beer can say differently.

  101. KT

    Aaron Harang the practical joker

  102. Anonymous

    Harang with the super-soaker made up for the weak pie in the face.

  103. AJ! Dude looks like Corbin Bernsen. I think we all can agree that AJ is a much better defensive player than Roger Dorn ever was.

    • Anonymous

       I think we all can agree that AJ is a much better defensive player than Corbin Bernsen ever was.

  104. Anonymous

    Before tonight, in this season, Jansen had blown 2 saves and in each got the win; now 3 BS-W

    • Anonymous

      He is not yet matched the mph of last year.

      • Anonymous

        your saying he is not as fast, could it be because he is throwing only cutters? did he throw fast balls last year?

        • Anonymous

          I merely stated an observation.  If someone were untouchable last year why do you think they would change and why would they not change back after losing some effectiveness with that change?

    • Anonymous

      Phil Regan?

  105. KT

    Matt just tweeted that he was happy for the dodgers but sorry he wasn’t there to beat up AJ Ellis

    • Christopher Staaf

      Matty does like to tackle guys after game winning hits, doesn’t he? lol

  106. bcmaiden

    AJE what a story! God Bless Him!

  107. Anonymous

    Ha! That homer gave me just enough time to switch over to AMC to catch George C. Scotts’ openning monologue on “Patton”. Freakin’ love that speech.

  108. KT

    Night all

  109. Tycho

    Two words of advice Jon, “guest bloggers.”  

    In the interim when life hits the proverbial road you should tap a few trusted writers to post a blog or two, or have a guest blogger for a week.  And it doesn’t even have to be baseball, just interesting takes on entertainment and sports.  Wishing you well.  

  110. Haven’t read the above comments yet, but for me, at least, the notion that the site has been of no use couldn’t be further from the truth. I always read and look forward to every post, even when I’m not commenting, even when the posts come infrequently.

  111. Anonymous

    Speculation that Eovaldi is coming up to pitch wednesday for Lilly who I guess is going on the DL.  Anybody heard anything?

  112. Anonymous

    Saw that too. Pulled from his start yesterday and threw one inning in relief.

  113. Anonymous

    Jon, best wishes with whatever decision you come to. Just know the folks here respect and appreciate your work. The road to perfection is long and difficult and you’ve traveled too much of it to settle for less.

  114. Anonymous

    Its alright Jon we all have more important things to do like raise a family. No one is going to critize you for not haveing enough time to take care of the site. Just do it when you can.

  115. Anonymous

    Long article by (and about) Bob Ojeda and his arm in this morning’s NYT. Not as funny as the one about Roger Clemens at, though.

  116. Jon…there is absolutely no need to apologize. Everyone understands that this is a labor of love and not your primary occupation. I greatly appreciate this site, not only for your intelligent Dodger commentary, but also for the general high quality of the commenters. I generally learn something here. A couple of thoughts:

    1. Billingsley. A rough ride, but he hung in there. I have never thought his issue was “toughness” or “heart”. Rather, I believe his issue is a combination of the diminishing quality of his stuff, combined with a lack of control, whether inside or outside the zone. He is what he is: a guy who will give you an occasional great outing against a team that can’t punish fastballs down the middle, but is generally on the cusp between average and mediocre.
    2. Loney. In my opinion, Mattingly is using him correctly. He should never get an at bat against a lefty. Period. Pinch hitting for him against any and all lefties in close-game situations is always the right call.

    • Anonymous

      I think you go too far with the Loney comment with which I generally agree. Loney is 3 for 6 with a double and a walk against Happ the Houston starter today a lefty. If Loney were 10 for 20 I’d said he should start but even 3 for 6 makes me think about it not dismiss it out of hand.

      • With regard to Loney’s success against Happ….well, if he starts against Happ today, I hope he continues to do well. But 3 for 6 just indicates to me that even a blind rat finds cheese sometimes.

  117. Anonymous

    I have noticed some people here don’t read at thus they might have missed that the ump who called hairston out when Helton was far off the bag apologized. There’s a funny line in the story:

  118. Anonymous

    The ump who called Hairston out when Helton was 5 feet off the bag apologized. If you haven’t read this at, there’s a funny line in the story

  119. foul tip

    In pregame comments yesterday I said Billingsley was due to regress toward the mean.  His history v. the Astros had been atrocious; his numbers v. them were awful.  It happened.

    I also suggested no regression toward the mean on the point that the Dodgers have not lost on Saturday this season.  That also happened.

    Please be assured I will use this newfound ability to influence individual Dodger performance and game outcomes very judiciously.  ;-])

    I first noticed the possibility of this kind of power over Dodger outcomes a few games back when, along with some others, I dissed Kennedy and Loney’s offense.  Both responded next game with multiple hits (on baseballs, not on me, likely because I’m not in CA).  

  120. Anonymous

    Hunh – other than being awarded Kemp’s MVP trophy last season, I had not heard of any negative press in regards to Ryan Braun. A blurb in the Times this morning : “Ryan Braun’s bizarre two-strike bunt attempt Tuesday came as the reigning  National League most valuable player is getting a reputation as a prima donna. He has complained so much about the odd shadows at Miller Park with the roof open for day games that the Brewers now partially close it, which causes its own problems. The Giants were furious the left side of the infield was bathed in sunshine during a game last week, when a ball third baseman Joaquin Arias didn’t see off the bat almost hit him in the head…”
    Aaawwww – Giants furious? What a shame.

    • Anonymous

       They were not furious. They threw a tantrum.

  121. Anonymous

    just listened to Radio Lab a show on npr. The theme was the origins of things. First segment on Typhoid Mary- very interesting; second on the best info on the history of the HIV virus- also very interesting; third on the High Five- partly good fun plus some moving discussion of Glenn Burke including an interview with his sister.  

  122. Anonymous

    Astros Dodgers
    2B Altuve CF Gwynn (L)
    SS Lowrie (S) 2B Herrera (S)
    LF Martinez 3B Hairston
    1B Lee RF Ethier (L)
    RF Downs 1B Van Slyke
    CF Maxwell LF Sands
    3B Johnson C Treanor
    C Snyder SS Gordon (L)
    P Happ (L) P Capuano (L)

  123. KT

    Tony just gave him an extra base…He had no chance for that ball

    • Anonymous

       I think it would have been a triple either way.

      • KT

        you don’t think he could have cut it off

        • Anonymous

          Just tuned in, so didn’t see, or else I would be sure to have an opinion as well. ;-)

          • KT

            Here I’ll rewind it for you ^_^

          • Anonymous

   doesn’t think its a highlight, but are showing the groundout to Dee. (highlighted as Lawrie’s groundout rbi).

        • Anonymous


  124. KT

    Nice play Dee

  125. KT

    Nice start Elian

  126. KT

    Jerry got hit in the head by Lee

    • KT

      MMA match or old style wrestling…cold cocked to the jaw

  127. Anonymous

    Oh, no! (Phew)

  128. KT

    That ball was low ump

  129. KT

    Mark ellis is on the bench for those of you without TV feed

  130. KT

    Good Inning Chris

  131. KT

    Matty…Regular as clockwork even though it’s only once every 5 days

  132. KT

    Nice hit Dee

    Come on Chris move them over

    • KT

      Wow that’s amazing…Chris is usually an excellent bunter

  133. KT

    There it is Tony…0-2 base hit with runner in scoring position goes up from .477

  134. KT

    Nice double steal…drive them in Elian

  135. KT

    This ump has a high strike zone

  136. Anonymous

    Beauregard Mattingly’s a bit of a riverboat gambler.

  137. KT

    Nice hit Jerry

    • KT

      too bad they left you standing on 2nd base

  138. KT

    Dre looks pathetic against Happ

  139. Anonymous

    Sands 8 K in 20 PA

    • Christopher Staaf

      I hope Sandman enjoys LA for the next two more days because he’s on the first flight to ABQ on Tuesday. 

  140. bcmaiden

    So, if Sands & Van Slyke can’t hit LH, are they still prospects? I don’t want to hear about SSS either. They both look bad. And, when are the Dodgers going to draft hitters?

    • KT

      not as long as white is head of drafting

      • Anonymous

        Wasn’t he the head of scouting when they drafted Matt Kemp?

        • KT

          Of course but with White young pitching (usually HS) always comes 1st, then in later rounds he goes for the best available

          • Tycho

            White is a Kasten type guy. Grow arms, buy bats.  

  141. Anonymous

    Treanor AJ’s it!

  142. KT

    Matty!!!! Again while the other matt is on the DL I get to type it

  143. bcmaiden

    It’s the year of the catcher Donnie. Please bat them both in the middle of the lineup. 

  144. Anonymous

    Assist: Maxwell

  145. KT

    Again in the air Chris

  146. KT

    I think I would rather have Dre strike out in that situation

  147. Anonymous

    There’s a “D” in Capuano somewhere.

  148. Anonymous

    In his style, Capuano is reminding me a bit of Tommy John.

  149. bcmaiden

    Watching on Gameday here. Did Donnie just call for a Dee bunt in front of the pitcher?

  150. KT

    Beautiful pitch by Capuano for strike 3

  151. KT

    middle of the lineup 0-9

  152. KT

    Nice Dre…still 0-4

    • Christopher Staaf

      Man, that ball was smoked. Johnson didn’t even touch it! 

      • KT

        right off his glove in between his legs…if not touched it would have made it a lot quicker to the LF’er

        • Christopher Staaf

          It looked like Johnson didn’t even touch it but valid point. 

          • KT

            I went back and slowed it down…yes you were right the ball was smoked, the replay was blurred a big but you could see the caroom off the glove

          • Christopher Staaf

            I am so glad I am not a big league 3B lol 

        • Anonymous

           It was a very makeable play.

  153. KT

    good walk Loney

  154. KT

    Good Eye Bobby

  155. Anonymous

    Abreu ‘s patience is remarkable.

    • KT

      love the fact that we have him to “teach” our youngsters

  156. Anonymous

    the lhp hadn’t pitched in ML since 3 games last Sept when he was smacked around, his #’s at AAA this year look good but I’d like to know what the Houston fans are saying

    • Anonymous

      They seem to like him over at Crawfish Boxes.

  157. I’m at the game. After the third pitching change last inning, I turned to my beighbors and said, “It’s the last time we’re going to see the Astros in Dodger Stadium… And we’re seeing all of them.”

  158. Anonymous

    I’m sure you will all be glad to know our low A team scored 3 in the bottom of the 8th to win 6-4. There opponents had second and third with one out in the 9th but no runs.

  159. KT

    Good to see Josh have an easy inning

  160. Christopher Staaf

    That is some clinic baseball by the Boys in Blue. 

  161. Anonymous

    I really hoping to see Wright in the bottom, now

  162. KT

    Nice hit Tony
    Good eye Elian

  163. KT

    Good Job Jerry!!

  164. Capuano making a run for comeback player of the year…Impressive..Most impressive..

    • KT

      I’ll vote that ticket

    • Anonymous

      Capuano wasn’t that bad last year to win it this year; Broxton is a better story right off the top of my head
      Obviously, he’s pitching at ace level

  165. KT

    Almost a knockout punch with that foul ball off Dre’s bat

  166. KT

    Good game by 2 of the 3 outfielders
    Another series win…Go Blue

  167. Christopher Staaf

    Good win fellas. Have a fun and safe Memorial Day! See you all tomorrow as Harang takes the hill. 

    • KT

      “See” you Chris…Have fun and be safe also

  168. Anonymous

    Someone who is quicker than me, when was our last 5 for 5?

    • Anonymous

      I realized only recently that the search function for this sort of thing on is free to some extent; but, I tried to use it only once in connection with an MLB contest for which I decided it could not help me. So the answer to your question is my first successful use of what they call the play index. It was easy. Matt Kemp 08/02/2010. (I guess you know we do M/D/Y here) 

      • Anonymous

        Many thanks for that Mike, I’ll have to give Baseball reference a go myself next time :)

  169. Jerry was amazing today. But wow, I bet the Padres are sorry they gave up too soon on Gwynn, assuming they’re paying attention. Does anyone recall whom we unloaded on them in exchange for him?

    • KT

      thought he was a free agent

      • Anonymous

        That he was!  And it was best the Padres NOT sign him as I don’t think he would have progressed as a person and player.  I bet it wasn’t easy practicing and playing at a stadium where a statue of your dad sits and a legacy shading you before your career even begins.

        • A very good point. 

          And good grief, my memory is fuzzy; I should’ve remembered he was a FA pickup. (or looked it up somewhere). Thanks! 

          (Yet another reason to love DT: after the game, if you’ve got a smart device, just sit in the car with the windows down and read what everyone said about the game while waiting for the logjam to clear.) 

  170. Anonymous

    Still can’t start my day without Dodger Thoughts. And I’m afraid this is the truth so I will be in deep trouble if you don’t keep it going!

  171. Anonymous

    Today war a “Hair”y day!  I never thought I would be glad to see Jerry Hairston Jr. in Dodger uniform.   I think he’s had more positive contributions than Andruw Jones and Jason Schmidt combined.  Of course that may not be saying much.

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