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June 9 game chat

Dodgers at Mariners, 4:15 p.m.
Kershaw CXXIX: Kershawl of Me
Dee Gordon, SS
Elian Herrera, 3B
Juan Rivera, LF
Andre Ethier, DH
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Tony Gwynn Jr., CF
Alex Castellanos, RF
(Clayton Kershaw, P)


Oh oh oh: Mariners say yes to no-hitting Dodgers


Where Jerry Park meets Clayton Place: Dodgers roll, 8-3


  1. Anonymous

    Just an FYI – for those with DirecTV Giants vs. Rangers being shown on ch 214 – I don’t pay for any extra sports package so just thought I’d throw it out there.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t been paying much attention, but I can’t seem to find the Dodgers game on my DTV baseball package, MLB network, or Espn.. Also not on basic cable. I just assume it is one of the now one or two games per year I don’t get.  So it.s gameday for me, but so far the results seem so good that I’m not complaining—keep going Dodgers.

  2. foul tip

    Report from–Red Sox to DFA Marlon Byrd, fwiw

    • Anonymous

      Just reminds me of 2010 and his play in the ASG.  Had some here wondering why we couldn’t have a guy like him, instead of being saddled by Matty.

  3. Anonymous

    I missed the US’s opening WC qualifying match and the start of the European Cup yesterday, and today’s match between Denmark and Holland.  I did get to see the final 15 minutes between Germany and Portugal, beautiful goal by Germany.  But now I’m going to leave again.  Who new kids could keep you so busy. Hopefully I’ll be back in time for the first pitch.

    • Anonymous

      Looking to catch Spain-Italy, myself, tomorrow.

      • Anonymous

        Me too.  Plus you got England – France on Monday!!!
        But my heart lies with the Irish tomorrow!!!!Should be awesome

  4. Anonymous

    This Vogelsong guy looks perty good – 6 inn., 2 hits, 3 walks, no runs.

    • Anonymous

      He just gave up a splash HR to Moreland

      • Anonymous

        And he has just left the game after 7 2/3 innings.  Quite an afternoon for him.

        • Anonymous

           He’s a career minor leaguer who’ll fizzle out sooner rather than later.

          • Anonymous

            He will be 35 in July so I guess your comment about sooner or later will be correct. He ERA+’ed at 129 last season and is at 148 before today this year As someone who likes and respects you, I wish you could control yourself from making a fool of yourself here at DT just about any time a GIant is mentioned which many times it is you doing the mentioning first.

  5. KT

    Fox had SD as the NY series at the last minute they switch to the LA game…I’m stoked

  6. Christopher Staaf

    We get a hit on the first at bat. This is what makes baseball so great. 

  7. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, the bloody Foxers are showing the Yanks and Mets in the Bay Area. Worse yet, that means I’m stuck with Steiner!

    • Anonymous

      Same here (in DC)

      • KT

        Hey Bob welcome back

        • Anonymous

          Everything good with me.  Walking again after 4 weeks on crutches.

          • Anonymous

             Where you been?

          • Anonymous

            Lago di Como (one of the most beautiful spots in the world) and Switzerland.

          • Anonymous

            Expect to see you rehabbing in Rancho soon :)

          • KT

            good to see your lost your crutch
            Been to Como Lake…I agree very nice
            Used my cane for the 1st 3 days then stored it back in the closet

  8. Anonymous

    Steiner just informed us that Miguel Cairo is catching for the Mariners.

  9. KT

    Who is announcing with collins today…It’s not lyons

  10. Anonymous

    To the HR not the question

  11. KT


  12. Anonymous

    yeah Jerry!

  13. Christopher Staaf

    First homer in a week? Oh man.

    Big knock, Jerry! Big knock baby!

  14. Anonymous

    Steiner actually called that one without screwing it up.

    • KT

      That’s a rareity

    • Anonymous

      Seemed like he wanted to call it a dinger with the crack of the bat, but then started doubting his own enthusiasm.

      • KT

        I also wanted to but held my type…just in case

  15. KT

    34 through 1…high pitch count for Vargas

  16. Christopher Staaf

    I see most people here are forced to suffer through Steiner like me. I don’t get it. If we pay good money for, why in the world do we have blackouts??? Ugh. Then again, Lyons isn’t that much better but at least I can see the action with the mute button. Oh well. As long as the Dodgers today…. 

    • Anonymous

      Well, Lyons isn’t in the booth.  Although Collins is.  I don’t get that – Lyons is already there, so why fly in Karros?  What’s the point of that?

      • Christopher Staaf

        Doesn’t matter. I paid good money for Good thing is this only happens a couple of times a year so it’s not something to make a row about…except the Dodgers radio broadcast team isn’t the greatest. 

        • Anonymous

          To say the radio team isn’t the greatest is pretty mild criticism, but we do have to refrain from Rule No. 1 violations.

    • Anonymous

      I feel the same. I have no desire to watch the Yanks and Mets, and not much more to listen to Steiner. And the MLBTV broadcasts give you silence between innings, which the radio broadcasts don’t.

  17. Anonymous

    That’s a bad play by Dee.  Don’t throw that ball.  What for?

  18. KT

    he was out by replay

  19. KT

    I think Dre would have had that one

  20. Anonymous

    Not to be picky but I’m watching the game via Verizon FIOS and this “HD” broadcast looks terrible.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like someone heard me because the transmission looks much better now.  You can actually read the advertisement for the Mariners-Giants series.  Thank you

    • KT

      It’s actually being sent across as 720p not 1080i…I tried to adjust my Directv receiver to see if it was on the wrong resolution

      • Anonymous

        I see now.  I will assume my receiver was adjusted automatically.  Thanks KT

  21. Anonymous

    Big K’s by the Kid.

  22. Anonymous

    Way to work out of it Kid – K.

  23. Anonymous

    Kid’s throwing gas, touched 97.

  24. KT

    Since the Kings game is getting ready to start I zoomed my picture to cut off the score ticker

  25. KT

    two flaired singles this inning off the flame thrower and Castellanos is going for the fences

  26. Anonymous

    Dee doubled up!?  Well, they say his brother is better, so there is that.

  27. KT

    Matt Kemp gave away the info that he recruited Dre to be in the HR Derby….I think this is a bad idea….not only will dre not hit enough hr’s but he’ll ruin his swing that is already in trouble the last few games

  28. Anonymous

    Bad throw by Miguel “Cairo”.

    • KT

      no good throw the second baseman pulled his glove up and the ball skipped into centerfield

  29. Anonymous


  30. KT

    Jerry!! missed a HR by 5 ft at most

  31. Anonymous

    Looks like Hairston could be having a career year.

  32. KT

    Good Job James!!

  33. Christopher Staaf

    At this rate, our Saturday streak will live for another week. 

  34. KT

    Beautiful pitch by Clayton

  35. Anonymous

    What’s more rare than a no-hitter? How about striking out 20 or 21 batters in a game?!

    • Christopher Staaf

      7 through 3 innings is impressive. 

  36. bcmaiden

    Donnie getting greedy with trying to have Loney, the snail, steal? SMH on that call. Great to see Hairston heating up because Eman is ice cold in June.

  37. bcmaiden

    Also nice to see Kid K bring back the curve. He’s been in love with his slider this year. Shut these motha’s out for payback. 

  38. KT

    Millwood just confirmed my suspisions about hurting himself the inning before…then trying himself out with the warmup in the 7th

    Pulled it in the second to last pitch against Gywnn

  39. Anonymous

    Went back to Jon’s April 16th guessing game where he asked when Uribe and Loney would pass Kemp’s totals of 6 HRs and 16 RBIs.
    With Loney’s RBI today he is at 19, with 2 homers. I guess I missed him passing the RBI total.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking about that same post.  I had Loney hitting 6 HR sometime in June.  I can’t remember the date so I’ll assume it has passed.

      I had Uribe doing it in August in a Cleveland Indians uniform.  So there is still hope for that one.

  40. bcmaiden

    Castle is very unimpressive offensively and defensively. I don’t think the minors can correct all his flaws. 

    • Anonymous

      from Jason Stark yesterday:”One scout’s nomination for the young Dodger he’d be most interested in trading for: Alex Castellanos” 

      • bcmaiden

        I, actually, saw that. So, Ned can phone that team and trade him for a LOOGY. I seriously doubt the Cards would trade a primo prospect for the corpse of Furcal. I know he is having a great year and was good during the playoffs, but it can’t last. 

  41. Anonymous

    On GameDay those last 3 pitches to Seager looked like strikes.

  42. Anonymous


  43. KT

    There goes Kershaw again…giving up the longball

  44. Anonymous

    Olivo should never even make contact off Kershaw, let alone homer.

  45. bcmaiden

    Fuk, I hate interleague play. Mariners suck but the Dodgers just have an awful time vs. any AL team. Kershaw is just not the same pitcher as last year. 

    • Anonymous

       Please note Rule No. 1 and edit your comment.

  46. bcmaiden

    80 pitches 4 innings

  47. bcmaiden

    Rivera killing with the popups. Not happy. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      I am gonna guess Rivera ain’t playing tomorrow. Abreu will DH tomorrow and Castellanos playing LF. 

  48. bcmaiden

    I call Andre Fire and Ice. He is a streaky hitter either on fire or ice cold and looking bad. 

  49. bcmaiden

    Just what the doctor ordered, quick inning for Kersh.

  50. Christopher Staaf

    Thank you Montero for being a dummy lol

    • bcmaiden

      Kersh is one of the best at that pick off. 

      • Christopher Staaf

        It is a great move, no doubt, but Montero fell asleep lol

  51. Anonymous

    It’s almost beyond belief that Dee could have two GIDPs in the course of a season, let alone in the same game.

  52. bcmaiden

    OMG, Dee should just try to bunt intstead of hitting. It’s bad when the fastest kid in baseball hits into DP’s. 

    • Christopher Staaf

      I like to think Dee will likely not ground into two DPs in a game for the rest of the season. 

      He does have a big swing for a little guy. I would absolutely love it if Dee learned how to do the drag bunt toward the first base line like Ichiro and learn the slash bunt over the 3B’s head like Furcal. 

      • bcmaiden

        That would be awesome. If he could do it , then he would warrant the lead off spot. Right now he handicaps the lineup there. 

  53. Anonymous

    No TV and tired of Steiner, so I decided to listen to Jaime Jarrín – ¡ y se ponchó! ¡Se termina la séptima entrada!

  54. Anonymous

    I’ve lost track a bit.  But other than Jerry Jr. we haven’t done much with the lumber.  Or have we?

  55. KT

    Nice Jerry!!

  56. Rivera is now 3-for-20 since returning with no EBH and 1 RBI.

    • bcmaiden

      The Real Juan Rivera, not ever to be confused with the Real Matt Kemp. 

  57. Anonymous

    Dos dobletes y un cuadrangular, ¡cinco carreras impulsadas!

  58. bcmaiden

    Yes, Jerry 5 Mariners 3.

  59. Anonymous

    Just tuned in, seeing Jerry is doing OK ;)

    • Anonymous

      Also Clayton with  12 strikeouts I notice

  60. bcmaiden

    Why doesn’t this software auto-refresh?

    • Anonymous

       That’s a good question. It also seems very slow, at least this evening.

  61. Anonymous

    That 6th run may prove to be the difference.

    • Christopher Staaf

      I have faith in KJ, especially with a few days to rest after going three straight in Philly. 

      • Anonymous

        I was worried about Beli giving up a 2 run HR.

        • Anonymous

           Beli’s given up almost nothing this year.

  62. Anonymous

    Nice catch by that fan.  He had ever right to go for that ball.

    • KT

      oh yea and his kid sitting next to him had Downs

  63. Anonymous

    Great slide by Gwynn!!!!!!

  64. KT

    Excellent slide by Tony

  65. bcmaiden

    I think that’s the 1st time we scored on the contact play. 

  66. KT

    Nice comfortable lead now…good SAC Juan

    • Christopher Staaf

      Yep. Coffey Time!

      I really hope Dre gets out of this funk soon. 

  67. KT

    Ethier still struggling…waiting for that home cooking

  68. Anonymous

    any rumors on Dre’s health

    • bcmaiden

      He’s not hurt. He’s the poster boy for streak hitters. He’s fire and ice and in his ice streak. Are we coffee proof now?

  69. KT


  70. Anonymous

    Nice to see KJ get another day’s rest after several tiring days.

    • KT

      I more would be ideal so he’s fresh for the home series

  71. KT

    Great game by Jerry

  72. Anonymous

    There were some suggestions here between Wednesday and Friday that Hairston should play 3rd.
    I need to introduce my reply. Lately I have been very busy. Last week I cut down my Dodger reading to here and; this week after Tuesday I cut out DT, catching up on Friday.  Last week, it was reported either here, possibly in a link, or at that Hairston had told the Dodgers he wasn’t comfortable at 3rd. You will notice the last game he started at 3rd was May 29th, on May 30th he came in a game to play 3rd in the 9th inning. I can’t tell you exactly where or when I read this report but I did read it and, of course,it fits the facts.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but doesn’t fit the fact that he has been outstanding at third!

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