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Giants	430 010 00x 000 200 00x 002 010 00x–13 31 0

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It’s the first time one team has thrown three consecutive shutouts against the Dodgers since 1937.


From bad to worse: Ethier injures left oblique muscle


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  1. Fire Mickey Hatcher!

    (for good luck. worked for Angels!)

    • Anonymous

       How about …. “Hire Mickey Hatcher” ……
      Hey, it worked in 1988 !!!

      • They did hire Mickey Hatcher, this past week. Now a special assistant to the GM.  So he can properly be sacrificed as a good luck ritual.

  2. This really is depressing, if historic, though: 
    DKnobler ‏@DKnobler:  Turns out it’s the first time Dodgers have been shut out in a three-game series since 1937 against the Boston Braves.

  3. Anonymous

    Thank goodness for Dodger Thoughts. I’d hate to be going through this alone.

  4. Anonymous

    So now we get a team coming in that scored 17 runs TODAY ?
    The Dodgers will be lucky to score 17 in the next two weeks.

  5. Anonymous

    I shudder to think was tomorrow night’s NPUT will bring.

  6. Anonymous

    If the Mets have any struggling pitchers, they should get them ready to pitch – the Dodgers can set them straight.

  7. Anonymous

    I’m going to make a call right now on what I think this management will do to try and help things improve with this club.
    It’s a time-tested treatment modality…. (used often in medicine, for example).
    Rx:  Tincture of time.
    This is usually undertaken when……
    1. The problem will most probably solve itself given time…
     – or –
    2. Given the prevailing circumstances, there is no other available treatment option.
    Say… which one do you think fits the Dodgers’ situation best?….

  8. Anonymous

    Has Hatcher coached the team yet?

  9. Anonymous

    The 1968 Cubs have a bottle of champagne they open anytime some team that has been shut out three straight times fails to get shut out a fourth time to match their record (along with a few others, including the Astros twice, once in a four-game series in 1966 at Dodger Stadium).

    The 68 Cubs actually weren’t that bad. They went 84-78. Catcher Randy Hundley caught 160 games that year.

    That team also featured Old Friends Lou Johnson, Dick Nen, Ted Savage, Jim Hickman, Phil Regan, and Pete Mikkelsen.

  10. Anonymous

    Anyway, win some lose some. 

  11. At this point, I don’t see much that can be done other than to ride it out. The Dodgers don’t have the level of prospect that can bring a true game changer. They do perhaps have the ability to get an upgrade here and there, but the apparent loss of Ethier limits the effect of a Chase Headley, an Encarnacion, etc.. And…there’s no cavalry coming from the minors, either. Ride it out, and hopefully, when Matt Kemp comes back, we’ll be no more than 4 games out and still in the thick of the wild card. The pitching must remain tenacious

  12. Anonymous

    In the NBA, a team can amnesty players.  What’s the analogous term in baseball?  Because that’s what I’d like to do with Uribe.  In every at bat, he looks overmatched that the plate

  13. Anonymous

    Is this the first time a first place team has been shut out three straight games?

    • Anonymous

      The Phillies were shut out three straight games by the Mets in 2010. 

  14. Anonymous

    Looks like the last time a team was shut out four straight times was actually in 1992. The Cubs were the victims that time.

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