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Lineup of the Gods chat

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 7:10 p.m.
Elian Herrera, CF
Luis Cruz, SS
Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
James Loney, 1B
Adam Kennedy, 2B
A.J. Ellis, C
Scott Van Slyke, RF
Juan Uribe, 3B
Chad Billingsley, P

From the Dodger press notes:

Los Angeles Dodgers All-Time Strikeout Leaders

1. Don Sutton 2,696
2. Don Drysdale 2,283
3. Sandy Koufax 2,214
4. Fernando Valenzuela 1,759
5. Orel Hershiser 1,456
6. Ramon Martinez 1,314
7. Bob Welch 1,292
8. Hideo Nomo 1,200
9. Chan Ho Park 1,177
10. Claude Osteen 1,162
11. Burt Hooton 1,042
12. Chad Billingsley 998


The trauma of potential


The end of the line for Juan Uribe … or not?


  1. Jack Dawkins

    LAT’d.   Vin really got sunburned today. 

  2. Anonymous

    Josh Fields is 14/27 in July, by the way.

  3. Anonymous

    Geoff Blum in the lineup for the DBacks gives this game something of a 2006 vibe.

  4. Anonymous

    >> Los Angeles Dodgers All-Time Strikeout Leaders

    I hate it when they ignore the Brooklyn players.  Dazzy struck out 1,918 for the team.

  5. KT

    Good Hit Luis!!

  6. KT


    Nice catch by the fan

  7. KT

    Good start
    Let’s hold them Chad

    • Anonymous

      lets see if we can get runs anywhere else in the 9 innings

      • KT

        We will this is Chase Field

        • Anonymous

          Hope so, we had problems in the late innings yesterday. Here’s hoping ;)

  8. Anonymous

    Chad hasn’t gone more than seven since his first start.  Good time to turn things around a little.

  9. KT


  10. foul tip

    Apparently Hairston likes the 3 spot…or maybe just any spot, as long as he’s in one.  

  11. Anonymous

    I notice Justin Upton is not yet a Dodger.

  12. So far (small sample size of yesterday + one inning today), I am liking how Cruz fields the SS position.  Looks confident out there!

    • KT

      I love his bat

      • as i watched him last night he took some really brutal swings the first two times up i think i remember. but then he crushed one off the left field fence. got everyone’s attention.

  13. KT

    Nice hit AJ
    Come on SVS

  14. Anonymous

    So two more K’s for Bills and he’ll have 1000.

  15. Anonymous

     Well, obviously Chad is not going to catch Burt tonight. But he should by the end of the season.

  16. Anonymous

    Just saw the Hr, my daughter mentioned that Jerry looked particularly serious as he batted. I ried to explain ‘game-face’ to her.

    • KT

      He was still hurting from the foul ball off the leg also, so that might have been a small factor

  17. Anonymous

    I see lots of blue in that crowd.  Somehow I don’t think there will be many others besides me in a few weeks in St. Louis…

    • KT

      I know a few Dodger fans who sometimes make the trip to Busch…Is it still called Busch?

    • Terry Austin

      I’ll be there on 7/26, nxs.

  18. told you he was taking pitches now!

  19. Anonymous

    Uribe would bail out on my wiffle ball.

  20. What alternate universe is Uribe playing in?  Seemed like he had no idea what was going on — like some kind of space-time continuum problem.

    • i think don baseball told him they weren’t throwing him strikes and maybe he should take a few. and like in chatrooms he took em a little too seriously.

    • Anonymous

    • foul tip

       Or maybe a black hole?

      • Anonymous

        not just light and matter – abstract things like .obp and money, too

  21. foul tip

    Juan Uribe, spectator.  Gameday says 3 called strikes.  Bat not off his shoulder.  Splendid.

    • Anonymous

       At least the mendoza line gets Ned’s attention.  I hope.  That’s about what it takes.

    • KT

      oh yea it was terrible…obvious strikes

  22. KT

    Not good for the catcher to argue with the HP ump

  23. Anonymous


  24. Now the Masher C Bills is up! i think he’s going deep on this guy.

  25. Anonymous

    Billingsley’s batting average is tied for fourth highest in the starting lineup.

  26. KT

    Everyone Tweeting about after the break the strong possibility of Uribe being DFA’d

    • maybe he heard and that was why he was so distracted that last ab. 

      • Anonymous

        As much as I feel he deserves the DFA, right after we lose our starting shortstop for six weeks seems like the wrong time to do it.

        • foul tip

           Maybe not if Josh Fields is an acceptable alternative?

        • got two guys who can play shortstop. and i really don’t think uribe standing where a shortstop stands equals him being able to play shortstop. he’s gotten so so stiff and immobile.

          • Anonymous

            I disagree.  Uribe has actually been excellent in the field throughout his Dodger tenure, including now.  Unfortunately, he’s been excellent ONLY in the field.

          • i disagree. having great hand eye coordination but having little range at 3b is very good. no range at ss is no bueno.

  27. KT

    Could have used that one last night…oh well

  28. KT

    Good hit AJ…Again

  29. If Uribe goes 0 for 4 tonight, he’ll be 80 for 400 (.200) in his Dodgers career. Emergence of Luis Cruz could mean it ends there.

    • Anonymous

      I just don’t get what Fields needs to do to get that spot.

      Occasionally rescue armfuls of kittens from flaming pet stores WHILE consistently flirting with 1.000 OPS at the AAA level?

      • maybe the people on the ground know more about the situation than we (you) do? they certainly see the same stats you do.

      • Anonymous

        He can’t play 3rd.

        • Anonymous

           Is that the hitch?  Mediocre-to-bad defense?

          • Anonymous

            He’s also got like .500 BABIP. Chances are he’s just an average hitter even in AAA. I think we are gonna have to wait until Seager is ready.

          • Anonymous

             He’s probably benefited from inflated ABQ stats.

      • Anonymous

        Fields has not been very good at ABQ until very recently.

        • Anonymous

          Seems consistently awesome at the plate, aside from the Japanese trip, since 2010.

          There must be defensive issues or personality issues.

          • Anonymous

            OPSing .739 away from the hitters paradise of Isotopes Park is quite the opposite of “consistently awesome”.

          • Anonymous

             You don’t find his colorado springs line impressive? 

          • Anonymous

            What, you mean way back last year?  When he was playing home games in a park whose elevation is even higher than Denver’s?  You’re kidding, right?

          • Anonymous

            CS’s team slugging is only .417 for the year so far, but, sure, you have a good point.

      • foul tip

         And devising a foolproof entry/exit/parking plan with no delays whatsoever for DS.  Yeah. That might be enough.

        • Anonymous

           I’d be almost as impressed if he could explain who even owns the parking lots as of next spring.

      • Anonymous

         There are already too many kittens in the world.

    • Anonymous

      Both Cruz and Herrera get the bat on the ball far more than Uribe, and both can play multiple positions.

  30. KT

    SVS swing at the Loooooowwww ball

    • of all the people being heckled in the dodger starting lineups apart from uribe svs is the one least likely to get a hit. he really shouldn’t be playing. but the old guys need a rest so what are you going to do.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe try Sands again? Couldn’t be any worse.

        • i agree. but with ethier /kemp coming back it’s moot. i really think svs has proved beyond a showodw of a doubt that  he’s not ready. hope he makes adjustment. sands must be in the Dejesus Memorial Doghouse or his fundamentals are worse.

  31. foul tip

    Has Chad been as sharp/dominant so far as the boxscore makes it appear?  3IP, 1 H, 0 BB, 3 Ks?

    • Mostly. Three hard-hit balls that I can think of.

    • mostly yes. about the same as the last outing though. he was pretty dominant early in that one to. seems unlikely he’ll get through 7 . could happen. would be a good thing.

    • KT

      When he’s missing is usually very close so I would say yes except for the 1st inning where he was hit hard but they were outs

  32. KT

    Good inning Chad

  33. Anonymous

    No idea if he knows or cares, but going into the ASB with an era under 4 might not be the worst thing for Chad’s confidence.

  34. OK Bills is now the second best bunter on the team after C CAP.

  35. KT

    Nice hit Elian

  36. Anonymous

    Ely pitched another quality start tonight at home in ABQ, but he may come away with the loss.

  37. this is about the time things start going bad for c bills. hopefully he can overcome.

  38. Anonymous

    Here we go again.

  39. Anonymous

    ok bring in the pen like right now

  40. KT

    Ok time to get those runs back…Let’s go Blue

  41. Anonymous

    Just having Uribe in the lineup is conceding three or four outs per game.

  42. someone we know isn’t going 7. too bad.

  43. Anonymous

    • Anonymous

      Bills has been lucky if anything that those doubles aren’t flying out of the park.

  44. lucky just one run with those rockets they hit

  45. KT


  46. KT

    Come on guys…this is AZ we can score a lot more

  47. love ellis in the back half of the lineup. two nice games in a row.

  48. Anonymous

    Looks like A.J.’s slump is over.

  49. KT

    Uribe is backing away like he isn’t seeing the ball…maybe he has gloucoma

    • in my humble opinion he’s backing up because he’s been told to take pitches because they aren’t throwing him strikes.

    • Anonymous

      They make something for that…  You’d figure a former Lincecum teammate would have that one covered.

  50. KT

    Come on Tony

  51. Anonymous

    By Uribe standards, that was a good AB.

    • Anonymous

       Relative to his bunt into a double play two months ago, it was a Gibson blast over the wall.

  52. KT

    Nice to see Donnie get Uribe out of the game

  53. foul tip

    Gameday tells me Uribe has a strikeout, flyout, and groundout.  Can he go where no one has gone before and find a new way to make an out? 

    • Anonymous

       Looking AND swinging AND a fielding error might constitute an anti-cycle.

    • Anonymous

      He could probably interfere with the catcher.

      • foul tip

        Wonder if  Bob T. would put CI by Uribe in a category all its own, like the one for pitchers named Ortiz?

  54. Anonymous

    Hernandez was awful last night, but got away with a lot. Maybe tonight he won’t be so lucky.

  55. reduce your swing young elian

    • Anonymous

      “Control” should be the operative word.

  56. KT

    Come on Luis

  57. foul tip

     Well, Uribe didn’t get taken out for defensive purposes.

    Must have been because he was offensive.

  58. KT

    too close not to swing but I thought it was a ball

  59. In James’ defense he struck out the last two times on two wicked pitches.

    and further in his defense you heard it here first: Loney will hit 276/345/445 or better the second half of this year. this is not a troll. mark it down people.

    • foul tip

      Love to see him heat up.  Isn’t this about the time he got started last year?  Maybe history will repeat. 

      If he gets going, a new Loney might fill the lineup hole created by the old Loney.

  60. foul tip

     Not looking to pile on Loney, but he seems to make a lot of third outs to end innings.

  61. Anonymous

    Uribe, of course, would never even have reached a full count.

  62. Started playing Monopoly in the first inning. Took seven innings to eliminate Young Master Weisman. Young Miss Weisman and I remain. It’s a suspended game to resume Sunday.

  63. KT

    Rally CAPS

  64. bobby abreu professional hitter. he looked good swinging the bat last night. just can’t play him a lot.

  65. Anonymous

    I love watching Abreu hit.

  66. KT

    Another one got away
    Night all

  67. Anonymous


  68. Anonymous

    One more game until Kemp, our suffering is almost over.

    • Anonymous

       will kemp come back and start raking again?  maybe, but more likely it’s going to take him a few games to get his timing and rhythm.  with this lineup there’s no guarantee he’s gonna get anything good to hit either.

      • Anonymous

        Just the threat of having a legit power hitter in the 3 spot will be amazing after this stretch.

  69. Louis Rasky

    After AS game, think the Dodgers should do the following assuming Either and Kemp come back off dl as expected. Unless we hear otherwise, Dee should be moved to the 60 day DL. If he is out 8 weeks that is 56 games, if it is 6 that would be 42. Assuming he has some rehab days he would be close to 60. With that move  I would bring up Fields, probably send down Herreera, with the understanding that if Fields doesn’t produce soon would bring Herrera back quickly.

    SVS will go back down when Kemp comes off the DL, and obviously when Either comes off assuming no other injuries occur, Uribe is DFA’d.

    • Anonymous

      I think Herrera needs to stay

      • Anonymous

         Herrera’s versatility contrasts dramatically with Uribe’s unidimensionality.

        • Anonymous

          Uribe is 3-dimensional. He definitely has a profile. It’s impossible to miss.

        • Anonymous

          >> Herrera’s versatility contrasts dramatically with Uribe’s unidimensionality.

          Oh come on.  Uribe can play three different positions in the infield.  Unfortunately, none of them is in the batter’s box.

  70. Anonymous

    Young Mr Seager is 4-8 with a BB and 3 runs in his first 2 games.

    • Anonymous

       Any extra-base hits? Defensive observations?

  71. Anonymous

    Gone for 6 weeks to Sierra Leone in west Africa. Hope to see the Dodgers in first place when I come home! And wouldn’t mind getting a overview of what I missed when I get back. Cheers to you all!

  72. Anonymous

    Shane Victorino took himself out of the lineup for the Phillies after pouting over having to bat 7th today.

    Poor Shane….

    • Anonymous

      And the Phillies offficially become sellers at the Break.

  73. Anonymous

    My AllStarGame shopping list. Listen up, Ned !!!
    Cody Ross
    Jed Lowrey
    Kendry Morales

    All can be fitted in for less than We’re paying the Grusome Twosom, Loney and Uribe. Not that we can stop paying them…

  74. Anonymous

    It’s early, but Lincecum has already put the Gnats in a 2-0 hole on a long ball by McCutchen.

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