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Mark Walter: Not an absentee owner

Cubs at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Shane Victorino, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Hanley Ramirez, SS
James Loney, 1B
Luis Cruz, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Chad Billingsley, P

The Dodgers have put a waiver claim in on Cliff Lee, reports Jon Paul Morosi of, though it’s still unlikely that they’ll end up with the Phillies lefty.

That makes this piece by Ramona Shelburne of on Dodger ownership leader Mark Walter that much more timely.

… After missing out on Ryan Dempster at the deadline, the Dodgers’ brass was insistent it wasn’t done dealing. In fact, when I caught up with him on the field Tuesday afternoon, new controlling owner Mark Walter was openly hinting at that idea.

“Do you really ever want to say we did enough?” Walter said. “That’s not an attitude I really want a lot of around here. I guess if the entire All-Star team is on your team, you could feel like you had enough. But I don’t want to think that way. That’s now how you want to look at it. …

… Walter actually has been at the stadium quite a bit, and when he’s there, he’s often down on the field or in the clubhouse before games. He’s not shy, either.

When I joked with him about how much money he had spent in the last few weeks, he laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess I have.”

He described the trade deadline as something of a roller-coaster ride, said he was hanging on every phone call from Kasten or GM Ned Colletti and wasn’t doing much to conceal some disappointment he felt at not being able to do even more.

In other words, Walter’s invested — and not just financially. …

Ted Lilly, meanwhile, has suffered a setback in his rehabilitation, tweets Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A.


Dodgers acquire Phillies pitcher … Joe Blanton


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  1. Sweep. swept, sweep, swept…sweep!

  2. Anonymous

    There are 48 hours to claim a player right? Now is there a predetermined length of time to negotiate a trade?

  3. Anonymous

    There has to be an end to the money at some point.  This is unsustainable.

    I thought we would see more going into the McCourt murdered farm system, but it looks like the front office is playing the cards this year..

  4. Anonymous

    I did not realize until now that one of my mortal enemies is the starting pitcher for the Cubs tonight.

    The obelisk may get a work out.

  5. didn’t think a pitcher like blanton would be available on the waiver wire deal. hmm. still i believe the guggenheims are in it to win. they will take a serious pass at mr. lee. the guggenheims will make that decision not stan or ned.

    • Anonymous

       Actually, the Fillies’ front office will make that decision.

      • and then the guggenheims will

        • Anonymous

          Though I’d like to see Lee in the Dodgers’ rotation, I expect the Fills will withdraw him from waivers.

          • quite possible. if i’m them i definitely keep him. the odd circumstance here is the number of big bad contracts they’ve got themselves into. but if i owned the phillies i’m playing that one out. not so much on the 1bman. 

          • on the other hand if i could get the dodgers to give me something valuable i might do it.

  6. Anonymous

    Colletti must be feeling at home with the new owners with the Blanton addition.

    That is not necessarily a negative comment.

    If Ramirez doesn’t play third, the Dodgers are again without a third baseman.  I liked to concept of a speedy third baseman with power.

    Gordon may now be trade bait.  Perhaps for a third baseman.

    • the future all star shortstop by the name of dee gordon is not trade bait. he will be playing shortstop for the dodgers as soon as he gets back.

      • Anonymous

        Good to know, thank you.

      • Anonymous

        Bet he doesn’t.

      • Anonymous

        To go from a horrible SS to an all star SS would be impressive.

        • he’s far away from being a horrible shortstop. he makes throwing errors and hasn’t hit as well as he hit last september. with the bad batting stats he’s still able to win games for the dodgers. a horrible shortstop couldn’t do anything well. he gets to balls few shortstops do. he steals more bases and puts more pressure on the defense than any shortstop in the league does. you’re definition of horrible is flawed. you might say he’s got a throwing problem. you might say he’s a poor choice as a leadoff hitter. you can say he’s struggled with the bat this season. But horrible he is not.

    • Anonymous

      Since Colletti has Amaro on speed dial, I’m sure the Phils would be happy to part with Placido Polanco, move Rollins to 3b, and groom Dee “The Real Flash” Gordon.

  7. it seems that some stat oriented folks can’t figure out how a pitcher can have a great k/walk rate and serve up a lot of home runs. seems bizarre to them.  is it really that hard to figure out?

    • Blanton’s teammate, Cliff Lee, has had higher SO/BB rates than Blanton with lower HR/IP rates.  I don’t think Blanton’s high HR/IP rate is as easy to explained as you imply.

        • Anonymous

          As explained by Fangraphs (one of those “stat oriented” sites you seem to disdain) he not only throws a lot of strikes, but throws a lot of those strikes right over the middle of the plate.  So a lot get turned around very quickly.  The wisdom of such a strategy depends, I bet, on the patience of the other teams’ hitters.

          • yes it’s very simple. and it even works well for some. it’s something C Bills should take to heart. I think Jon has made the point that c bills may be doing just that.

          • Anonymous

            It may be that Billingsley could be better than he is if he nibbled less and just threw more strikes – more the Blanton approach.  On the other hand, Billingsley is better than Blanton is.  Bills has amassed 14.6 Wins Above Replacement in 6+ seasons and he’s now 27 and has made a total of $11.4M.  Blanton has produced 10 WAR in 8 seasons, and he’s now 31 and has made $23.7M.

            To be fair, Blanton has misse d alot more starts due to injury – roughly a season and a half – so he’s only thrown 240 more innings than Bills.  But still, much better production for the young guy, in a shorter amount of time, and time lost to injury does count after all.

            For the last two years, Billingsley has struggled (only 0.6 WAR combined).  During that same time, Blanton has produced -0.1 WAR.  He is the poster-child for “replacement-level.”  Still, probably better than Stephen Fife or the ghost of Ted Lilly.

    • My first reply was dumb.  Actually, here is a great explanation using statistical observations:

  8. Anonymous

    Questionable call at the plate just cost the Fillies the tying run v. the Snakes. 3-2 in the seventh now.

  9. Anonymous

    Old Friend Lindblom’s first pitch to Kubel in the ninth was an upper-deck shot, now 4-2 Snakes.

  10. Anonymous

    CB Bucknor alert

  11. KT

    Nice catch Matty

  12. KT

    That swing reminded me of Dee

  13. Anonymous

    I thought it was gone when he hit it.

  14. Anonymous

    Another reason for an obelisking: Samardzija is Serbian. I’m 1/4 Croatian.

    Time for some pointless ethnic strife!

  15. Anonymous

    According to MLBTR, the Dodgers remain interested in Soriano, but doesn’t suggest where he might play. Great DH option in the Series, though.

  16. KT

    Good hit Dre
    Come on hanley

  17. Anonymous

    Once again, Mattingly waits for the GIDP.

  18. KT


  19. Anonymous

    Bills looking pretty sharp through four, and the Rocks have knocked out Birdsong though they still trail by three.

  20. Anonymous

    Shocked to see Loney miss that.

  21. KT

    Good hustle Han-Ram!!

  22. That was great. I think we need that kinda of play and attitude. And now Loney won’t be able to hit into a DP..

  23. Maybe it’s contagious!! 

  24. KT

    Good hit BGJ!!
    Come on Luis

  25. KT

    Good job AJ!!

  26. Anonymous

    Looking as far and wide as I could.throughout the Dodger Blogs and news sites it seems that some are upset that the Dodgers were vulnerable to getting beat by descent pitching, while not having the settled good pitching to win where they needed too. But if they lose tonight, it will certainly be because they can not hit. I wish them luck.

  27. Anonymous

    It looked fair to me.

  28. Vin flexing his twit muscle, sounds like somebody keyed him in on this whole twitter thing. Now let’s get AJ trending for him!

  29. KT

    good hit Mark

  30. Anonymous

    welp i guess this is as good a time as any to start reading DT again…
    especially given the number of rings in boxes the dodgers have added this week.
    in boxes.

    ^ did i do that right?

  31. KT

    Good hit Matty!!
    Come on Dre bring them home

  32. Anonymous

    The Anaheimers continue to tank, with a horrendous bullpen.

  33. KT


  34. Han-Rams first good game in front of the home fans!

  35. Anonymous

    Very surprised to see them pitch to Hanley, rather than try to set up the DP.

  36. KT

    Come on Luis

  37. KT

    Has anyone noticed..NO More GBA during 7th inning stretch by FSPT…not sure if it’s going on at the stadium still…They played last time I was there on 7/13

  38. Chad Billingsley since leaving DL: 20 1/3 IP, 15 hits, 3 BB, 13 K, 0.89 ERA

    •  Pretty good for a guy that was declared by at least one commenter, “Worse than a fifth starter.”

  39. KT

    AJ Again!!!!

  40. Anonymous

    A.J. oppo!

  41. “AJ Ellis!! He’s really got something trending”-Vinny

  42. It’s about time Shane.

  43. SteelMohawk

    Vinnie is making this game so enjoyable.  I can’t stop laughing.

  44. Blue-eyed Gal

    welcome to the Twitterverse, Vin. Nerd that I am, I was feeling blue about missing out on a Spock Dodgers jersey — two of my loves in one package! — but I would’ve missed Vin ruling Twitter, so now I don’t mind staying home.

  45. KT

    Good win
    Nice Game AJ, Chad and Hanley

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