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Revolution day game chat

Marlins at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Shane Victorino, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Luis Cruz, 3B
Juan Rivera, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Chad Billingsley, P

With Dodger fans whipped into a frenzy, it somehow seems right that Chad Billingsley is pitching tonight. He’s always good for inspiring a little reaction and over-reaction.

The latest we’re hearing is that in addition to those previously mentioned, Dodger pitching prospect Allen Webster will also be going to Boston. The 22-year-old has 117 strikeouts in 121 1/3 innings this season for Double-A Chattanooga with a 3.55 ERA — including a 2.08 ERA in the season’s second half.

I still haven’t digested Josh Beckett and (currently injured) Carl Crawford coming to Los Angeles. Will get to that later on …

Your new 2012 Dodgers lineup?
Shane Victorino, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Luis Cruz, 3B
Mark Ellis, 2B
A.J. Ellis, C


Why I’m hearing ‘Pedro-Delino’ in ‘Rubby-Adrian’


Billingsley leaves in fourth with injury


  1. Anonymous

    Do the Dodgers send Blanton to the pen if Beckett comes to town? Or do they just wait to see if someone has an injury. I would assume this problem would solve itself.
    But the Dodgers have to make room on the roster for Messrs. Gonzalez, Beckett, and Punto. And Loney is the only one on the 25-man roster to be leaving.

    I suppose Tolleson could take a quick trip to the minors. 
    Does Punto take the place of Herrera?

    • Anonymous

      Herrera isn’t on the 25.  Punto seems a candidate for immediate DFA.  Maybe Blanton too.  

      • Anonymous

        As bad as Beckett has been, he’s better than Blanton. The initials are the same, so that will be a bonus.

        • Anonymous

           Beckett’s a question mark, but a far higher ceiling than Blanton.

    • Option Castellanos, cut Uribe and temporarily option Tolleson. Herrera isn’t on the 25-man right now.

    • Anonymous

      Remember Adam Kennedy is also taking up space. But, Uribe has to finally go, and like you said Tolleson could take a trip to the minors.

  2. DFA Uribe? Keep Rivera as backup 1st baseman/pinch (gotta be in a real pinch) hitter?

  3. Anonymous

    A couple of things about this (still in progress) trade:  Why do we get Punto? We have no use for him and already have a couple of his clones. I don’t think there is much money involved in his case. Is it a case of Boston just wanting to get rid of him, maybe he irritates Valentine. And the obverse: Why wasn’t Uribe included? Screw the money, we will pay his salary, just get him 3000 miles away from us. Boston just has to be paying some of the money, we’re getting two really bloated contracts, yet giving up some pretty good players.Who do we drop from our roster, Loney obviously, but some others have to go too… 

    • Anonymous

      The Red Sox probably wanted maximum financial relief. Uribe is owed more next year than Punto.

      • Anonymous

         Let the Sox pay Punto’s salary while the Dodgers pay Urinnedy’s.

  4. Anonymous

    Unless this falls through–The Dodgers have been truly had.
    Of course I’m full of rumours that the Sox are getting Rubby ,Webster AND other players. (As well as dumping their big ? contracts on the Dodgers) This is unlikely to all be true.

  5. T.M. Brown

    So the money argument is an parallel of when I was arguing in favor of the Knicks not re-resigning Lin (I’m a big Knicks fan) because his contract was extremely bottom heavy and would have cost the Knicks about $30m when you included the luxury tax. I was saying that the Dolans shelling out for Lin would have hamstrung us during future FA signings and that his value to the team was probably worth more in marketing than on the floor. Well I talked to a lot of people and read a lot of articles and realized something: Why should I care about what the owner is spending on players? Do I have any personal stake in the Dolans spending $10m rather than $30m? Absolutely not. I want them to spend as much as humanly possible to get the best players especially since they recoup their investments many times over by being in such a large market. This is Los Angeles, the second largest media market in the country and the team is on the verge of making billions off of a TV deal. No one should be worried about the cost to the owners. And I’m sorry if that sounded more indignant that I meant it. 

    • Anonymous

      T.M., I think you’re right in that it’s not really our money (and no, I don’t believe ticket prices are based on salary) so why should we care?  But I’ve ripped my Yankee fan friends for years and pointed out that there is no pride in winning when you have a payroll twice as high as #2.  You SHOULD win.  When you don’t it’s an embarrassment and when you do it’s just expected.  I think outspending your competitors by too much takes the fun out of it.  Like beating your 10 year old niece at basketball.  Who wants that trophy?

      • T.M. Brown

        Of course, and basketball is a different animal because the salary cap does matter to most owners (the Knicks aren’t one of them [I’m not really veiling my hatred for the Cable Dolans well am I?]) so spending isn’t an exact parallel since you can’t just say hey why don’t Lebron/Durant/Rose/Howard/Wade just play here. 

        I think the sort of competitive imbalance that the Yankees and Sawx have generated is sort of vulgar but let’s not forget that, much like the Yankees during the dynasty years, we are homegrown with a few smart cash purchases. If Hanley and Gonzo are our, say, David Cone and Scott Brosius to go along with our Kemp/Jeter and Kersh/Petitte, then I’m cool with it.

  6. Anonymous

    If it makes any difference, Boston would have DFA’d Crawford and Beckett this year!

  7. Anonymous

    This makes me sad. Will I recognize this team? Will winning the World Series really be that sweet? Can I really love a team that buys championships, even if it’s my team? These are the questions I’ll have to work through. At the ballpark, I’d also have to stomach higher ticket prices, concessions, and more intrusive and pronounced advertising.

    But hey, I’ll always have the A’s.

    • I hear you, but did you mind that the Dodgers bought Kirk Gibson in 1988?

      • Anonymous

        Well, I was an 8-year-old A’s fan, so, no.

        Personally, among the traits I value in a baseball club are underdoggedness, consistency, chemistry, and home-grown talent, and I fear all that will go away. Just lots of mixed emotions right now.

        • Anonymous

          If you were an A’s fan, then the answer is yes, no?

          • Anonymous

            Ha, right. Of course I minded! Very irate child.

      • Anonymous

        that was in January-makes a very big difference

        • Anonymous

          Right and this Gonzalez trade isn’t. There are not many games left for him to help us this year.

    • Blue-eyed Gal

      For some reason the fact that Adrian Gonzales is coming back to CA makes me feel slightly less like “phony non Dodger import leads the team to the playoffs,” which I really felt in my bones when Manny was acquired and suddenly the news media was all about “Manny’s Dodgers” as if the team didn’t even exist before. At least that won’t happen; Gonzales was always an ex-Padre, an ex-SoCal player stuck on the Red Sox roster.

      And we KNOW Adrian Gonzales. As a Dodger fan, I always had a certain sympathy for the guy carrying the Padres on his bat, usually a lost labor. (Wait, he and Hanley can compare notes.) So, even though he’s not quite in his prime anymore, I’m happy at the idea of Adrian at 1B.

      I just don’t want us losing Rubby. It’s not worth that. :(

      • Anonymous

        As a hopeless prospect follower and (very) long time Dodgers fan I totally agree about losing Rubby. I fear that one thing could look very foolish long-term. I can’t blame young fans, but I hsve seen the Dodgers win the world series several time with home developed players.

      • Anonymous

        I feel the same about Gonzo.

  8. Anonymous


    Funny, I thought the same thing when I heard RDLR was possibly going to be traded – he reminds me of Pedro. And any deal is Pedroesque. I know, I say that now. But, Gonzalez is not Delino. It doesn’t mean Rubby is not Pedro, I think he is.The down side, besides gutting the farm of starting pitching potential, the Dodgers may still not win the NL West this year. It’s hard to believe a month of Gonzalez will make the difference, because, thing s just happen. I mean, they could add Babe Ruth, and still not win it this year.2013 is a different story however. Having Crawford and Gonzalez next will be huge. My father-in-law is a huge Red Sox fan, I’m in New England, and he has been moaning about Crawford for the last two years – with good reason. I keep telling him that Crawford will turn it around, and I believe he will.If nothing more, it means Victorino will not be signed next year.Put me down in the like it column, but really, really, really, sorry to see Rubby go. Kersh, Rubby, Bills would have been really nice, now Beckett, not so much.

  9. Anonymous

    DFT’d….I mean LAT’d… oh, never mind.

  10. Anonymous

    I believe the acquisition of Carl Crawford would mean that the Dodgers have the active leader in the majors in catcher’s interference on their team for the first time since Roberto Kelly was on the team.

    • Anonymous

      Timmer goin’ deep to find a positive.  

      Technically, he’s not active, since he’s on the dl. So who is the current active leader? LOL

    • Anonymous

      See, things are looking up already. No need for the long faces.

  11. Beckett hasn’t been in the NL for 7 years, so maybe he’s got that lack of familiarity thing going for him with the Dodgers.

  12. Anonymous

    I know there is a lot to digest, but looking a little further ahead: I believe Crawford is in year 2 of a 7 year contract. You would have to hope that Puig is ready within that time – one too many outfielders. Is Puig traded away for a third baseman at some point?

    • Anonymous

      I believe one of the four outfielders will be traded away, yes, assuming nothing unexpected happens to anyone (career-ending injury, etc).

    • If and when the Dodgers need to make room for Puig because he’s fulfilling his promise, file that under “least of our worries.”

      • Anonymous

        My question at this point is, given this new age we appear to be entering, should we ever have any worries?  Even to your question of De La Rosa= Pedro… so what?  Are we now just a team that buys our way out of any jam and into every pennant race?  If Rubby becomes Pedro do we just buy him back when he becomes a free agent?  It’s not getting AGon that I question.  It’s increasing our payroll by 50% at the first opportunity that has me thinking that’s where we’re headed.  Is there any limit?  If they paid $2.15 Billion for the team do they just look at this as $2.2 billion for a winner?  Why not?

  13. Despite his lack of performance for 1.5 of the last 2 seasons, I’m sort of sad to see Loney go.  He was a big part of the Dodgers’ renaissance from 2006-2009, and his grand slam in Game 1 of the 2008 NLDS at Wrigley Field is arguably the biggest Dodger postseason hit since 1988.

    • Anonymous

      read this

      • Good rational argument for letting Loney go, but I’ll still miss him a little.  I was at his 9 RBI game in Denver when he was a rookie, so perhaps that’s why I’m a little torn over his departure.

        • Blue-eyed Gal

          Yeah. I totally understand trading Loney away, due to his wimpy bat. Yet he’s had some good moments, and he’s one of the younguns we’ve watched grow up and be there for us every day, quiet and steady. And we can appreciate the opposing runs he saved at first base. 

          I was just thinking: spare a moment for Loney. (Partly because while driving home I’m hearing his voiceovers on ALL the Dodger lead-ins…he always seemed to get tapped to do those, probably because he didn’t duck fast enough.) His is a bit of a sad story, as far as being a Dodger: he’s quiet but has given his heart to this team, and he’s probably as bummed as anyone that his bat wasn’t good enough (save for brief spurts of brilliance.)

          Odd thought: now that we have less error-prone throws from the left side of the infield, Loney is not quite the essential cog he was. Loney saved a LOT of errors earlier this season when young Dee was settling in, and even when Raffy was here, Loney’s stretches saved a lot of t-shirt cannon throws from going into the dugout.

    • Anonymous

      James, and we, will always have that Grand Salami.

  14. Anonymous

    Does anyone care about the game today :) 

    We better start winning soon or it’s not going to matter who we get

  15. Anonymous

    I love Petriello’s column at MSTI…  :)

    • Anonymous

      Did it convince you? You negative on this deal. It didn’t convince me

      • Anonymous

        As noted below, I didn’t think he was definitely in favor.  He obviously is in shock, like so many of us, and needs time to digest it.  That’s the feeling I got, and that’s why I love the column.  Not because it’s negative or positive.

        I still think we gave up too much.  RDLR or Webster, plus the others, would have been fair, but not both.  And I’m not crazy about taking on albatross contracts.  At the same time, it makes the current team better, we still have pitchers in the pipeline, and time will tell whether this is a good move or not.  So no, I’m not convinced, but I could be wrong and it could turn out fine.

  16. Anonymous

    LAT’d: Presuming the rumors are accurate, I am ambivalent about the loss of
    Rubby and Webster, but the Dodgers would become a powerhouse lineup. 
    The DFA and release of you-know-who would do much to overcome my

  17. Today really puts the frenzy over the Marlon Anderson-Jhonny Nunez trade in perspective. 

    • Anonymous

      It must be huge, because on it’s pushed the headline ‘Astro owner considering Clemens’ into second place :)


    2006-08-31 22:31:39

    381.   Bob Timmermann

    Hey Marlon Anderson started a Nats rally tonight with a drag bunt for a hit. He could be the next Vic Davalillo! 

    • Anonymous

       I have truly fond memories of Vic Davalillo, and even fonder ones of Manny Mota and Greg Luzinski.

  19. Anonymous

    mike of msti claims Rubby passed though all NL teams without a waiver claim but was claimed by Toronto. Does this make sense?
    A question for timmer or anyone else; I thought the commissioner had to approve a trade of a player on the DL. Is this correct? If not, was it ever correct?

    • Yes, Shaikin tweeted that about Toronto.  It’s perplexing.

      The rule against trading DL players, if it was ever true, is not true now.

      • Anonymous

        I know that there was never a rule against trading players on the DL, I thought that such trades had to be approved by the commissioner’s office- an extra step. I am asking if that is a fact.

        On Toronto: do all the NL teams have to pass before an AL team can claim?

        • Anonymous

          Don’t all trades have to be approved by the Commish?

  20. Anonymous

    Well I’m not that happy. But here in western New England, the Sox are my second team–and I’m always glad to see them get a leg up on the Yankees. And when I see them get this incredible influx of pitching, which believe me, the AL East needs and devours, it mitigates my feelings about the Dodger, who got some needed offense. Between the earlier trades and this, the Dodgers have decimated their farm systems superior amount of pitching talen. But they have shown they have the will and the cash to build a good pitching staff. So I will benifit at least in the AL east, and persevere.

    • Anonymous

      Also in Western New England. Just called up my 85 year-old  father-in-law, a huge Sox fan, who, isn’t on the Internet. He of course had not heard of any of the guys going to the Sox, except Loney, who didn’t exactly impress him. I did my best to convince him that RDLR and Sands will do well in Boston. He wasn’t excatly convinced, but was glad to see JB & CC leave.

  21. Anonymous

    que esta pasando! 

  22. Anonymous

    in all seriousness though, i need time to soak all this in.

  23. Opinion on the trade seems split in general. 

    • Anonymous

      Are you including the no variant that regardless of the merits of the trade doesn’t like what this makes us become?

      • Anonymous

        don’t underestimate the power of adaptability but i hear you man… 

    • Anonymous

       I expect that, if you analyze comments, you might pluralities rather than majorities.

  24. Anonymous

    love you Jon you know it & love the stuff your posting today as well as MSTI great great stuff man. 

    • Anonymous

      John is very skeptical, msti very positive; how can you love both?

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think MSTI is exactly positive.  Mike P doesn’t express much of an opinion on it, one way or another, other than HOLY CRAP.  I like his topic because it expresses the astonishment that so many of us feel, regardless of whether we’re in favor or opposed.

      • foul tip

        You can love the case each makes for his viewpoint.  But one will be wrong. 

         Hope Jon doesn’t get too miffed over “John.”  Probably happens fairly often.  ;-])

  25. Anonymous

    the only other time i can remember a lot of players were involved in a trade was Piazza to Florida but that’s about it. 

  26. Assuming the trade is what has been reported, all we’re really giving up is De La Rosa. The minors are packed with Allen Websters (and we still have Zach Lee), and Jerry Sands…well, while he has a 25% chance of becoming a big league regular, has a 75% chance of being a 4A player or a 4th outfielder. De La Rosa is another matter, however.

    But, the rationale is clear (I haven’t figured out whether I agree with it):
    1. There are no star quality offensive players in the system ready to play for the Dodgers in 2013 (It’s a real stretch to put Puig or Joc Pederson in that position…realistically, the ETA is 2014).
    2. The free agent market is really slim the next two years, so you’d probably wind up grossly overpaying for Josh Hamilton or someone else anyway.
    3. Rubby will probably be on a very strict innings limit next year…and coming back from surgery, well, you never know. 
    4. The Dodger payroll is unnaturally low right now…and with a new media rights deal kicking in it will probably STILL be unnaturally low AFTER these moves. Remember it’s about total payroll, not individual contracts.
    5. All Beckett has to be is better than what we had…a low bar.
    6. As for Crawford, if he comes back next year and plays really well, no issues. If he doesn’t…he becomes Vernon Wells…a sunk cost.

    And…none of this matters if Adrian produces consistently for the next 5 years, so far in his career, if you plug him in he produces. I think we can forget about 1B for awhile.

    • Anonymous

      I think after losing Prince, your point 2 was a very strong incentive for making this deal.

    • Anonymous

      But the purpose of this trade (I assume) is to win this year. Can Gonzalez provide the thump needed in the remaining games? Hopefully… We shall see.

  27. Not sure how I feel other than I like the idea that they want to win so badly even if the execution of the goal may be debatable. I’m not a prospect guy. I want to win a WS again in my lifetime. We can’t stop change and clearly we are changing or trying to change into a powerhouse..I posted this as my wife wearing her clothes

  28. Some of my friends have been emailing about the seemingly amazing fact that Rubby De La Rosa somehow cleared National League waivers. In watching baseball since 1963, I can only say that it’s amazing how many of these trades are facilitated in this way. It’s almost like an Old Boys Club: “You don’t touch my waivers, I won’t touch yours”…kind of an “understanding”. It makes no sense…but what about baseball has ever made sense…

    • As I understand it, Rubby did NOT clear waivers. Instead, he will be included in the deal as the player to be named later.

      • That’s how the trade is going, but according to Bill Shaikin, De La Rosa was claimed by Toronto – which means every NL team passed on him. 

        • Jon, is it possible the teams who passed on him understood that placing De La Rosa on waivers was only a technical move, and that the Dodgers would have pulled him back if any team went for the bait?

  29. Anonymous

    Opinion is Split Indeed, because no one knows what the true deal is. But if we gave up much of our remaining pitching potential, many will be in righteous indignation. I doubt ownership,which has acted smart—would be so stupid

  30. SteelMohawk

    WHy can’t we trade blanton and lilly to some team for their #1 non-prospect-yet-not-true-major-leaguer?

    • Anonymous

       The question is, who needs them? Especially Lilly, who’s on the DL.

      • SteelMohawk

        That is the million dollar question.  I would really just like for them and Uribe to be in that category, of “if they return to their past high water mark we(being the team trading for them) can take this huge risk.”

    • Anonymous

      Everybody wants to trade players who are doing poorly, and aren’t worth much in trade.  Trade the players who are doing poorly, and you’re not going to get much in return.  Why bother?

  31. Anonymous

    Jon – do you think this trade will seel Ned Colletti’s future with the Dodgers? 

    to either get an extension or not?

    • Anonymous

       Perhaps he could be booted upstairs, to an honorary position.

      • I think this trade was without a doubt a combined Colletti-Kasten effort, with Guggenheim certainly weighing in on the money.  

        I think Colletti will be evaluated on his perceived capabilities, not any specific deal in 2012. 

  32. Anonymous

    Dave Cameron “This is a deal the Red Sox couldn’t walk away from even if the Dodgers were only offering some of Frank McCourt’s old hair spray”

  33. Gonzalez in his career hit .212/.312/.364 at Dodger Stadium (190 PA), including .053/.122/.053 in 2007 (38 PA).  Just offered as trivia. 

  34. Adrian Beltre has followed up his 3-HR game this week by hitting for the cycle tonight.

    • Anonymous

      Just wants to make sure we remember him, amidst all the tumult.  :)

  35. Anonymous

    oh man, i need some sleep. 

  36. Anonymous

    So if all is true, Ned has traded away Ruby De La Rosa, Nathan Eovaldi, Allen Webster, and Ethan Martin, some very promising arms. While I was for the Hanley trade, depleting all of these guys in one season seems a bit tough to stomach.  One of them has to pan out, yes?

  37. Anonymous

    4th game in a row at home they start in a hole!

  38. Anonymous


  39. Rock Well

    Just a very quick calculation:

    Does this put us as the team with the highest payroll in all of mlb for 2013?

    It seems to me we are $148M before the trade (2013) with almost $50M net coming in.  Just eyeballing it that puts us at least tied with the yanks but most likely above them.  

    And this is all before we sign kershaw to a long term deal.


  40. Anonymous

     It seems that the Dodgers starters have not been fully warmed up before the 1st pitch.

  41. T.M. Brown

    Yeouch that Bills pitch to Reyes was BP. 

  42. Anonymous

    I would like to personally thank Carlos Lee and his cows.

    • foul tip

       Yup.  The team MOOved on quite nicely without him.

      I still wonder if the name of Lee’s Texas spread morphed into the Lonely Steer Ranch when he did an about face and went to Miami after essentially choosing cattle over the Dodgers.

      For the Dodgers that may have worked out ok.

  43. Anonymous

    Gonzalez away 2012: 276/326/429
    home                      : 318/358/502why so much better at home?

  44. Sweet Ethier. 

  45. Anonymous

    easy peasy! 

  46. Anonymous

    Big fly ball!

  47. Anonymous

    Ethier was sitting on the curve man, it almost looked like he was expecting it…

  48. Anonymous

    Silencing his critics…

  49. Anonymous

    I’m not happy.  I wanted to root for De La Rosa.  I do think this
    improves the team’s chance of a championship this year.  No doubt.  I
    was advocating being a seller at the non-waiver deadline, because I
    thought it was fooling to think a deal or two (especially of the
    Colletti variety) would make a difference.  But I didn’t realize that we’d just become the Yankees. 

    And that’s the other reason that I’m not happy.  I don’t want to root
    for the Yankees.  I know the Dodgers have long been a high-payroll
    team.  They’re not noble losers like Oakland or KC.  But there was still
    a budget constraint, and that put a premium on being smart, and
    far-sighted.  Now, all bets are off.  Seriously, if money is no object,
    then the only thing stopping annual pennants is bad luck. 

    I think I’m having an identity crisis.

    • Since big spending doesn’t guarantee winning, I don’t have a problem with the Dodgers winning a title on a big budget.  

      I do hope they don’t embarrass themselves, though. 

    • T.M. Brown

      Well we also had really terrible, high priced contracts before Kasten took over, smart money is the money that wins. The Yankees might be good now but they were a hell of a lot better in the 90s where they had a perfect mix of cash and homegrown prospects. 

      • Anonymous

        i hope Go_Bears doesn’t think we’re piling up on him. But Kemp is a farmhand & Ethier (sorta), Kershaw (he’s going to get inked) AJ, Billz…

        a mixure of premium bought talent with home grown talent isn’t bad, i feel. 

  50. Anonymous

    Freeman takes Vogey deep.  2-0 Braves.

  51. Padres 3, Diamondbacks 0, third inning
    Braves 2, Giants 0, second inning

  52. Anonymous

    Four threads ago I posted that I was all for the trade :
    I could care less if the Dodgers had to take on Crawford’s and Beckett’s salaries, as long as the Dodgers don’t have to gut the farm, it’s all good – bring on Yankees West – ain’t my money. – posted “5hrs ago” (a simple time stamp would be better)Ned apparently missed the 6 words : don’t have togutthefarm

  53. Anonymous

    Meanwhile, at The Phone Booth To Be Named Later, Freddie Freeman assists Birdsong’s reversion the mean, as the Bravos lead the Gnats 2-0.

  54. Farewell, Steve Van Buren.

  55. Anonymous

    for those not watching, early on, it looks like it’s going to be one of those days. Billz just gave up another hit to the first batter of the 2nd inning. Eo gave up a 3 run BOMB to Ethier. 

  56. Anonymous

    to gut the farm – those words were stacked, the blog space police frowned mightily on that post – they don’t like the enter key.

  57. Anonymous

    in my opinion i feel the Dodgers are going to have to do a lot of soul searching at short, i really don’t feel Hanley Ramirez is the answer there, ive read that little Dee might get some seasoning in the minors now with all the big dowgs the Dodgers are signing, it’s going to be interesting as things start falling into there respective place. 

    • Anonymous

      I love having Hanley (and apparently AGon) in the lineup.  We were losing a lot of games because of our popgun offense other than Kemp and Ethier.  This has the potential for giving us enough offense to win some of the games we’ve been losing, and go to the postseason and do well there.

      Hanley is signed through 2014.  I don’t care whether he plays third or short.  Gordon needs additional development, especially on hitting, and it should be in the minors, not OJT for the Dodgers.  In the meantime, Cruz is better than Gordon, in the field as well as at the plate.  And in a couple of years we’ll probably see Seager too.

  58. Anonymous

    “I would like to personally thank Carlos Lee and his cows.”That was so good I had to post it again.Post of the day, Bob.

  59. Sorry if I’m missing something, but… has Loney already cleared waivers? And, if not, can’t the Giants put a claim on him to prevent the trade from happening, thereby strengthening their chances at the division?

    And, is it sad that I’m rooting for the Giants to do this in order to keep Rubby?

    • Anonymous

      I would guess that he already cleared.  If not, I don’t think it would hold up this deal.

  60. KT

    Juan Gone!!!!

  61. KT

    Touchdown Lancers 21-10 over servite!!!!

  62. Anonymous

    Another dinger!?  What is the weather like out there?

  63. T.M. Brown

    Woo Homerun derby!

  64. KT

    Good hit AJ

    • Anonymous

      read your post earlier KT, i’m wishing for nothing but the best for you man. 

      • KT

        Thanks Blue…just gives me next year to post everyday also (the bright side)

  65. Anonymous

    i would expect nothing less from AJ, having cought EO & all. :0)

  66. T.M. Brown

    Nate looks legitimately pissed that Lee didn’t even attempt to dive for that ball. 

    • Anonymous

      I recall Gonzo not being bad defensively.  He is at dWAR 0.3 this year and last.  Loney has never had higher than dWAR 0.3.

  67. Blue-eyed Gal

    Watching, and what the HECK is that bizarre “Go Dodgers Go!” man yelling in a megaphone for while Billz is up to bunt?

    So glad most of my tix are for Sunday “now with more Nancy Bea” games.

  68. Anonymous

    Stults now with an RBI double for the Pads.  Kid could always hit. (came in with an OPS of 81 in 17 PA).

  69. KT

    Bishop Amat Lancers 28 – Servite 10…not even half time yet

    Go Lancers

    1st game I’ve seen since the Late 70’s

    and they just recovered the onsides kick

    • Anonymous

      Did you know Carlos Pascual?

      • KT

        The name is very familiar

        • Anonymous

          He graduated in 1976.  He was US Ambassador to Mexico when I was living down there.

          • KT

            I know who your talking about…I’m class of ’77 but most of my friends were in the ’76 class

  70. Anonymous

    For all those who hated the Yankees all these years because of their unlimited spending… We have met the enemy and he is us.  :)

  71. Anonymous

     Billingsley deserves a big offensive game from the Dodgers – he should hit is groove now and go 8.
    *fingers crossed*

  72. KT

    Finally caught up with all the posts….Wow that was alot since this morning

    • Anonymous

       Sorry to hear about your back problems – best of luck with any future surgery.

  73. Anonymous

    There’s a certain irony in Rivera going long when Loney gets benched for the trade.

  74. KT

    Good hit Dre

  75. KT


    He wasn’t hanley’s former teammate Vin

  76. Anonymous

    I like Jon’s idea of cutting Uribe to open up a spot on the 25-man roster for the new guys.  Seems like it would make the housecleaning almost complete.  :)

    • Anonymous

       I don’t think anybody here would dissent from that opinion.

  77. Anonymous

    HanRam!!!  Now I know why those letters are capitalized!!!

  78. Anonymous

    The big shocking Dodger news of the day is, the Dodgers hit three home runs against Miami.

    Also in the news, …


  79. Anonymous

    Gonzo may just be an inspiration.

  80. Anonymous

    Home run derby, indeed. And Vin was saying (I forgot the stat) that Eovaldi had not given up many homers at all so far. Eovaldi’s nerves must have got to him – I feel bad for him.

    • Anonymous

      U-Less gave up 5 dingers in 54 innings with the Dodgers (not so good) and, unitl now, zero in 24 innings with the Fish (very good).

  81. T.M. Brown

    Everyone feels bad for Eo, right? I would have been much happier with a 2-1 result. He always seemed like a very likable kid. 

    • Anonymous

       I think he’ll be very good, and perhaps he’ll return to the Dodgers as a free agent.

  82. KT

    Make them pay Chad

  83. Alex Chavez

    Enjoyed this quote from Loney when asked why he was removed from the lineup:

     Loney said he wasn’t given a reason for being scratched and jokingly
    said, “I don’t have good numbers against [former teammate Nathan]

    • Anonymous

       That shows some real wit, especially in the circumstances.

  84. Anonymous

    you have to have some serious power to hit it opposite field the way Hanley R. just did

    • Anonymous

       He acted as if it were gone, and it barely made it. Rivera’s oppo went a lot farther.

  85. KT

    It looks like the Dodgers have claimed the entire RedSox team off of waivers today ^_^

  86. KT

    What’s going on with Billz?

    • KT

      looked liked he over threw both times and maybe strained his elbow?

  87. Anonymous


  88. Anonymous


  89. Anonymous

    Someone please describe what’s happening. Some of us only have Gameday, which appears to have frozen and isn’t telling anything. Apparently Jamey Wright is coming in. Did Bills get hurt?

  90. Anonymous

    you saw it with the ball that almost hit the Marlins hitter a few batters ago (don’t have DVR) but thought it, just didn’t want to post it. this is not good, hope i’m wrong. 

  91. Anonymous

    The Baseball Gods giveth. And the Baseball Gods taketh away.

  92. foul tip

    Well, after being out of town and off the Net all day, then signing on DT and mostly digesting this, one thing seems clear:

    The Los Angeles Guggenheimers will not be boring.

  93. T.M. Brown


  94. Anonymous

    Vin thinks Panamá is part of South America. Ouch!

  95. Anonymous

    Donnie rings up another GIDP!

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