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Vin Scully Bobblehead Night chat

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Kershaw CXLIV: Kershawchtung Baby
Nick Punto, 2B
Shane Victorino, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Luis Cruz, 3B
Juan Rivera, LF
A.J. Ellis, C
Clayton Kershaw, P


Dodger pitching staff battles attrition


So it’s gonna be like that, huh?


  1. Gurnick says Guerrier is being activated today. 

    • Anonymous

       I guess that’s good, relatively speaking.

    • Anonymous

      Guerrier to the rescue! (Only Mrs. Guerrier can consider this a Rule 7 violation)

  2. For the Josh Wall Marching and Chowder Society: I got my first “Why are they sending Josh Wall down?” tweet. 

  3. RT @TheHommie_Beans: Vin Scully on the day of his 1st Holy Comunion

  4. Anonymous

    How great is it to still have Vin Scully after what this franchise has been through. What can Vin think of the McCourts and the present Moguls? But he just maintains his infinitely stately,unbiased, and enjoyable narrative and to me—is a large part of the Dodgers!

    • Anonymous

       But didn’t the McCourts say they were “the face of the Dodgers?”

      • That was a case of misspeak. They meant `the farce of the Dodgers’.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, the McCourts were certainly the face that is on the back end of the horse.
          You can see them if you lift up the tail!!

    • Vin said nothing during the McCourts regime, ever tactful, but his comments this last Sunday spoke volumes : he said he was comng back in 2013 because he was so excited about moves made by new ownrship, and was eager to see how far this team could go.

  5. Anonymous

    Doesn’t much matter how depressed I am about the season or a current losing streak, if you put up some Vin Scully clips, I’ll smile.

  6. Onlyatriple

    Why did watching these clips of Vin make me weep?  Still wiping away tears.  I hope to show these to my kids, if i can tear them away from Power Rangers long enough.  Perhaps someday they will understand just how important this man has been to my life, my love of language and learning, and to my love of this one sport and this one team. 

  7. Anonymous

    I had forgotten that Vin called the Larsen perfect game.  The most dramatic ninth inning in the history of baseball!  I guess it was still before Mazeroski, Line drive straight to Richardson, Joe Carter, and of course Gibson.  

    • Onlyatriple

      Vin recently told a story about watching that broadcast a few years ago.  Said he’d never seen it before.  Turned from watching an NFL game to MLBTV to watch the perfect game, and said he only watched a few minutes before turning back to football.  He felt that his broadcast was very dull and poorly done.  I recall, I hope correctly, hearing in some other interview that at the time he believed it best to avoid saying much when he was doing a game on TV.  Fortunately his technique evolved over time.  

  8. Anonymous

    Gnatbirdsong getting lit up by the ‘Stros, who lead 4-0 after three.

  9. *clutches Vin bobblehead like a silly person* so how many of us came extra early to the stadium tonight? i left at 3 just to make sure, since I’m down by the big orange balloon in OC.

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to have to pay a pretty penny on Ebay to get one of these. It will be worth it though!

  10. I’d be totally happy with never seeing the replay of Matt running into the wall again. So of course Prime Ticket will be showing it all night.

  11. Anonymous

    Who sung the national anthem? Was it someone related to Vin Scully?

  12. KT

    Everything finally feels normal again…My 2 yr old son is sitting next to me watching the game after a 2 3/4 month hiatus

    • Anonymous

      With all the changes, he is going to need a scorecard.

  13. KT

    gnats tie it in the 7th

  14. KT

    gnats go ahead

  15. Anonymous

    The K made Vin mix up his K’s.

  16. KT

    Good hustle Juan

  17. KT

    Come on DP

  18. KT

    Vin just called the snakes the Demonbacks…love it

  19. Anonymous

    Just started following the game on  Gameday. Anybody know why Nick Punto is starting? Is Mark Ellis injured?
    And why is Punto leading off?

  20. KT

    Need a DP or K

  21. Anonymous

    Hanley hasn’t shown much of an arm tonight.

  22. Anonymous

    HanRam could be converted to an outfielder. At shortstop                           . and at 3rd base              
    anyway he might be good in left field.
    I know I value defense more than most people here. At least for our prospects and money we got Punto. And at present, he is the best thing here.

  23. KT

    Good hit Shane
    Come on AGon

  24. Anonymous

    Vin  comments on Punto playing over Mark Ellis. What a politition!! Vin for Pres.!.!

  25. KT

    Nice hit Luis

  26. Anonymous

    Farewell Chatsworth Osborne Jr.

    • Anonymous

      The Dobie Gillis Show was special, if for no other reason than Tuesday Weld, but it had so much more, too.

      • Anonymous

         I gave up watching broadcast TV eons ago, but I have fond memories of Dobie & Co. (with the good conduct medal!).

        • KT

          Me too…That’s why I think both of us always say Who? And people think we are kidding

          • Anonymous

            Did they have to do with Zelda?

          • KT

            I don’t know any Zelda sorry

          • Anonymous

             Zelda was the chica who tried to pry Dobie away from Tuesday Weld. I think her real name was Sheila Kuehl, and she later represented Santa Monica in the state legislature.

        • Anonymous

          Remind me what the good conduct medal was all about.

          • Anonymous

            That’s how Dobie’s father used to brag about his war record.

          • Anonymous

            Right, right,  Thanks.  It was Frank Faylen, if I recall, who also played the cab driver in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

  27. Anonymous

    Just watched that clip of Vin’s best calls. Would have loved it much more if they didn’t cut it short and talk over them

  28. KT

    Nice Gun AJ

  29. Anonymous

    Loney homered.

  30. KT

    2 Gun AJ

  31. Anonymous

    I say AJ takes the hill tomorrow.

  32. KT

    That’s it I’ll watch the rest tomorrow…I’m struggling terribly like the Dodgers

  33. Anonymous

    Vinny Night Notes….
    1.  Weisman…. ” Kershawchtung Baby” …. I like the U2 reference. :-)
    2.  The other night, I made reference to the notion of “Who will step it up?” thinking of the those ‘expensive Dodgers’ in the middle of the order….. Who would have thought AJ Ellis’ leadership and flat-out ‘fire’ would trump all of their talent put together.  My money is on AJ. 
    3.  This club “feels the need …. the need for Dee!” …. (Top Gun reference) …Whether he’s booting another ball or striking out…. This team needs his infectious smile, energy, and speed….. 4. IMHO, of  course!  :-O

  34. Anonymous

    KT:  Since there is little positive to say about how the NL West is shaping up tonight, I will return to Dobie Gillis.  Zelda was the girl who had a crush on Dobie and used to crinkle her nose, and he couldn’t control himself and would identically respond.  The actress who played Zelda went into politics and served in the California State Legislature.

    • Anonymous

       I believe her name was Sheila Kuehl, and she represented Santa Monica, but I could be mistaken.

      • Anonymous

        You are right on both counts.  I just looked it up.  She was termed out a few years ago.

  35. Anonymous

    It’s uh-oh time.  Rivera up, one out, runners on first and second.

    • Anonymous

      Donnie does it again!

      • Anonymous

        You can blame me for that one.

      • Anonymous

        He was supposed to send the runners with two men on, trailing by two, and with a guy who doesn’t make contact very well up at the plate?

        • Anonymous

          Rivera is not a big strikeout guy – 30 Ks in 284 ABs. And nothing else is working.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, things could work. Rivera could have gotten a hit. 

            It’s better than watching the Dodgers run themselves out of an inning just because DPs annoy you.

          • Anonymous

            We can disagree on this, but I think it’s fair to say that Mattingly is exceedingly risk-averse, even timid, in matters of offensive strategy.

  36. Anonymous

    Great play by the Snake’s 2nd baseman – whoever he is.

    • Anonymous

      Aaron Hill

      • Anonymous

        Brilliant play…BUT does AZ turn the double play if either TG Jr or Abreu are running down the line?  Yet they aren’t on the roster and that was a perfect spot for one of them.

  37. Anonymous

    This is painful.

  38. Anonymous

    **** MEMO *****
    To:  Hanley Ramirez
    Re:  It’s ‘shortstop’ … not, ‘short-hop’
    Get your bleepin’ throws to 1B up. 
    Thank You.

  39. Anonymous

    0-2 to Hanley
    0-2 to Ethier
    0-2 to Cruz

  40. Anonymous

    Interesting :(

  41. Anonymous

    14-25 at home since the 28th of May?
    Ain’t gonna git her done.

  42. Anonymous

    Losing on Vinny’s bobblehead night, bloody disgrace.

  43. Anonymous

    What a gutless performance on Vin’s bobblehead night, disgusting.

    • Anonymous

      We’ve had a lot of games like this one lately.  We are going to be on life support fairly soon at this rate.

  44. Anonymous

    And with Kershaw on the bump, too

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