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September 1 game chat: Ely promoted

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 6:10 p.m.
Mark Ellis, 2B
Shane Victorino, LF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Matt Kemp, CF
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Luis Cruz, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Josh Beckett, P

In addition to Tim Federowicz and Javy Guerra, John Ely has joined the big-league roster. Alfredo Silverio was transferred to the 60-day disabled list to make room for Ely.

If the Dodgers lose tonight, they will be 35-32 at home and on the road.


At least there is some good news …


Dodgers bring back Abreu


  1. Anonymous

    Cardinals have taken a 10-9 lead on the Nats in the 9th.

  2. Anonymous

    And the Cardinals hold for a 10-9 win. Pirates with a very early lead in Milwaukee. 

  3. Adam Luther

    Ely’s back up to stay.

    • Anonymous

       I’d like him to be successful, in any role, but we’ll see.

  4. Anonymous

    I am so happy to have Ely up. No one knows how he will do, but he has definetely changed something, and it very well may be progress. Remember, last time up he was great for 5 or 6 games until they caught up with his cute soft stuff. There is barely that much left of this year. This means other teams won’t even have time to learn him even if he is the same Guy!! 

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always been a guy perhaps too interested in the minors system, and not enough in winning, so I was hoping we would go with a rotation of Kershaw, Bilz, EO RDLR, and Webster next year. and use the sub 100- mil payroll to buy a few big boppers. I guess that’s out now. But I still have nightmares of a guy like RDLR having a year like Pedro had for Montreal!( 1997 241 IP,305 K, 1.90 ERA, 17-8 won lost!. Do you know what the won lost would have been with a decent Red Sox team.

  5. “The Los Angeles Dodgers have signed contract renewals for the 2013 season with broadcasters Eric Collins, Steve Lyons, Rick Monday, Charley Steiner, Fernando Valenzuela and Pepe Yñiguez, the team announced.”

    • Anonymous

       So the mute button will still get a workout, at least in English.

    • Anonymous

      So that falls into the category called “I’ve got some good news, and I’ve got some bad news.”

  6. Now listen. I don’t want to hear any gloating from you USC fans today. UH is thoroughly outclassed in athletes, in money, and in fan support at the Coliseum. Oh, and they’re playing their first game under a new head coach (Norm Chow) who’s running a pro offense rather than the run-and-shoot they’ve been using for about 12 years.

  7. Anonymous

     Tuning in, very curious to see what Beckett’s made of. I mean, yes, there are numbers galore I suppose, but I (along with ballplayers new to a team and park) need to see how it physically works itself out…

    • Anonymous

       What he’s made of apart from chicken wings and beer, I mean.

  8. Anonymous

    Lets try for an early lead for a change

  9. Anonymous


    “Can anyone provide a few bullet points to summarize his [Jaime Jarrin’s] style?”
    I would say that Jaime has the disappearing talent of painting the play as it happens, much like the English broadcasters who are bound to radio.  He also speaks slowly matching the rhythm of the game, raising the decibels when something exciting happens.

    I would also consider Jaime brutally honest.  He will hail a great play but he will criticize bad baseball, error, error ,error!  I think that comes out of the traditional Latin American analysis of fútbol where if the performance on the field is bad it is torn to shreds.

  10. Anonymous

    1, 2, 3 :(

  11. Anonymous

    At least AG made him throw more than one pitch!

  12. Anonymous

    this skaggs prospect is not fooling anybody, dodgers putting good swings against him

  13. Anonymous

    How long has Mickey Hatcher been in the dugout?

  14. What’s up with the 61 the Beckett is wearing? Thought he was going with 30.

    • Anonymous

      Vin explained it early in the game, but I missed the explanation.

  15. Anonymous

    A hit-and-run v. a pitcher with few swings and misses would have put Ethier at third, easily. And A.J.’s fly would have scored him easily.

  16. I wish Hanley would save the theatrics until he helps the team win the World Series. 

  17. Anonymous

    An extra out, hope it doesn’t affect us.

    • Anonymous

      Well that extra out did affect us.  But it was certainly shock and awe.  What a blast!

  18. Anonymous

    Except for Yadier, A.J. might be the best-throwing catcher in the league.

  19. Anonymous



    • When Vin was talking about the three sisters afterwards, it looked suspiciously like a white spot wedged in a fence behind them, in front of the tent. If there’s a chainlink fence back there, that’s where it stuck. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure it did.

  20. Anonymous

    did that leave the park?

  21. Anonymous


  22. Anonymous

    Love Andre’s smooooth swing.

  23. KT

    Good game Josh

  24. Anonymous

    Insurance run(s)? Dare we hope?

  25. KT

    Let’s get at least 1 more guys

  26. Anonymous

    Two good starts for Beckett in a Dodgers uniform.
    Bruins covered the spread easily – Trojans fell short.

  27. KT

    Way to get on Shane
    Come on Adrian you’re due

  28. KT

    Nice Shane

  29. Anonymous

    Nice collision – great throw and good job holding on to the ball after getting plowed.

  30. KT

    Come Brandon 2 more

  31. KT

    YES!!!! a win…Let’s make it two tomorrow

  32. Anonymous

    Beckett gives the credit for his good pitching on the Dodgers to AJ’s ability to call a good game. Says he doesn’t know the hitters in the NL so he leaves it up to AJ to call the game.

  33. Anonymous

    Great pitchers duel.  Three solo HR’s, one jaw dropping, but still a desperately needed win.

  34. AJ remains a closely-guarded National Treasure.

  35. Anonymous

    Seconding everyone’s comments on AJ and Beckett.  AJ is an incredibly undervalued catcher on both sides of the ball, and Beckett seems to enjoy wearing blue so far.

    God it feels good to get a win.  Even if the Giants won, just keep the rock rolling.  Keep pushin.  

    Not ready to accept any ‘not our year’ talk.  This team is better than the way they have been playing, both pitching and hitting.  They’ve got the pieces to put it together, all they need is a good kick in the butt.  Get it done.

    This is a simple game.  You throw the ball.  You hit the ball.  You catch the ball.  You got it?

  36. Anonymous

    Last night was the first of five Dodger games in the first nine days of September that are being cablecast nationally:

    Sat Sept 1: MLB Network
    Mon Sept 3: MLB Network
    Tue Sept 4: ESPN
    Fri Sept 7: MLB Network
    Sun Sept 9: ESPN

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