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Dodgers bring back Abreu

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 1:10 p.m.
Mark Ellis, 2B
Shane Victorino, LF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Matt Kemp, CF
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Luis Cruz, 3B
Matt Treanor, C
Chris Capuano, P

Bobby Abreu has joined the Dodgers’ active roster. To make room for him on the 40-man, the Dodgers technically called up pitcher Chris Withrow, then placed him on the 60-day disabled list … for undisclosed reasons. (Update: It’s listed as a “right lat strain.”)

Withrow last pitched for Double-A Chattanooga on August 17 and has only thrown 19 innings since June 1, all in relief.

Abreu has a .705 OPS against right-handed pitching as a Dodger this year. Shane Victorino as a Dodger against righties is at .629.


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  1. Ah, I was wondering what the move was to get Abreu on the roster. Very clever actually! They basically shut Withrow down for the season it seems a week ago so… there we go.

    I’m kinda glad Abreu’s back, actually — good to have his bat as a pinch hitter on our weaksauce bench.

  2. Anonymous

    Abreu will wear 12, not 23A as I had hoped.

  3. Anonymous

    Well, it’s good to see one decent bat off the bench, but wouldn’t it make more sense to DFA you-know-who?

  4. Anonymous

    The Pirates, whom the Dodgers trail by .0005 in the wild card race (behind the Braves and Cardinals) have already fallen behind the Brewers 3-1 in the first inning.

  5. Whoa – that’s weird.  There were four comments here but they disappeared. 

  6. Anonymous

    Testing, previous comments appear to have disappeared.

  7. Anonymous

    Travis Wood seemingly fond of grooving 0-2/1-2 pitches…  Giants up 3-0

  8. McCutcheon Thomason, 1971-2012

    • Anonymous

      This is very sad because he had the misfortune of getting cancer very young in life (which is rare), had one that has a very good 5-year survival rate (95%), and still passed way.

      •  Oh, (expletive deleted). I knew Mac from his War Liberal site, not Braves Journal. He was a sharp sharp guy and I’ll miss him.

  9. Anonymous

    Nats tack on a run, lead the Cards 2-0 in the 6th. Strasburg pitching for the Nats.

    Shouldn’t Dodgers fans be pulling for a Strasburg shutdown so they don’t have to face him?

  10. Anonymous

    Gnatt Cain has just surrendered a three-run dinger to Alfonso “I refuse to become a Gnat” Soriano, and the Cubbies lead 5-3 in the fifth.

  11. Anonymous

    Daniel Descalso hit a 2-run homer in the top of the 7th to tie the game in DC. Cards 2, Nats 2.

  12. Anonymous

    not the best start

  13. Anonymous

    Is there a limit to how many of these minor leaguers on the 40-man we can stash away on the 60-day with faux injuries, at least once their playoffs are done?  I’m looking at Angle, Castellanos, Puig, Van Slyke, et al.  Even Sands and Rubby are taking up valuable space, assuming we’re tacitly barred from playing them.

    • Anonymous

      There are no limits on using the 60-day DL as long as the team can prove the player would be injured for that time period.

      And nobody ever really cares that much.

  14. KT

    Excellent play Hanley!!!!

  15. KT

    Good no harm done…Time to get ahead Boys

  16. Anonymous

    way to get out of the top of the first boys!

  17. Anonymous

    Nats back ahead of the Cards. Now lead 4-2 in the 8th.

  18. KT


  19. Anonymous

    Cards get a run in the top of the 8th, but no more. 4-3 Nats Bottom 8.

  20. KT

    Good hit Dre
    Come on Luis

  21. KT

    Nice hit Luis!
    Come on Matt

  22. Anonymous

    I could strike out John McDonald, throwing underhand from 45 feet.

  23. Dave Birrell

    The last 5 runs in this series have all been solo home runs.

  24. KT

    Nice catch Dre

    • Anonymous

      Yes–it has always seemed to me that his defense is a bit better than he gets credit for; also he can make fine accurate throws to the infield.

  25. Anonymous

    Capuano has definitely returned to the mean.

  26. KT

    Good hit Hanley
    Come on Dre

  27. Anonymous

    Why does any opposing pitcher bother to throw to first, when they already know Donnie’s strategy?

  28. KT

    come on Luis start it off

  29. T.M. Brown

    I’m just going to go ahead and second guess Donnie here. 

    • Anonymous

      A difference in managerial style:  In the 5th inning of the Giants’ game on Thursday, Houston was leading 4-0 when Giants’ pitcher Vogelsong came up with one on and on out.  The sacrifice bunt attempt was the predictable strategic play, but Bochy sent the runner, Blanco, on a hit-and-run and Vogelsong singled, sending him to third.  The Giants scored three in the inning and went on to win, 8-4.  That is the kind of risk that Mattingly apparently abhors.

      • T.M. Brown

        I think Donnie is very much dedicated to the traditional vein of managing that was a hallmark of Larussa and Torre, et al. which dictates that more managing is better managing. There are situations when you have to use the typical solutions (high leverage situational hitting; yanking pitchers when they’re obviously getting embarrassed) but you’re down 3-1 to a team that obviously has your number and the solution is pulling a starter who was having a mediocre game in order to throw in a slow footed hitter with a .240 avg? I’m a huge anti-sac bunt guy but I would have much rather had Cap either bunting Treanor over or having him swing away and seeing what he could do. Sure, Rivera could have whacked a game tying HR deep to LF, but the odds say he most likely wouldn’t have—when we’re fighting for a WC spot I think the unpredictable risk (like Bochy took) needs to trump the almost inane predictable risk that Donny took. 

        • Anonymous

          On the contrary, Mattingly is risk-averse, even timid. He will always do the conventional thing, avoiding potentially rewarding tactics such as the hit-and-run and the squeeze. He prefers to wait for something to happen and, as often as not, it’s a GIDP.

          • T.M. Brown

            Interestingly enough I think we’re agreeing about the same thing from two different angles. When I say “more managing is better managing” I mean Don thinks that the only wisdom is the conventional wisdom: LHP vs. LHB is always an advantage; trading outs for bases is always preferable; your best hitter hits 3rd, your fastest batter hits 1st; closers are closers and they should only pitch the 9th; etc. etc. I think staying so loyal to that form is the worst kind of over managing, even though you can definitely accurately call it completely passive managing as well. 

          • Anonymous

            Even though conventional tactics achieve nothing, Mattingly persists in waiting. Of course, the players merit criticism, but if what you’re doing isn’t working, you need to take some risks. I’ve had just about enough of Donnieball.

  30. KT

    Nice play and throw Luis

  31. KT

    Come on DP

  32. KT

    Come on Matty

  33. KT

    good eye Matty
    Come on Hanley

  34. KT

    Good Hit Hanley!!
    Come on Dre

  35. KT

    come on Wild pitch

  36. KT

    Come on Luis tie it up

  37. Anonymous

    I am glad we at least got a run there, but we’re now 3-for-23 with RISP in this series, with all 3 hits coming in the loss on Friday night.

    Victorino is now hitting .241 with the Dodgers, Gonzales .167.

    • KT

      I think Shane should be in the 8th spot…Gonzo is pressing so I’d drop him to the 6th or 7th spot moving up Dre and Luis

      • Anonymous

        I’d start Abreu over Victorino, move Cruz up to the 2 hole and drop Gonzalez down.   Also, I’d start Federowicz when AJ rests.  Treanor has disappeared as a hitter.

        • KT

          I agree with Treanor but not sure about Bobby…I really like him in the PH role

  38. KT

    That half inning could have been a lot worse

  39. KT

    Strasburg final start 9/12 against Mets so we will miss him

  40. KT

    Nice hit AJ
    Come on Mark drive him in

  41. KT

    Nice Shane
    Come on Gonzo…you’re due base stroke

  42. KT

    Nice I’ll take it!!

  43. KT

    Come on Matty put us ahead…base stroke

  44. Anonymous

    Here’s there shot…

  45. T.M. Brown

    Cont. from WBB and my convo above:

    If I had my way and all the typical daily starters it’d be


    Essentially the logic is you want your best hitters hitting as often as possible. Sure, traditional strategy says you want a power hitter in the 4 slot because he might hit a bomb with guys on base but wouldn’t you rather have some one who just ends up on base more often than the next guy in general? If you have Kemp hitting 3rd or 4th you might have him miss an AB every 2-3 games which has a pretty high marginal value when it comes down to it. I know this sounds a little sabermetriciany but I think the argument has some merit. 

    • T.M. Brown

      And these (except for Adrian because of the small NL sample size and Shane because of his recent swoon) are players ranked by wOBA + the likelihood of their starting every game. 

    • Anonymous

      If Mattingly is going to bat Gonzales third which reduces the speed at the top of the lineup, why not bat A. Ellis second and M. Ellis 8th?

      I grew up with Snider, Mays, and Mantle hitting third–all with lots of strike outs, and then appreciated Morgan hitting third and swapping walks for strike outs.

      The Reds lineup of the 70’s was potent.  Rose, Griffey Sr., Morgan, Bench, Perez, Foster, Geronimo, Concepcion, I think this lineup comes closest to that one:  Ethier, Ramirez,  Crawford, Kemp, Gonzales, Cruz, Gordon, A. Ellis 

  46. KT

    Still looking for my WP

  47. KT

    At least we are starting to get on more…two more shots
    Got to hold them

  48. Anonymous


  49. Anonymous

    It seems as if the erratic and unpredictable nature of baseball has increased as I have aged. The first half of the season was fabulous for the Dodgers, although they only had a few good offensive players, who were often injured. Expectations at this time were low.

    For the second half’ the Dodgers have had awful problems scoring runs and holding leads, although they have improved offensive personnel, and they had reason to try to be good. They are terrible
    It used to seem slightly more rational. Oh well.

  50. KT

    nice pitch Belli

  51. KT

    Beautifu Pitch Belli!!
    Come on guys we can get to Putz

  52. KT

    Come on Bobby start it off

  53. KT

    good hit Mark
    Come on Shane another hit

  54. KT

    Good eye Shane
    Gonzo…nice and easy…just a base stroke

  55. KT

    YES!!!! GONZO

  56. Anonymous

    Dodgers pick up game on Cardinals for WC2. Trail by 1/2 game.

    • Anonymous

      forget the wildcard, they WILL write at the end the great story ‘How the west was won’ ;)

      • Anonymous

         Agreed. There’s only one place, and that’s first place.

  57. KT

    Bring on the Padres
    Have a great Labor Day all

  58. Anonymous

    That was long overdue. Before that swing, Gonzo looked anxious at the plate.

    Now it’s up to the Snakes to inject their venom into the Gnats.

  59. Anonymous

    wow, wow, wow

  60. Anonymous

    Most significant win of the year?  Most dramatic win of the year?  Most surprising win of the year?
    Whatever, I’m delighted.

  61. KT

    Kemp and Aaron doing the Soaking…Great to have a come from behind walkoff
    Hope this is a sign of things to come

  62. Anonymous

    One key hit erases more than three hours mostly of frustration.

  63. Onlyatriple

    Just turned on the TV for the 9th.  Was that Mark Walter leaping onto the field to hug Gonzalez?  

  64. Anonymous

    Mark Walter rushing the field to hug his newest, biggest investment.  Amazing.  He still seems like a little boy to me.  

  65. Anonymous

    Could the curse of James Loney now be lifted?!?

  66. Anonymous

    Love it.  Mark Walter hugging and Kemp dousing Adrian (though much more effectively Steve Lyons) hahahahaha!  Keep it going!

    Tomorrow, maybe a two-run win?

  67. Anonymous

    So how many of the rest of you were surprised that Wallach actually sent Victorino?

    • Anonymous

      I was impressed with Victorino’s speed. Great base running.

      • Anonymous

         Yes, but he should have scored on Gonzo’s flyball double that fell between Young and Upton two innings earlier.

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t had the pleasure of reading here in almost a week, and the top one on the page that comes up is unfair. I’m sure anyone who saw the play was not surprised.
      Jon had some words of praise for Wallach not long ago while others I see, inadvertently, at want him fired. I don’t see enough of every minute of every game to have an educated opinion; but, as I said above, on today’s game winning play the question was not fair.

      • Anonymous

        tink, I was being semi-facetious, but there have been some recent instances when Wallach appeared to do exactly the opposite of what was required – holding runners when they should have scored, and sending them to get thrown out.

        • Anonymous

          My short-term memory is kinda shot but as far as the last two times Wallach sent Victorino – last night when he got nailed by the great throw from Upton, and tonight when he scored – it was a no-brainer – you send him both times, every time. Sometimes he scores, sometimes he gets nailed at the plate. That’s baseball.

          • Anonymous

            Also, in the other game, Montero did a great job of blocking the plate – not quite Sciosciaesque, but compared with the Poseur who tries to make a sweep tag from the on-deck, very impressive.

          • Anonymous

            It was impressive the way Montero was able to “short hop” the throw to the plate.  The throw really handcuffed him.  But being a pro he stayed with the throw and blocked the plate nicely.  Great play but send the runner anyway.  Make them throw you out.  They did on Saturday but not on Sunday.

          • KT

            Did he send him or was that Victorinos decision on the short fly ball to Upton…Usually a tag on a flyball to RF is the runners decision isn’t it?

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know, but I think you send a runner with Victorino’s speed anyway – the pressure’s on the outfielder and catcher to combine on a perfect play. No second-guessing on my part, for that play at least.

  68. Anonymous

    I hope today’s stellar infield defense helps bury the myth that our barely-high-A infield of a month ago was at least good on defense.  It wasn’t.  It was almost as horrible as it was on offense.

    Let’s hope that our new BBC is starting to feel some of the competitive fire known by true winners.

    Unless I’m mistaken, Hanley and Gonzo have as many pennants as Donnie B.

    • Anonymous

      Loney was always a good defensive first baseman, but I think Gonzo may be better. Ellis no change at second, but I think Hanley’s limited range but good reactions make him better at third. In the meantime, Cruz has played exceptionally well at third, but his long-term offense is open to question.

  69. Anonymous

    Was over at a friend’s house – fellow Dodgers fan – BBQ w/4 different families – watchin’ the game in his backyard, when Gonzo comes up in the 9th – the sitiuation felt good, it felt right. The whole progression of the inning up to that point was smooth – there was no sense of desperation to me, as Gonzo was walking to the plate my friend said, ” A double down the line here can catapult this team!”
    Well, we had a good laugh, and then we laughed some more. 

  70. Anonymous

    Still a little shocked J Jr goes under the knife in a few days.

    Good luck, Jerry.

    I really wanted him on this team.

  71. KT

    Pirates in trouble now down 5-0 to Astros in the top of 5

  72. Anonymous

    Cardinals up 1-0 on the Mets after two innings.

    • KT

      Nothing to do right now so I’m flipping bck and forth between this game and the pirate game…usually i don’t watch anyone but the Dodgers
      Pirates score now 5-1

  73. Anonymous

    Through six innings in Atlanta, the Braves lead the Rockies 6-0. The Braves have two hits.

  74. Anonymous

    The Cubbies hanging in there with the Nationals.  Only down 1-0…if it matters to anyone.  Does it matter to anyone????

    • Anonymous

      Well, I kinda care, since I live in DC.  Boswell had a column in the WaPo today on the Natz chances moving forward.  He says that they count among their starters 4 of the top 15 in ERA and WHIP in the NL, and 4 of the top 9 starters in average fastball velocity.   And….this excludes Strasburg.

  75. KT

    Pirates lose 5-1

  76. Anonymous

    When Adrian was running the bases, I noticed that he stepped on third base just before everybody else mobbed him… for a moment there I thought we had seen what nobody had ever seen before: The Walk-Off Triple!
    Not the case, they scored it a double :(

    • Anonymous

       By my understanding of the rules, it should have been scored a triple.

      • Jibin Park

        Victorino must have scored before Adrian hit the bag, so that would make it a double… unless Victorino ran the bases really slowly….

  77. Anonymous

    This is the first time in months that I don’t feel like the game is hopeless when we’re a run behind going to the ninth inning.

  78. Anonymous

    Snakes tie it up at 4

  79. Farewell, Michael Clarke Duncan.

  80. Anonymous

    …and now have taken the lead thanks to our old friend Mota.

  81. Anonymous

    Wow, our good old friend Guillermo “Backard running away from Mike Piazza / Traded on the LoDuca deal / twice PED-offender” Mota has helped the DBacks take a 6-4 lead!

  82. Anonymous

    And another run! This time they’re doing it to George “sounds like an efficient copier” Kontos! 7-4

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