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Billingsley’s season is over

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Mark Ellis, 2B
Shane Victorino, LF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Matt Kemp, CF
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Luis Cruz, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Aaron Harang, P

The Dodgers placed Chad Billingsley on the 60-day disabled list, ending his 2012 season after one of the hottest stretches of his career. He finishes with a 3.55 ERA (107 ERA+).

Coming to the team is left-handed reliever Steven Rodriguez from Double-A Chattanooga. Drafted just this past June from Florida, Rodriguez had 22 strikeouts against 14 baserunners in 13 2/3 innings.

* * *

First thing Thursday, I’m headed to the Toronto Film Festival, where I will be spending six days seeing movies, conducting interviews and writing for Variety. It’s going to be a murderous schedule, so rather than have this site go completely dormant, I’ve conscripted Bob Timmermann to take the reins. Enjoy, and here’s hoping things are looking bright for the Dodgers when I return.


More bullpen woes: Javy Guerra injures oblique


Resting up for the trip Up North


  1. Anonymous

    btimmer will be our manager for the day, just like Nomar was when he started AJ.  Congrats, btimmer!  :)

    • Anonymous

      There’s a new sheriff in town!

    • foul tip

       Let’s hope no umpire throws Bob out for arguing catcher’s interference or 4-inning saves or something to do with Ortizes.

      Dunno how deep the DT bench is after Bob.    ;-])

    • Anonymous

      As new manager, I think btimmer should get to write a new Rule 13.  :)

      • Anonymous

        I rarely conscript a reliever, but when I do I use btimmer.  – The Most Interesting Man in the World

  2. Anonymous

    Terrible news for Bills. Hopefully he’ll be ready next ST. So in a five game series who gets the ball in game 2?

    • foul tip

       Most likely Beckett.

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully, he’s ready by spring.  Has word yet been said on what the actual injury is?  I know Kasten feared TJ surgery, but he also said he had no medical basis on which to make that statement.

    • Anonymous

      Beckett was added when Bills was on the DL, so our starters will remain Kershaw, Harang, Beckett, Blanton, and Capuano, not necessarily in that order.

      Chances are that, if we make the postseason, we will have been scruffing… I mean, struggling :) to make it all the way through that last series vs the ‘ants, so we won’t have a chance to “reset” the rotation to start with our ace and then our #2, #3, etc. We’ll have to use them in whatever order they’re rested, with only minor rearranging. And if we’re the wild card, we may “burn” our best starter available for that WC game.

  3. SteelMohawk

    For me, Bills season will be his amazing last two months, and extreme empathy for a guy who got nipped by the injury bug at the worst possible moment in his season.

  4. Dave Birrell

    Welcome to Canada Jon!

    That would have made more sense if it had been posted under my usual name of Winnipeg Dave…

    • Anonymous

      Many many years ago I was in Canada and loves it there. I was in and around Toronto on a cammping exchange program near a place called Lake Clearwater. (2 camps – Pioneer camps and a place called circle square ranch)

  5. Anonymous

    Current Dodger 3-3 Homestand:   6 games, batted in 59 innings — no runs in 45 of those innings, 1 run in 11 innings, 2 runs in 3 innings.   No inning with more than 2 runs.

    At conclusion of each inning (total of 60 here because Dodgers didn’t bat in the bottom of the 9th in the 2-1 win):   Leading at conclusion of inning — 9 times.   Tied at conclusion of inning — 26 times.  Trailed at conclusion of inning — 25 times.  This includes the two innings that we won on walk-offs.

  6. I note that so far Bob hasn’t weighed in on his promotion. Jon, are you sure you really asked him? ;)

    (Note: I’m suffering from periodontal surgery’s effects today. The Dodgers had better play well and win or my pain will be compounded.)

    • Anonymous

      Based on how this game has started, I hope you have plenty of painkillers.

      • Yeah, me too. I’m too doped up, but somebody ought to see if we haven’t been behind after the first inning in something like 9 of the last 10 games or more. It sure seems like it.

    • Anonymous

      It’s true that there is nothing worse than periodontal pain-post surgery, unless it is poor Dodger play when facing division teams who are nominally worse.

      •  Well, since this is my second and much the less invasive surgery in two months, I’d have to say that surgery which removes your uvula while hunting for cancer cells is a little more painful. After that, this is a piece of cake.

        They found none when they did that, by the way. Dodged a humongous bullet, I did.

        • Anonymous

          Sincerely hope every thing goes well LM. You are one of the first Bloggers I remember noticing, and I hope you are around for many more!

          •  Thanks. So far so good. The follow-up PET/CT scans also showed no spread, so they’re pretty convinced they got it all. I’m lucky.

  7. Anonymous

    As Jon knows, I’m not really a TV person, but I have been watching a series on Netflix called “Murdoch Mysteries” set in 1890s Toronto. Worth a look for its clever detective, period re-creation, and humor.

  8. Anonymous

    It is so sad to see Bills go away for 18 M0s,till he can throw and realistically 2 years till he can start again. Because somehow he had just figured it out and was the best Dodger starter for his last 8 games( or whatever.) There are so many reasons the Dodgers pitching is not ready for the very best, as much of the team is. Oh Well!! We will watch the team twitch and maybe win!!!! Though I am not sure how!!

    • Anonymous

       I think that sort of pessimism is a little premature.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah–I do get pessimistic sometimes with the Dodgers. I’m not sure if it is a strength or weakness!!!

  9. KT

    Come on DP

  10. already behind. every single game it seems. 

  11. A very ugly 1st inning

  12. Blue-eyed Gal

    All right, that’s quite enough of that! (giving up runs in first to a mediocre team… Even if the Pads have been on fire lately.)

  13. KT

    Good Hit Shane

  14. Anonymous

    And then the rally died

  15. Anonymous

    72 pitches after 2.2, i think the bullpen is going to get another workout

  16. KT

    Come on Gonzo

  17. KT

    Come on Matty

  18. What has happened to Harang?  79 pitches through 3 innings!  If we could ever get the offense and pitching on the same page, we might could pick up some ground.

  19. Anonymous

    Well, that was nice by Victorino. (Double nice).

  20. T.M. Brown

    That little hanging curve that Harang throws for a first strike every time should be absolutely crushed by a good hitter the third time he sees it. He should be happy he’s facing the Padres and not the Yanks or Rangers. 

    That being said: he’s having a halfway decent game! Now for some timely doubles…

  21. Anonymous

    Big hits have not been invisible on this homestand, but they have been infrequent.  Let’s hope we get one in this inning.

  22. KT

    IFR twice OMG

  23. KT

    We should be scoring a whole lot more with these opportunities

  24. Anonymous

    interesting game in Gnatville (for 2 reasons)

  25. Anonymous

    I’m not greedy, but next innings lets see if we can improve on ‘just a single’

  26. Anonymous

    We sure are fond of gettin people on base.  And leaving them there.  Matt.

  27. Anonymous

    6-0 in the ‘other’ game. Our chance is today

  28. Anonymous

    What was the name of the hotel Vinny referenced when talking about the 1955 celebration?  I missed it

    • Anonymous

      I wasn’t listening to Vinny, but the hotel in Brooklyn where the Dodgers held their victory party after winning the World Series in 1955 was the Hotel Bossert.  I seem to recall a photo of Don Zimmer jumping on a trampoline at the victory party in the hotel.

      • Anonymous

        From, by Tot Holmes, written after Johnny Podres died more than four years ago:

        “There was a hell of a party that night at the Hotel Bossert in Brooklyn,” Podres told Donald Honig in “The October Heroes.” “Boy, the champagne! There was one guy there who kept telling me he’d been waiting for this since 1916.” Podres was justifiably named the most valuable player of the World Series. “I guarantee, there was more celebrating in Brooklyn that day than there was for the end of World War II,” Buzzie Bavasi, the Dodgers’ general manager at the time, said a half-century later. 

  29. Anonymous

    I totally blew it on the trivia quiz:  I had Garvey, Willie Davis, and the Duke.  Only 1 out of 3.

  30. Anonymous

    Puttin it out there – Sandoval’s attitude belongs in the NFL more so than his body does.

  31. When did Shane get blue gloves? I was away all weekend and just noticed.

  32. Anonymous


  33. Anonymous

    What happened?  All gameday says is flyout to deep center…  was it close?

  34. Anonymous

    To Artieboy:  A truly wonderful book on the Brooklyn Dodgers is “The Brooklyn Dodgers Photographs of Barney Stein, 1937-1957.”  Stein was the Dodgers’ official team photographer all those years, and the book is a great collection of black-and-white photos.   It has been marked down from its original price of $27.95. It was published in 2007.

    • Anonymous

      Correction:  The title is “Through a Blue Lens:  The Brooklyn Dodgers Photographs of Barney Stein, 1937-1957.”

      • Anonymous

        I saw that book at my local Barnes and Noble.  I put it on my long baseball book wish list.  There was a cool photo of a young Vinny squatting in front of the dugout with a cigarette in hand speaking to (I believe) Gil Hodges.  I’m gonna move it up on my list :) 

        • Anonymous

          The cover photo shows the Dodgers marching in across Ebbets Field.  It is probably Opening Day of 1956,  Bunting is draped over the front of the second deck.  The World Series pennant is likely about to be raised.  In the front of the line are the twosome of Jim Gilliam and Don Newcombe.  Jackie Robinson, in the second row, is tucked behind them.  Gil Hodges is a little further back in front of Don Drysdale, who debuted in 1956.

  35. Anonymous

    nice, 2 outs on 3 pitches (now time for the batters to make it count)

  36. Anonymous

    Why was Cruz removed in a double switch?   Replacing the one guy who has been consistent with the bat with Kennedy makes little sense to me, unless I missed something.

  37. Anonymous

    I wish Cruz was still in the game to bat this innings

  38. Anonymous

    Was going to be the 3rd or 4th person to make that comment about Cruz…

    Donnie?  Really?  

  39. Anonymous

    i know the lefty / righty thing, but Rivera was probably a better bet to tie it up with one swing

  40. Anonymous

    Wow I  love    but they _____ Oh well.

  41. KT

    Bullpen is horendous

  42. Anonymous

    Ugh, I hate watching this team the way it’s playing right now, but I can’t look away.

  43. Anonymous

    We seem to be constitutionally incapable of winning if the Giants lose.

  44. Anonymous


  45. Anonymous

    Just not acceptable.  Its the Padre’s, guys.

  46. Anonymous

    Another nail in the coffin.

  47. Anonymous

    Now let me get this right.  Donnie pulls Cruz in a double switch, which allows Abreu to strike out in Cruz’ spot in the 8th inning and allows Kennedy to go 0-for-2 and not hit the ball out of the infield either time.  If we fail to make the playoffs, I am growing more convinced that Mattingly will not be retained, particularly because Kasten knows baseball inside and out.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget the part where he just burned Rivera to get the lefty out of the game.  Since he knew that would happen, why not sacrifice, oh, I dunno, Uribe?  Rivera coulda hit for Kennedy in the 9th.  Yeesh.

      •  He should have pinch hit for Ethier with Rivera. Ethier has as much chance vs a lefty reliever as I do.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, I heard you are a pretty good hitter vs. lefties.

          • Anonymous

            I am still waiting for the stat on what Ethier is hitting against lefty relievers.  I know he’s had a homer or two, but overall I suspect that his numbers are poor.

      • Anonymous

        Good points.  Very frustrating evening once more.  I am glad that tomorrow is a day off…..I wonder if Donnie is handicapped because he played his entire career in the American League, where pitchers don’t bat except in interleague games, and he doesn’t understand all the nuances of pinch-hitting when the pitcher is due up.  Just a theory.

    • that’s how I feel about Ned. Like they spent all this money, made all these trades to try but can’t get past all his weaknesses he brought to this roster.

  48. Anonymous

    Decent pitching and terrible situational hitting again – it’s like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, all over again, and again, and again, and….

    • Except in the end Bill gets the girl. Which would be like the Dodgers doing this again, and again, and again, but still winning the World Series. Which just isn’t very likely.

    • Anonymous

      totally agree, I thought having the same quality lineup day in, day out would help, but apparently not

      • Anonymous

        It is a bit mystifying how there is a virtual teamwide failure to produce in the clutch.

  49. Anonymous

    Ready for more cliche answers in the post game interviews

  50. Anonymous

    I forget which inning, but after scoring a run, Dodgers had 1st and 3rd with no outs – Kemp, Ramirez, Ethier coming up and fail to score another run – this is happening almost every game – getting guys in scoring position with less than 2 outs and failing to score – just flat out WEAK baseball.

  51. Bah. 3 hits per inning 3 times, one run each inning. That is pitiful.

    • Anonymous

      How to be unclutch, by the August/September 2012 Dodgers.

  52. Anonymous

    We have been scored upon in the 1st inning in 12 of our last 20 games, including all three of these home games vs. the Padres and all three of the home games against the Giants last month.  In our last 10 games overall, we have been outscored 11-0 in the 1st inning.

    • That’s just so poor. So hard to get the offense going when you are always playing from behind. Maybe management shouldl try and change something up to wake them up before they are trailing in the game.

      • Anonymous

        5-Hour Energy drink?

      • Anonymous

        These road games will help. At least by the time they go down 1-0 they will already have had a chance to bat.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the inability to get out of the 1st inning unscathed is all the more frustrating when the starting pitcher then settles down and gives up nothing , or very little, the rest of the way. But, the offense is clearly the main culprit in these losses the past few weeks – the pitching has not been bad.

  53. Anonymous

    Maybe we could just cut out the middle men and buy a few wins from Selig.

  54. Anonymous

    Another losing homestand, another lost series to a (statistically) weaker team.  It wouldn’t be so bad, but we got our hopes up with the great start, then again with the trades.

    At least football is starting!

  55. Anonymous

    This is a soul crushing experience! Every night it seems the Ds are finding new ways to break my (our) hearts! C’mon man! Let’s get the brooms out and sweep the freakin’ Giants!

  56. Anonymous


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