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More bullpen woes: Javy Guerra injures oblique

Padres at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Kershaw CXLV: Kershawncle Bill the Sailor
Mark Ellis, 2B
Shane Victorino, LF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Matt Kemp, CF
Hanley Ramirez, SS
Andre Ethier, RF
Luis Cruz, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Clayton Kershaw, P

Javy Guerra, who has allowed 13 baserunners in 12 1/3 innings with a 0.00 ERA since July 28, has been placed on the disabled list with a left oblique strain.

That move, coming even with rosters expanded in September, hints that Guerra is not likely to see much action for the remainder of the regular season, if any.

Guerra pitched one game following his recall from Albuquerque, retiring three of four batters on Sunday. Josh Wall, the closer for playoff-bound Albuquerque, has been brought up to shore up the depleted Dodger bullpen.

* * *

Tonight, Clayton Kershaw faces old friend Eric Stults. The lefty, now 32, has a 2.43 ERA in 63 innings for San Diego, 1.86 since July.

* * *

Update: Steve Dilbeck of the Times tweets the following: “Kenley Jansen to stay on blood thinners 10 more days, hopes to return Sept. 17; plans offseason surgery to fix heart problem.”



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Billingsley’s season is over


  1. As I mentioned in the last thread, Sept. 18 is the target date for Jansen’s return. That’s the start of a long road trip. The 17th is an off day.

  2. Anonymous

    Great news for Jansen personally

  3. Anonymous

    Sounds as if John Ely fans may find this month rewarding. Otherwise, Cruz has done everything else he’s been asked…

  4. Anonymous

    I like the “regular” lineup.  No need to platoon when you have these guys in the starting 8.  The occasional Treanor or Herrera should be limited to day games after night games at this point.  

    • Anonymous

      I just wish Kemp, Gonzo and Victorino would get out of their slumps so it feels more like a regular lineup of those 8.

      • Anonymous

        Why again is Kemp behind Gonzo? 3-6 should be Kemp, Gonzo, Hanley, Ethier IMHO.

    • Anonymous

      I’m all for having a semi-set lineup, but I’d be very interested to hear Donnie’s rationale in latching onto this particular one.  Especially considering it’s struggling to produce.  Kemp’s done pretty, pretty, pretty good since settling into the #3 slot, but has gone 2 for 16 since moving to cleanup.  

      Personally, I’d like to see:
      M. Ellis
      A.J. Ellis

      • KT

        I like that one but as of now we are getting to the pitcher with the back of the lineup where they think they can “relax” a little…the hole is Shane…love his defense but his stick has to turn around

      • Anonymous

        I like that one.  Victorino is making his way down the order in much the same way he did with the Phils, which is why I didn’t much care for his acquisition.  

        Alternatively, why not pop Cruz in the 2-hole until he cools off again?  

  5. Anonymous

    So, let’s assume we finish ahead of the Cards, but, otherwise, the relative records stay the same – does that mean we would play the Nats after beating Atl?

    • Anonymous

      The winner of the wild card game will play the top-seeded division winner.  Right now that could be the Nationals or Reds; their records are similar.

  6. Anonymous

    For all your geometry fans, is it possible that Guerra’s injury is so serious that it is an acute oblique?

    • Anonymous

      The fact that he’s been seen and treated by a doctor at least indicates he’s not being obtuse.

    • Anonymous

      Doctor:  Your wife has acute angina!
      Patient’s husband smiles.

  7. Anonymous

    This is really Kershaw CXLV? My, how time flies.

  8. Anonymous

    What is our bullpen at this point?
    At the back are the kiddies Tolleson and Wall plus the long man Wright. Then we have the gritty veterans Guerrier, League, and Choate. And up front Belisario. Is that it? Did I miss someone?

    • Anonymous

      You missed Ely.  Also, Jansen has not been put on the DL – not that it matters after rosters expand – so he’s technically in the bullpen too. He is now expected to be able to pitch Sept 18.

  9. Anonymous

    So far tonight, in Atlanta, the Bravos are having the same problems with the Rocks that the Dodgers did in LA.

  10. Anonymous

    Bummer – it seemed Guerra had started pitching better lately, and poof! – another one bites the dust.
    Here’s hoping that the starters can continue to pitch well, and the bats can start clicking and putting up some crooked numbers more often than they have been lately.

  11. Anonymous

    So we could find ourselves tonight in a world where the Orioles and Yankees are tied for first on September 4. I kept looking at the Orioles roster last night trying to figure out why they have the record they do.
    Aside from having a good bullpen, I’m at a loss.

    • Anonymous

       Anything that keeps the Yanquis out of the post-season is fine with me.

    • Anonymous

      They’re winning 12-0.

      For one thing, they have almost twice as many HR as the Dodgers (167 vs 93).

  12. Anonymous

    Guerra could still be available for the last two weeks of the season right?  When is he scheduled to come of the DL?

  13. Anonymous

    Jansen’s procedure will be cardiac ablation, which involves destroying small parts of the heart that cause irregular rhythms. Sounds scary. Wish KJ only the best.

    • Anonymous

      “Making polenta is a procedure. This is major surgery.” – Moe 

  14. KT

    what’s with 1st inning Hr’s?

  15. Anonymous

    Some bad habits don’t go away easy :(

  16. Anonymous

    1 pitch, 1 run – even Kershaw is not immune.

  17. KT

    Blacked out on ESPN…Lucky I have MLB Radio and FSSD

    •  I just got here to complain about the same thing. Suddenly MLB has gotten very aggressive about blacking out these West Coast games. Up until earlier this year I had never ever been unable to watch a Dodgers game on any ESPN channel.

      This stinks.

      • KT

        I still have eyes but now the radio feed is ahead of the sd broadcast…Just don’t care to listen to Tony

      • Anonymous

        Why would you expect to find it on an ESPN channel? It’s on KCAL: tonight. It’s also on ESPN outside LA?

  18. KT

    Way to start it off Mark!!

    Come on Shane

  19. Anonymous

    Meanwhile, the Twins have scored 17 runs at Chicago and it’s just the 5th inning. They had a 7-run 2nd and a 10-run 5th. 

  20. Anonymous

    That’s what Mattingly gets for the idiotic bunting.

  21. KT

    Mark looked safe to me fro the outfield shot

  22. KT

    Come on DP

  23. Anonymous

    What the —
    Mark Ellis doubles and gets to third, and I was thinking–this guy is one of these middle infield types the Giants and Colletti likes. He actually may be OK. and not one of these spies who wants to undermine the Dodgers. Then he lets himself get picked–off? This and Kershaw allowing the opposition to go ahead in the first inning must be a conspiracy!( This is a satire on the kind of angry post Jon rightly finds overdone.)

  24. Anonymous

    I always liked Eric Stults when he was with the Dodgers – he did well for them as far as I can remember.
    Good to see him doing well in SD.
    Hope he gets pounded tonight, though.

  25. KT

    good play Gonzo

  26. KT

    good SAC Clayton

  27. Anonymous

    Just back from seeing the Natz beat the Iowa Cubs, with Old Friend Edwin Jackson getting the win.  These guys are something like 31 games over .500!  Surprised that there are no calls for the Kid’s head after he gave up the first inning dinger.

  28. KT

    Stienered…Kemp wasn’t that close to the ball

  29. Anonymous

    Yes, the Tampa Bay Rays are coming to Dodger Stadium next year. Dodgers are playing every team in the AL East.

    Shaikin LAT article:,0,2778571.story


  30. KT

    Beautiful pitch

  31. KT

    Good start Gonzo

  32. KT

    Way to get in scoring position Hanley

  33. Anonymous

    Love Andre for running that out.  Speaks volumes.

    Hoping you can get yourself right Kenley, best wishes.

  34. Anonymous

    Snakes up 4-2, now just hold that lead today!

  35. KT

    AZ up 6-2

  36. KT

    Luis!…way to start it off

  37. Anonymous

    Vogelsong was knocked out in the top of the 4th on Hill’s two-run homer.  Giants, trailing 6-2, coming up in the bottom of the 4th.

  38. Anonymous

    Victorino needs to be stopped.

  39. KT

    Need a K here

  40. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if Koufax ever gave up a first inning, first pitch home run?  A homer to the leadoff hitter in the first inning?

  41. KT

    Nice Pitch Clayton

  42. Anonymous

    Kershaw is a very gritty pitcher.

  43. KT

    Gonzo!! way to start it off
    Come on Matty…you’re due

  44. KT

    Way to go Matty!
    Come on Hanley

  45. KT

    Gonzo chatting all his old teammates

  46. KT

    Come on Dre…Let’s get #1001

  47. KT

    And this inning looked like it had so much potential

  48. KT

    Come on Luis

  49. Anonymous

    Lately, we seem to bollox innings when Kershaw is pitching.

  50. Anonymous

    So the Dodgers finally have Stults on the ropes – 1st and 3rd, nobody out, and both Hanley and Ethier come up and swing at the 1st pitch  – textbook!

  51. KT

    LUIS!!!! Great Catch

  52. Koufax allowed two leadoff home runs. 
    Curt Flood hit one on a 2-2 count on 8/17/58

    John DeMerit hit one on an 0-1 count on 9/15/61.

    Both were hit to LCF in the Coliseum.

  53. KT

    AZ lead is now just 6-5

  54. KT

    Keep the tag on Mark…He came off the bag

  55. Anonymous

    Isn’t it time to give Victorino a day (or two or three) off?  I’ve still yet to see how he’s an upgrade over Rivera, whom, off the top of my head, since the Victorino trade has made more great plays in left (2) than Shane (0), with a fraction of the playing time.  Oddly.

  56. KT

    Nice Clayton…good game

  57. KT

    should have let it hit you AJ

  58. KT

    Nice hit AJ…good hustle

  59. KT

    Good SAC Adam

  60. KT

    AJ was unsure were to go on that hit…thought for sure he would score

  61. KT

    Come on Gonzo…break this one open

  62. That was a happy event. 

  63. Anonymous


  64. Clayton Kershaw allowed one leadoff homer before tonight: 9/1/10, on a 1-0 pitch to Jimmy Rollins.

    • Anonymous

      And thank you once more.

    • Anonymous

      Now you’ve got me really curious.  Had a Dodger pitcher ever previously allowed a first inning, first pitch home run?

      • Anonymous

        Don Sutton once did it on the first pitch of the first game of the season.

        • Gary Thomasson, come on down. 

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, BTimmer and Jon.  I don’t remember the Young homer, but I do remember Thomasson’s homer off Sutton on Opening Day in 1977.  I rushed home for lunch — I lived about 10 minutes away from my job — and missed the pitch.  Not realizing that Thomasson was batting leadoff, I got confused when the half-inning ended and saw it was 1-0 Giants.  Dodgers won the game.

      • Anonymous

        Hideo Nomo gave up a first pitch, leadoff home run to Eric Young of the Rockies on April 30, 1996.

  65. KT

    Good to see clayton going out with a chance to win

  66. KT

    Good SAC Adrian
    Come on Matty get that last duck

  67. KT

    tie game in SF

  68. San Fran playing out of their minds. 

  69. Anonymous

    Arizona-S.F. tied, 6-6, after 7.

  70. KT

    Time for a DP

  71. KT

    all that work for nothing…sorry Clayton

  72. Anonymous

    Runs — so tough to get, so easy to give up.

  73. KT

    leadoff runner on for AZ

  74. The bullpen is really hurting right now. Guerrier in the 8th in a close game?

  75. KT

    need a DP here

  76. Anonymous

    At the game. Talk about letting the air out of a stadium.

  77. Anonymous

    This game shows perfectly well why Kershaw has only 12 wins, and how the number of wins can be a misleading statistic.

  78. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, Jon’s title of this post was prophetic.  

    • Jibin Park

      Seriously.  Aptly put.  I was watching this game via DVR and finally caught up live.  I was ecstatic when Victorino got a hit and then we went up 3-1… then Guerrier comes in… argh… and 5 DVR seconds later, the game is tied…. :(

  79. Anonymous

    So Choate’s available, but we brought in Guerrier instead to let Headley hit from his vastly superior side?  

    • Anonymous

       Donnie understands everything about managing except strategy and tactics.

  80. Jibin Park

    It comes down to Choate, I suppose.  I like Choate vs. Kotsay.

  81. Jibin Park

    He looked quite safe.

  82. KT

    Just got Kotsey at 1st

  83. Jibin Park

    Actually, he was out…. Kotsay would have been safe were it not for that slow-down slide.

    • Anonymous

      That replay – showing two guys (in their late 30’s) running side-by-side to first – really did illustrate how diving slows you down.  The first part of the dive, Kotsay surges ahead of Choate, but the momentum quickly dissipates, and you know the rest.

  84. Jibin Park

    Still 6-6 SF AZ game… somehow the Gnats got out of a bases-loaded 1 out jam.

  85. KT

    AZ needs a DP
    We need to score 1

  86. That Guerrier contract really should have been lambasted even more than it was at the time.

  87. KT

    bases loaded 1 out for Gnats

  88. KT

    Way to get on Bobby

  89. Anonymous

    DP gets the snakes out of trouble!

    Tie game in SF still…

  90. Anonymous

    AGAIN I will belabor the maddening question of MY GOD why have we not called up at least ONE guy who can pinch run???  I hate to scream, but it’s truly infuriating.  

    • Jibin Park

      Abreu can still run. Sort of.

    • KT

      bobby is not a bad runner but did it matter Shane grounded out

      • Anonymous

        He’s indeed faster than he looks, but it would have mattered if, say, Shane doubled down the line.  Or if we had any interest in getting a guy into scoring position.

  91. KT

    DP!!!!…Still tied in SF going to the 9th

  92. Jibin Park

    League has pitched a LOT of late, but I wonder if he’d come in at some point…

  93. Anonymous

    Hoping Tommy Layne has a brother named Arnold.

  94. Jibin Park

    Wow… What a great catch by Upton on a 3-0 Sandoval 400+ flyball!

  95. Anonymous

    this is neck and neck, I don’t know which game to follow!

  96. KT

    Wow…we need a K here

  97. Anonymous

    Uh oh

  98. KT

    Good play Mark…still need a K

  99. Jibin Park

    I don’t like this.  This means we face Headley with the bases loaded more than likely.  

    • Anonymous

      maybe not :(

      • Jibin Park

        Which is why you don’t add that extra runner… just take your chances with Venable right there and then…. hindsight is 20/20 of course. Ely looks overmatched.

  100. Gameday’s version of “Tinker to Evans to Chance” is “In play, run(s)”

  101. KT

    Night all..I’ll catch the end tomorrow after Physical Therapy…Here’s to hoping we come back

  102. Anonymous

    What a collapse, disgusting.

  103. Anonymous

    salt in the wounds

  104. Anonymous

    Can’t watch this.  If Don trots out the same punchless lineup tomorrow, I won’t watch that either.

    •  Er, where will you find nine different guys to play?

      • Anonymous

        Kennedy 5
        Punto 4
        Kemp 8 (he gets the bye)
        Rivera 9
        Abreu 7
        Uribe 6
        Treanor 3
        Federowicz 2

        Nah, I really just meant that screwy order.

  105. Anonymous

    Even granting his limited options, Mattingly mismanaged the pen tonight.

    • Jibin Park

      Guerrier in the 8th killed us.  Just bring in Belisario for 2… and if not, have him pitch the 8th and then patch together a 9th with Choate and Wright or even League for 1 batter.

      • Jibin Park

        It was the mentality of “saving a closer” that did us in.

        • Jibin Park

          But then again, maybe Ethier will lead off the inning with a walk-off grand slam.

        • Anonymous

          That’s why Tony LaRussa should be sharing a cell with Bud Selig and B*rry B*nds for crimes against baseball.

  106. Anonymous

    The bullpen is weak right now, sure – and they’ll take the loss, but this game was lost not because of the weakened bullpen, but because of the lack of execution by the Dodgers hitters throughout the entire game. 6 leadoff hitters reach base out of the 1st 7 innings and you can only score one run? Just one of those runs score and this game is over after 9.

  107. Anonymous

    I think you have to put it on the hitting…  Padres were held to 3 runs through 10 innings.  We had our three stars come up in the bottom of the 10th and produce 3 K’s.  Cant do that in a tied extra inning game.  Against the Padres.

    • Jibin Park

      Seriously.  On Kemp.  It was his replica jersey night.

  108. Jibin Park

    At least the Dbacks pulled ahead in the T11th

  109. Anonymous

    Painnnnnnfulllllll gaaaaammmmeeeee

  110. Anonymous

    Kid K: 1 run in 7 innings.
    Bullpen: 5 runs in 4 innings

    Bullpen AND batting woes.  Gotta win at home.  Gotta beat the weaker teams.

  111. Anonymous

    C’mon snakes, hold on

  112. Anonymous

    Well at least the day wasn’t a total disaster :)

  113. Anonymous

    Goodness, thank you.  My heart couldn’t have taken that tonight..

  114. Anonymous

    The Giants tied an MLB record by using 11 pitchers tonight.

    • Anonymous

      I feel confident that most of us would abandon baseball before we would even think of becoming Gnatfans. At the same time, we may harbor a microscopic twinge of envy that they even have 10 relievers healthy enough to pitch in a game.

  115. Anonymous

    Was Troncoso so bad in Triple A? Geeeeeez. The bullpen is horrible and batting is even worse – not to mention two veterans making rookie mistakes at 3B. Yikes!!! Feel badly for Kershaw. Wish he could have gone another inning.

  116. Anonymous

    At this rate, the Dodgers are going to need to sweep the remaining 6 games against the Gnats.

    • Anonymous

      Well, at least 5 out of 6.

      If we assume the Dodgers and ‘ants do the same thing tonight – both win, or both lose – the Dodgers will enter this weekend’s series still 4.5 games behind.  At the end of the series, barring postponements, the Dodgers will be 1.5, 3.5, 5.5, or 7.5 games behind.  Which shows why they can’t lose more than one, and even one loss makes the battle for the division an uphill one.

      • Anonymous

        So many unpredictable things can happen in the last month of pennant races that nobody can say for sure what’s necessary. I do know that a Dodger sweep at The Phone Booth To Be Named Later would fuel my optimism.

  117. up until 3 days ago either of these guys have been throwing pitches at the MLB level in months and now they are deciding games for the team in the middle of a pennant race! yikes

  118. The bullpen management last night was…ummm…puzzling. However, I keep coming back to one inescapable fact: the one guy on this team that can put everyone on his back and carry them home is Matt Kemp. He is really scuffling right now, and probably pressing. But…nothing could ensure the playoffs more, right now, than Matt Kemp turning the next 4 weeks into another April, 2012 or September 2011. We’ve seen him do it before, on numerous occasions. The time is now, Matt. I truly believe that this will happen…just 2-3 weeks of The Real Matt Kemp, and we’ll be playing baseball at least into mid October. I believe it.

    • Anonymous

      This is nothing personal, but more a linguistic inquiry: When did “scuffling” become an apparent synonym for “struggling?” I’ve only heard it in a sports context but, in my opinion, “scuffling” is a form of physical fighting.

      I agree, last night’s bullpen usage was bewildering, even given the unavoidable shorthandedness.

      • Anonymous

        In the OED, definition 3 of scuffle is ”
        intr. To struggle through, on, along; hence, to go hurriedly and superficially (through or over some operation).”
        Which is about as close as I can find to the sports definition. The first usage for this dates back to 1785. American Jazz musicians of the 1930s and 1940s used “scuffling” meaning to ”
        To survive with difficulty, to make a bare living by uncongenial or degrading means
        In a Jim Murray column in 1966, he quotes Lou Johnson as saying “Taking your time is for guys with talent to burn. I’ve been scuffling all my life.” Whether Johnson meant that as a physical struggle or more of just managing to get by is something that Sweet Lou would have to explain.
        Then we go to January 14, 1987. Tom Friend of the LA Times interviews two of the best hitters in the majors: Tony Gwynn and Don Mattingly.

        Mattingly is quoted in part saying: “I’m a slow starter too. Maybe I’m hitting .290 or .300 early in the year, but I’m doing it real weak. SCUFFLING and getting a hit. SCUFFLING and getting a hit.”
        Gwynn then says laughing: Early in the year, I’m SCUFFLING!

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the insight and context. I have fond memories of Lou Johnson, and I respect the OED, but “scuffling” still sounds awkward to me in the sports context.

  119. Multiple reports this morning that Kemp is still playing through pain. 

  120. I think with Jansen, Guerra and Elbert out, and others worn down, I don’t see much Mattingly could do. I don’t see why Guerrier isn’t a guy you turn to in that situation. The result was unfortunate, but he certainly had enough prep time to make himself a viable choice. 

    If your best options are Belisario and League every single day, you’re screwed no matter what you do.

    • Anonymous

      The bullpen options at the time, with a 3-1 lead starting the 8th, were Ely (last pitched Tuesday 8/28), the injured Guerra (Sunday 9/2), Guerrier (Sunday 9/2), Tolleson (Sunday 9/2), Belisario (4 pitches Monday 9/3), Choate (4 pitches Monday 9/3), League (Monday 9/3), and Wright (Monday 9/3).  I would have had Tolleson start the 8th, and if he ran into trouble, brought in some combination of Belisario and Choate.  I was NOT comfortable with the selection of Guerrier at the time, with his recent loss to the Dbacks in mind. But I could understand why he chose him, given the choices available.

      I agree that you don’t want to run your best guys (currently Belisario and League) out there 4-5 days in a row. You hold them back and bring them in only when the game is on the line.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, that wasn’t a time to let a guy get some work in.  Sticking with Belisario and League in the 8th and 9th at this point is okay with me.

      • again how many times had league and belli pitched in the last few days. on one hand people here roast torre for overuse yet it’s ok here.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t worry about overusing League. I worry that Ned may offer him a contract even worse than Guerrier’s.

        • Anonymous

          >> how many times had league and belli pitched in the last few days.

          I did not suggest using League, who had 28 pitches the previous day but an off-day the day before that.  I suggested using Belisario, who only had 4 pitches the previous day (and pitched on two of the four days before that).

      • Anonymous

        He ended up using Choate anyway, when it would have made sense to use him earlier v. Headley, who is a weaker RH hitter than he is LH.

        • Anonymous

          You know, Vin made that point throughout the game, and I originally was incensed that he wasn’t brought in in that case.  But looking at his splits, the difference is pretty negligible.  He was followed by Quentin (R) and Grandal, who’s better as a righty.  So now I just throw my hands in the air.

  121. Despite all of WBB’s rule 8 breakages the Giants are unlikely to be caught by the Dodgers. The Giants currently have far superior pitching. You’d like to think 300 plus million made the Dodgers the better hitting team but so far that’s not an obvious fact. The continuing weak efforts against the worst teams in baseball show the Dodgers are not playoff worthy. 

    On a positive note if Hanley can stay on his present course his trade can certainly be called a success. He’s not going to be the force he was 3 years ago but he will hit home runs and drive in runs. That’s pretty good at SS or 3B. Let’s hope Manny Mota can keep on top of him regarding his other issues. 

    What’s the over/under next year for the final Dodger payroll tally. Could they reach $230 Million?

    • Blue-eyed Gal

      “You’d like to think 300 plus million made the Dodgers the better hitting team but so far that’s not an obvious fact.”

      Yeppers. It’s frustrating: the Dodgers have usually had good pitching more than good hitting, and now we finally get the bats, but still not great hitting, and too many pitching injuries and/or tired arms.

      It does feel like a long shot at this point.

      On the other hand, Lincecum is no longer automatic, and our recently-acquired big bats DO have the capacity to go on a tear in ways that we just couldn’t expect before. I don’t think it’s unfair to hope and expect better offense out of this lineup than it’s currently producing.

      I just don’t know if it’s enough. With our bullpen and rotation stretched to the breaking point by injuries and fatigue among the more reliable arms, we NEED the bats to be on fire to make up for pitching woes.  And we need the other 3 big bats to help make up the deficit with Kemp banged up.

      They aren’t doing it. But they could do it. 

      The Giants are in front and on better footing right now, and there’s not much time left for an upset. But the remaining series we play against them still provide opportunities for the Dodgers to fight back. 

  122. Anonymous

    The Mets beat the Cardinals 6-2, so the Dodgers can move back to within 1/2 game of WC2 with a win tonight.

  123. Anonymous

    Burning question: with the importance of the Giants series, might Mattingly consider pitching Kershaw on regular rest on Sunday?  Scioscia’s doing it with Weaver for the rest of the season, and why wouldn’t we do the same with our ace?  I think Blanton currently lines up with Sunday, and that would be a great time to skip him.  

  124. Anonymous

    McCarthy – the A’s pitcher who started against the Angels today, took a hard line drive right to his head just above his right ear. It seemed to actually knock him out momentarily, as he crumpled to the ground and his head slammed back and hit the ground. Scary moment – he did walk off the field after a while, so it doesn’t look to be serious.

    • Anonymous

       I presume he’s being evaluated for concussion symptoms.

  125. Wednesday night is Paco Night! 

    Dodgers are making room on the roster for Steven “Paco” Rodriguez, he’s at Dodger Stadium as we speak. (as per Eric Stephen of TBLA.)
    Also found this tweet from someone who writes on scouting for ESPN Insider
    Kiley McDaniel ‏@kileymcdDodger fans are going to love Paco Rodriguez. Seen him a ton this year, good every time. Bits of real panther,

    (Not sure which bits of panther he has in him but hopefully they are good bits!)

    Will be very curious to see him, and if nothing else it’s great to have another LHP in the pen again.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that was fast!  He was just drafted this year.  And has a grand total of 19.2 innings pitched in professional ball.  He’s 21 years old.  Since he’s obviously being considered because of throwing with his left arm, I looked up his splits in his 13.2 innings at Chattanooga.  Both of his runs were allowed against left-handed hitters, but he has a better WHIP vs lefties (4 H 1 BB in 6.2 IP vs lefties, 3 H 5 BB in 7 IP vs righties).  Standard disclaimers regarding small data apply.

      Who would have expected him to leapfrog Lee, Reed, Webster-Watson, Seager, and Puig into the bigs?  :)

      Oh, and remember when we faced Tyler Skaggs of the Dbacks a few games ago, and they said he was the youngest player in the majors? Rodriguez is only three months older than Skaggs.

      • Anonymous

        Can we vote on who gets DFA’ed to clear room on the 40-man?  :)

        (I’m guessing someone goes onto the 60-day DL to make space. Probably Bills, or else Elbert or Guerra.)

        • Anonymous

          I have a nominee, but will refrain from mentioning his name with due respect to Rule No. 8.

    • Anonymous

      In River Plate Spanish, “paco” is a slang term for crack cocaine. I hope and presume his nickname has nothing to do with this but, just in case, keep an eye out for Belisario.

  126. I think the assumption that Belisario and League would be lights out, given their recent workload, while a rested Guerrier was doomed to failure, is inherently flawed.

    And choosing Tolleson, who has certainly had his implosions, over Guerrier, seems to me a coin toss at best. Yes, Guerrier had a bad outing – that hardly makes him unique on the current staff.

  127. Last night I was interested in seeing the “new” John Ely. Well…it was just one game, but he appeared to me to be the same old soft-tosser…a guy who needs absolutely perfect command to survive. Still, one game, I understand.

    • Anonymous

      Right on the money. I was disappointed also, but yes it is just one game. To see the new Ely, he has to start a game! But the pessimists are likely right about him, but it may be worth the risk as the new look Dodgers may already be to deep to reach the surface for a breath.

  128. Anonymous

    The Dodgers are calling him Steven Rodriguez. And that’s how the University of Florida called him this year:

    With Billingsley going to the 60-day DL, I guess he can ease up on the PRP ejections.

  129. VODF wrote: “You’d like to think 300 plus million made the Dodgers the better hitting team but so far that’s not an obvious fact.” Well….they are a better hitting team than they were, and probably a better hitting team than the Giants. The problem is that all players slump, even very good hitters, at various times during the year, sometimes for several weeks at a time. Over the course of a 6 month season, it all evens out and players find their customary levels. However, with these late season trades, you’re essentially betting that you’re going to get the best of what every player can do over this tightly constricted period of time…but it usually doesn’t work that way.
    At the moment, Ethier and Ramirez are hitting relatively well, while Kemp, Gonzales, and Victorino are slumping. Over a 6 month season, this ebb and flow happens without us noticing…but this one month fight for our lives magnifies everything. Hopefully, we’ll get 4 of these guys hot at the same time for a week or two…if it happens its hello wild card, particularly if it’s Kemp, who can absolutely carry a team.
    VODF wrote: “What’s the over/under next year for the final Dodger payroll tally. Could they reach $230 Million?” Not quite sure I understand the obsession with the teams payroll, but it’s been established that it will be somewhere around $192 Million. 2013 figures to be the only year of this next 4 year cycle where payroll will be out of step with revenue, or could potentially have limited flexibility.  But…a full year of Ramirez and Gonzales, plus the presumed return to health of Kemp will make next years team a far different proposition than this years team.

  130. Anonymous

    Welp, lineup’s out.  Same as it ever was, twas ever thus.  As promised, I’m sitting this one out.

  131. Anonymous

    Interesting bringing in someone who has never pitched above A ball at this crucial time, where every play is crucial.

    • Anonymous

      Rodriguez pitched more innings at AA than A.

    • Anonymous

       It would be nice to let him get his bearings in the late innings of a laugher over the Pads.

      • Anonymous

        As a relatively unknown quantity, he’s likely to only get a chance in the late innings of blowouts, or in extras when we’re running out of pitchers.  Or maybe as a LOOGY, where less is on the line with one batter.

  132. Anonymous

    I know this may be kind of snarky. But I have found a fun thing to do with my Directtv subscription.
    (and for what it costs, one should be able to have fun). Anywho, Most games have two channels, and one is each teams home broadcast. So you examine the two broacasts,and see which reveals its affiliation quicker. Very often one is hard to figure, and the other is very partisan. Is there an intellectual pay-off. Perhaps in some of these pairs you find a very prominent team of homers.
    This can be helpful.

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