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Expectant papa A.J. Ellis on mend after knee surgery

A.J. Ellis is recovering from surgery for a torn meniscus in his left knee, according to his wife Cindy on Twitter. Ellis needs to get well soon because Cindy is expecting their next child in two weeks. Best wishes to all!



Pop fry


Four years ago, Manny Ramirez sought a six-year contract


  1. Anonymous

    I really like this posting….
    Good news, concise, straight from the source….

    PS – Jon, with your last posting, “Pop Fry” …
    When I saw the title on the RSS feed, I figured you had written a post on Japanese baseball… :-)

    • Anonymous

       Once, at a Japanese restaurant in Palo Alto, I saw a sign that said “Waitless wanted.”

  2. Anonymous

    Seen on billboard:

    Eat Now,Pay Waiter

  3. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness, those tweets are priceless. That’s either a marriage on the rocks, or true love :)

    And, the ‘alternative’ interpretation by Jon is classic.

  4. Jon, is there a trick to logging in with Facebook at Variety? (You typo’ed my name, after all these years :) ).

  5. Blue-eyed Gal

    I think AJ is onto something with the iPadTeddyBear idea.
    Also, Cindy’s retort is cute. Good luck to both and especially Cindy! 

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