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Baseball, you’re so baseball

Of course, the perfect Dodger bullpen would fall apart on the night Juan Uribe hit his first home run since the golden age of Vaudeville.

Just like Uribe couldn’t hit that home run without grounding into a double play with the bases loaded in the first inning.

Just like the San Diego Padres, who were 1-5 with 14 runs all season before tonight, were able to score more runs in the eighth inning than they had in any entire game all season, finishing off a 9-3 whomping of Los Angeles.

Remember, the Dodgers had allowed only six earned runs in 2013 before this one.

Carl Crawford went 2 for 4 with a walk, though he unfortunately made his third out in six starts on the bases. You can stack that alongside three double plays the Dodgers hit into, along with a 1-for-9 performance by the team with runners in scoring position, to illustrate why the team had 15 baserunners and scored thrice.

But at least those guys from Boston can hit …

… because right now, it’s not clear that Josh Beckett can pitch. But check back with me in a week, because baseball will no doubt continue to be baseball.

Some tweets from late in the game:


Must-read on Jackie Robinson, by Ron Rapoport


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  1. KT

    Since Jon had to do an NPUT on me…Here it is again

    Well finally settled down after coming home from the game. Here’s the score:

    2 Carl Crawford and 2 Mark Ellis signatures.

    1 slightly marked game ball (almost had another during batting practice but a big man hip checked my daughter out of the way).

    4 give away Ex-large Padre Tee shirts (rags/housework shirts) 2 from the very drunk guys sitting behind her that spilled beer on her (not once or twice, but 3 times). I mean one of the guys dropped 2 full beers on the ground in a row and this was in the 2nd or third inning

    1 foam padre baseball and a plastic SD helmet

    And since there were a lot of runners on 3rd base my daughter got to see herself on TV a lot

    Other than the loss a pretty good day

    • Forgot to look for you and your daughter, hope you guys had fun despite the result. Sounds like if anything it was eventful. Here’s to hoping Bills is ready and dealing tomorrow.

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