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Must-read on Jackie Robinson, by Ron Rapoport

This piece on Jackie Robinson’s final days in 1972 at L.A. Observed’s Native Intelligence was written by former Los Angeles Times and Daily News sportswriter Ron Rapoport. Portions ran previously in the Los Angeles Times Magazine, but anyone interested in Robinson should read it in its entirety.

Dodgers at Padres, 3:40 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Juan Uribe, 3B
Andre Ethier, RF
A.J. Ellis, C
Justin Sellers, SS
Josh Beckett, P


Player of the game: Juan Uribe


Baseball, you’re so baseball


  1. Anonymous

    Heart wrenching.

  2. Onlyatriple

    This is truly fascinating Jon. His real story is much more complex than the story we tell about him.

    • Anonymous

      While I fully agree with the LOB2 post (in my case) above, I have no idea what you are saying in your second sentence but I am curious.

  3. Anonymous

    Sad, understandable, maddening, and heartbreaking piece. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’m so glad somebody thought to visit him, and to ask…

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for this.

  5. KT

    Don’t have time to read until after the game. Second day of no game time blogging…at least today I’m going to be there yelling…Look for my daughter who will be wearing a Pink Dodgers sweatshirt if anybody gets on third. We’ll be in the 1st row right pass the 3rd base bag

  6. Anonymous

    Ron Rapoport thanks for the insight into the the man behind the legend. A view most fans will never see. Jon I’ve been looking forward to seeing ’42’, and a lot of us would like you to give a full review of it here too.

  7. Anonymous

    As Uribe strode to the plate, I said to my wife–“Do you want to come watch Juan Uribe hit into a double play and kill a bases-loaded rally?”

    I thought he’d at least hit a hard one-hopper to short.

  8. Anonymous

    Kemp will hit again, I suppose, but why is Uribe still on this team? His third year, though it is very early, is starting off much like his first two with the Dodgers.

    • Anonymous

      It’s reached the point where in situations such as that one, one almost hopes that Uribe will simply strike out. It is the start of Game No. 7 of the young season, and Sellers’ homer is the only hit we have from the left side of the diamond.

  9. Kemp got squeezed and with the bases loaded our hopes rested in Juan Uribe, woof.

  10. A Venable home run? How much did they bring those fences in?

    • KT

      would have been a Hr anyway …cleared the original outfield wall

  11. Anonymous

    It’s reached the point where in situations such as that one, one almost hopes that Sellers will simply strike out.

  12. Now that one was a result of the fences being moved in!

    • Anonymous

      I owe Uribe an apology, but I am far from a believer yet.

  13. Anonymous

    Shucks! Missed the Uribe dinger.

  14. Uribe hit a home run? Check for PEDs!

  15. Anonymous

    Juan appears to have a bit of a Kemp patch on his left shoulder.

  16. Anonymous

    Ok stat guys. When was Uribe’s last game with both a HR and a walk?

    • Anonymous

      Last time he hit a dinger, July 21, 2012. He had 2 BBs.

  17. Anonymous

    Stults sighting!

  18. Blacked out out here, which is beyond annoying; it’s into ludicrous territory. I woke up today thinking “I guess I’ll fly to San Diego for the game today.” Sure I did, MLB, sure I did.

  19. Anonymous

    I think Uribe must have read Jon’s encouraging post from a few days ago :)

  20. Anonymous

    Today’s game, thus far, an amalgam of not hitting with RISP, grounding into DPs, and an off-field homer by Uribe, who has also done both of the former.

    • Anonymous

      I think it sums up the day perfectly, yet we are still within striking distance

  21. Anonymous

    Vin mentioned that Capuano was warming up on the terrace. I see that they have moved the visitors pen off the field.

  22. Anonymous

    I am impressed with Crawford’s start to the year

  23. Anonymous

    way to go Gonzo!

  24. Anonymous

    Pen was bound to let in a run at some point. (Keep it at that Belli!)

  25. Anonymous

    I guess we are done!

  26. Anonymous

    Yes, there was bound to be a bad game for the bullpen . . . lose by 1 or lose by 5, it’s still a loss.

    The problem is the consistent inconsistency of the “offense.”

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree, we can’t expect our pitchers to be perfect or near perfect all of the time. We need to get consistant with our bats

  27. Anonymous

    I would like to see the Dodgers’ record when they play on national TV. It never seems to end well.

  28. I have to say taking Capuano out after an easy 6th and his spot not even coming up in the line up was a pretty bad move by Donnie. Didn’t like it then and it looks terrible now.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I had a similar thought at the time

    • Anonymous

      I can not call replacing a LHP with a RHP with 2 RHH’s coming up a “pretty bad move”. It is the move the vast majority of ML managers make under the circumstances esp. in the 7th inning of a tie game unless there is a strongly compelling reason to do otherwise; Capuano having a easy inning is not such late in the game.

      • The thing is, Capuano isn’t just some situational lefty. He is supposedly being used as a long reliever out of the bullpen, so you’d expect at least another inning out of him. He threw one perfect inning where he struck out one (Gyorko – a righty). His spot wasn’t coming up to hit, why not send him back out there? If he gets in trouble then go to the pen, but you have no reason not to trust him to pitch there.

        No use getting worked up as it’s over now and it’s just an L in the column, but it was frustrating to watch.

        • Anonymous

          I did not say Capuano is a situational lefty so why do you point out he isn’t one?
          Mattingly brought in his 7th inning pitcher i.e. the pitcher he would have brought in if Beckett had gone 6 yet you call that a pretty bad move. What it was was a perfectly reasonable decision that didn’t work out. The fact that you didn’t like it when it happened is not relevent; it wasn’t a bad decision

  29. KT

    Well finally settled down after coming home from the game. Here’s the score:

    2 Carl Crawford and 2 Mark Ellis signatures.

    1 slightly marked game ball (almost had another during batting practice but a big man hip checked my daughter out of the way).

    4 give away Ex-large Padre Tee shirts (rags/housework shirts) 2 from the very drunk guys sitting behind her that spilled beer on her (not once or twice, but 3 times). I mean one of the guys dropped 2 full beers on the ground in a row and this was in the 2nd or third inning

    1 foam padre baseball and a plastic SD helmet

    Other than the loss a pretty good day

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