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The broad brushstrokes of ’42’

I wrote about the new Jackie Robinson film “42” for Sports on Earth. Ultimately, I enjoyed the experience even as I was disappointed by it.

For an even saltier take on the movie, here’s Scott Foundas’ review for Variety.


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  1. Onlyatriple

    Very insightful review, thanks Jon. So your sense is that the film is suitable for a 9 year old boy? a 6 year old? My kids are very eager to see it, but I wonder if this is the best way to introduce them to the issue of racial prejudice. Or maybe it is exactly the right way.

    • The language is extremely harsh, so you’d have to prepare. I’d say no to a 6 year old. For age 9, I think with a preparatory conversation you could do it.

      I did see Blazing Saddles at age 7 without any prep, and they were throwing the n-word around a bit on that movie. But this is a different movie and a different era.

      • Onlyatriple

        Ah, Blazing Saddles. Watching the campfire scene with my mom was one of the truly embarrassing moments of my childhood. And one of the funniest.

      • Anonymous

        So what did a 7 year old make of Madeline Kahn?

  2. Anonymous

    Broad is underselling it. I thought the movie was a 75-mph fastball down the middle, plodding and obvious, with characters as one-dimensional as a foul line.

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