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April 11 game chat: Giants riding high, but …

More magic from the Giants today, who for the second time in under 48 hours rallied from a deficit of at least four runs. The defending champions are now 7-3.

I do have some doubts about San Francisco long-term, however, and they center on a somewhat surprising place — their starting rotation. Tim Lincecum hasn’t convinced anyone he’s going rally to be an effective starter this year, putting more pressure on Barry Zito’s renaissance to prove real.

Should Lincecum falter, it could be up to someone like Chris Heston, who turned 25 Wednesday, to step up and save the Giants’ staff. Heston had a 2.24 ERA with a 1.103 WHIP and 8.2 strikeouts per nine innings for Double-A Richmond last year, but he is not one of the team’s top-10 prospects, according to Baseball America. San Francisco’s best starting pitching prospects are in the lower minors.

Look, the Giants will probably find a way to solve any rotation issues, but it just feels a little more precarious than usual.

Dodgers at Padres, 7:10 p.m.

Carl Crawford, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Andre Ethier, RF
A.J. Ellis, C
Luis Cruz, 3B
Justin Sellers, SS
Zack Greinke, P


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  1. Anonymous

    A.J. is moving on up!

  2. Anonymous

    We better win today then to keep them in our sights!

  3. Anonymous

    Just saw some highlights of Tigers/ Jays, boy it looked cold !

  4. KT

    It’s Time for Dodger Baseball

  5. KT

    Alright Carl start it off

  6. KT

    Nice start…come on Mark

  7. KT


  8. KT

    AJ!…Come on Luis

  9. KT

    good 1st inning…come on Zach shut them down

  10. KT

    Throw him the meatball so he can catch Clayton

  11. KT

    Come on Matt your turn

  12. LOB gets us again. 4 in two innings. Rats.

  13. KT

    Nice turn Mark

  14. KT

    AJ & Luis…mini rally

  15. KT

    Ok Zach…help yourself

  16. Anonymous

    Lets go 1b!

  17. KT

    Let’s go Carl, start it off

  18. KT

    Zach got squeezed that last at bat

  19. Anonymous

    lets at least make them earn it

    • KT

      being an ex-catcher it always get’s me when I see catchers try to back hand a ball and no move their feet

  20. Anonymous

    Zac may be done here with his spot coming up at the top of the next iniings

  21. Anonymous

    At 102 pitches, I’m surprised they didn’t pinch hit for Marquis

  22. Anonymous

    I missed the entire novela. Was it an 0-2 pitch?

  23. Anonymous

    Greinke got tackled pretty hard.

  24. Anonymous

    and we thought it was a quiet 2-1 game!

  25. KT

    complete BS by Quentin

  26. Anonymous

    so we lost 3-1 on ejections I see

  27. Anonymous

    Is Quentin gone, at least?

  28. Anonymous

    Yesterday or earlier today Vinny was talking about Quentin’s HBP trajectory.

  29. Anonymous

    So you’re just allowed to hurt a kazillion dollar pitcher?

  30. Anonymous

    Any suspensions coming up for anyone do you think?

  31. KT

    night all the fight threw off my time table…son is ready for bed

  32. Anonymous

    Come on Cap!

  33. Anonymous

    Not enjoying this. Come on, Capuano!

  34. Anonymous

    Yes! Bad baserunning!

    • Anonymous

      What happened?

      • Anonymous

        On the fly to CF Cabrera assumed it was going to fall. It was caught by Skip who flipped it to Ellis for an easy DP.

  35. Anonymous

    Would love to get a couple here.

  36. Anonymous

    Nice hit for Andre.

  37. Anonymous

    What did Hairston do?

    • Anonymous

      came out of dugout to home plate area after things had calmed down which almost started them up again

  38. Anonymous

    Time to deliver on last seasons promise Luis!

  39. Anonymous

    Birdsong is coming back down to earth for the Gnats as well.

  40. Anonymous


  41. Anonymous

    He is trying real hard to get his spot back!

  42. Anonymous

    Uribe leads the team in home runs, who would have thunk it!

  43. Anonymous

    Happy for him!

  44. Anonymous

    Yes!!! K

  45. Anonymous

    Yes!!! A long out but an out

  46. Anonymous

    Yes! 1 down

  47. Anonymous

    2 down!!!!

  48. Anonymous

    Come on Kenley….yes!!!!
    6-3 love it.

  49. Anonymous

    Nice WIN!

  50. Anonymous


  51. Anonymous

    Ooops not good for Greinke. Oh well. We carry on.

    • Anonymous

      Do you mean he is injured from the brawl?

      • Anonymous

        Apparently he suffered a broken collarbone.

        • Anonymous

          Ouch, was it directly from Quentin, if it was, he should get a lengthy suspension

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