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The standings

San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Dodgers: 4-2

San Diego Padres vs. every other team: 1-12

The Padres scored 22 runs in their most recent three-game series against the Dodgers. They have scored three runs in four games since.

Of the 64 runs San Diego has scored this season, 36 (56.3 percent) have come in their six games against the Dodgers. The Padres are averaging 6.0 runs per game against Los Angeles and 2.1 runs per game against the rest of baseball.

Pitching? The Padres allowed 17 runs in six games with the Dodgers (2.8 per game). Against everyone else: 75 runs in 13 games (5.7 per game).

And yet, the Pittsburgh Pirates are 0-3 against the Dodgers and 10-6 against everyone else.

Unfortunately, the showdown for the ages – Padres vs. Pirates – won’t come until August 19.


Thanks – we needed that


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  1. Padres went 3-5 during Quentin’s suspension. Dodgers were 1-6 during that time.

  2. KT

    The way I look at it is that the Padres always play us tough since they think they have some sort of rivalry against us. Though they were expected to be in last place and it seems like they will be at the end of the year, we won’t be close to them when the season is done. I’m not sure if we will win the division with all the injuries we have sustained but I feel very confident we will be close to the top when all is said and done.

  3. Anonymous

    In my only trip to Petco, back in 2004, I saw the Pirates play the Padres. The Pirates won. Back in L.A., Dodgers new acquisition Brad Penny left a game after getting one out. Bill Plaschke was mad.

    • Anonymous

      Seeing the Pirates versus the Padres on June 12, 1970 would have been a trip as well.

    • Anonymous

      I too was upset that Bad Penny was a Dodger. He ought to have been a Gnat even then, and still should be.

  4. Anonymous

    Didn’t someone post here the other day that we have to subtract our wins over the Pirates, because they are, after all, the Pirates?

  5. KT

    Well Chad is down for the count…see you next year Billz

  6. Anonymous

    Is anyone else having a nasty thought in the back of his mind that Kershaw’s last start MIGHT have given some indication of an injury? Yeah, I’m a pessimist…

  7. Anonymous

    Cliches are cliches for a reason: they’re often true.

    You can NEVER EVER EVER have too much pitching.

    The Dodgers are extremely glad they didn’t trade away Capuano or Lilly right now, and may even be regretting dumping Harang. Then again, that 1-for-11 turned in by Ramon Hernandez has been irreplaceable. As Charley Steiner might say, “his contributions don’t show up in the box score.”

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