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Billingsley loses longshot bet, headed for surgery

Look, it didn’t take hindsight to question Chad Billingsley’s decision to put off the Tommy John surgery the Dodgers announced he will now get Wednesday. The guy made an optimistic gambit and lost. It’s unfortunate, but far be it from me to criticize someone betting on himself.

Though Stephen Fife takes his spot in the rotation for now and Chris Capuano will move back in once his calf is healed, I think there is a strong possibility we’ll see minor-leaguers Matt Magill or Zach Lee before the summer’s out.

Dodgers at Mets, 4:10 p.m.
Kershaw CLIV: Kershawnce Upon a Time in America

Carl Crawford, LF
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Adrian Gonzalez, 1B
Jerry Hairston Jr., 3B
Andre Ethier, RF
A.J. Ellis, C
Justin Sellers, SS
Clayton Kershaw, P



The standings


Mark Ellis powers Dodgers, 7-2, after Kershaw struggles


  1. Anonymous

    I agree with the gamble. Besides, even if he had the surgery last October, aren’t you out a year with that? Granted, that would’ve meant he could be ready for Spring Training, 2014 — but the winning of the gamble would have meant we had him all this year.

    • Anonymous

      “It’s unfortunate, but far be it from me to criticize someone betting on himself.” Weisman.

      I love this notion, as it pertains to most things in life.
      And, I like Bills. I feel bad for him.
      But, if I’m the GM… “Sorry Bills. You don’t get to make that call. My staff and I get to make the call. And, we’re going to do what’s best for this ball club, whether or not it fits with your preference. I’d rather release you than have you blow out your arm in April and have to pay you all season while you contribute nothing to this organization.”
      I mean, the players, after all, are “investments” …

      • I think the the idea of employers ordering employees to have medical procedures is a slippery slope to say the least.

        • Anonymous

          It most certainly is, Jon.

          You’re absolutely right.

          I would, however, be very interested to check out the ‘contract language’ which binds the employment of professional athletes to see how closely it coincides with traditional employment law.

          On a side note, I think I recall a very winded Olmedo Saenz asking for a “15 minute break” after barely legging out a double. :-)

  2. Anonymous

    Tuesday Notes:

    1. Bills to have surgery? – This club can get all the great players they want, but I have to say that their staff of people who evaluate the health of prospective players during the Colletti era (eg. Jason Schmidt, Ted Lilly, etc.) and their current players (eg. Chad Billingsley, and again…Ted Lilly) is very poor. I’ve been much more than a casual sports fan my entire life, and at the age of 42…I have never seen any team/organization with this many players going to the DL or under the knife either ‘during spring training’ or ‘very early in the season.’ If Bills had a chronic condition that was ‘even remotely’ just a few games away from potential surgery, then that surgery should have been done last year or during the off season. IMHO.

    2. Dwight Howard – Get out your pencil and pad….

    • Anonymous

      “Shaq dunks on everybody that ever lived in Portland” LOL

  3. Anonymous

    You can’t tell somebody whether or not to have surgery. I’ve been avoiding back surgery for 8 years so far. If I had opted for surgery back in 2005, who knows how many innings I would have missed.

  4. Anonymous

    Not in hindsight, I thought this was a questionable decision from the beginning. I hope, though, that he comes back strong and healthy.

    • That was my point – I think every one of us thought it was a dubious decision. But we’re not him.

  5. Anonymous

    Exactly how I feel about the Billz. Hope it’s a good game today.

  6. KT

    backwards K

  7. KT

    took 16 pitches to get out of the 1st

  8. KT

    Come on Gonzo lead it off

  9. Jonathan Broxton has pitched in eight games this year for the Reds. He hasn’t allowed an earned run in seven of them. His ERA is 7.36.

  10. Anonymous

    With that mic, no lip reading required.

  11. Anonymous

    Gotta take advantage of the gifts!

  12. Anonymous

    We’ll take it! C’mon, Kid!

  13. KT

    44 pitches after 2

  14. Anonymous

    Shoot! I actually felt more confident with Clayton up there than some of the others.

  15. Anonymous

    “Chad Billingsley” is a top story on Google News. Sigh.

    • Anonymous

      Unless he’s now dating Rhianna, I can’t see why…..

      His injuries are kinda ‘old news’ at this point…. :-)

  16. KT

    28 pitches for Clayton…Let’s drive up Niese’s pitch count and score some more…Top of the line up start it off Carl

  17. KT

    Damn we don’t want to knock him out that way

  18. Mark Ellis knocks Niese out of the game with a shot up the middle.

  19. Niese threw 54 pitches, got seven outs.

  20. KT

    Nice Matty…Come on Gonzo

  21. Anonymous

    Nice Kemp.

  22. KT

    that catch saved a run

  23. Anonymous

    C’mon, lets limit the damage

  24. After 12 pitches this inning, Kershaw had two outs and a 1-2 count on a relief pitcher.

    • Anonymous

      Making his first MLB plate appearance no less.

  25. Anonymous

    On Gameday, a lot of those balls read as strikes. What do you guys with eyes think?

  26. Anonymous

    That was rough.

  27. KT

    Come on Dre…let’s get those runs back

  28. KT

    Way to track it down Dre!!

  29. Anonymous

    And again, Gameday strikes called as balls. Many.

  30. KT


  31. Anonymous

    MEllis is a beast!

  32. Anonymous

    Fight Fight Fight!

  33. KT

    started off so well…Clayton now delivering his 100th pitch

  34. Anonymous

    I really wish I could see this. Ball one to Buck was right down the middle on Gameday. Sheesh!

    • Anonymous

      Buck was mad because every other strike wasn’t called a strike. Okay, I’ll stand down now. Let’s go, Dodgers!

  35. Anonymous

    I am watching the KCAL feed on MLB.TV and they keep showing the cut wipes for replays, and the. Not showing the replays. The announcers don’t seem to notice it at all (not entirely surprising, Steve Lyons and Eric Collins are not exactly great announcers). But is anyone else getting this? Are folks at home watching on TV seeing this?

    • KT

      sorry don’t get KCAL games…I have the SNY feed

    • Anonymous

      I am having the same problem with and KCAL feed.

      • KT

        bob, I thought you are an East coaster…How are you getting KCAL not on the computer?

    • Anonymous

      Same here also. I don’t know if it’s only or Kcal also.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. Does anyone watch this over the air anymore??? Or do they just not comment when they do? I would if I were home in LA.

      • Anonymous

        Most of us in L.A. are just getting home.

        • Anonymous

          Good point btimmer. I have become too acustomed to the East Coast that the 7:10 ET start is nice.

  36. KT

    Good inning Belli

  37. Anonymous


  38. KT

    Good hustle Justin

  39. KT

    Good eye Juanito…Come on Carl, you’re due

  40. KT

    Come on Mark…you aren’t due

  41. KT


  42. Anonymous


  43. Anonymous

    Ellis!!!!!!! Woo-hoo!

  44. Anonymous


  45. Anonymous

    four for four
    love it

  46. Anonymous

    Mark Ellis is hitting clean-up tomorrow… Could do worse.

  47. Anonymous

    I wish DM would trust Belli for another inning.

  48. KT

    Atl leading the Rocks 3-1 in the second game after taking game 1, 4-3

  49. KT

    Now 5-1 Barves…would love to move to 3.5 out

  50. Anonymous

    Get a break, then a hit . . . now some runs . . . please!

  51. Anonymous

    Change everyone’s name to ELLIS! Or at least the jerseys!

  52. Anonymous

    LOB2, just noticed you said you wish you could see this earlier tonight. It is the free TV game at

    • Not if you’re in a blackout area. I am, and I’m seeing Yankees – Rays on MLB.TV and am blacked out on the computer.

    • Anonymous

      I have the game dvr’d. Just couldn’t get to it.

  53. KT

    Justin! Nice 3 hits for the night

  54. KT

    Matty missed that by 3 feet

  55. Anonymous

    I just got home from umpiring a youth baseball game. I see Kershaw departed after 5 innings. Was it because he had thrown enough pitches or was it something else?

    • KT

      110 pitches wasn’t getting the calls was pitching mad

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, the pitches. Walked 4. Squeezed a little by the ump.

  56. KT

    Alright 3 outs…1,2,3 guys…I don’t want interesting tonight

  57. Anonymous

    Gnatt Cain’s ERA now sits at 6.93. Time for an MRI.

  58. KT

    Ball Game…Belli with the win…1 game below .500 and maybe 3.5 back

  59. Anonymous

    ^5’s all around!

  60. Anonymous

    Nice win.

  61. KT

    Oh most important MEllis 4-5 with 2 jacks and SellBlock with 3 hits

  62. Anonymous

    LADodgerFan88 and KT: Thanks for the Kershaw explanation. I was just hoping that it wasn’t because of an injury….I just saw Mark Ellis’ line. Wow….Two in a row for the Boys in Blue.

  63. KT

    Multi-Hit Matty coming around

  64. KT

    Night all

  65. Anonymous

    wow, had to leave at 2-2, came back pleasantly surprised. i never thoght I would see in the same sentance M.Ellis, Sellars and Uribe all scoring on the same play

  66. Anonymous

    D-backs 6, Giants 4, in 11 innings.

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