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Dodgers livin’ the dream, 8-0

There was no life I’d known to compare with pure imagination.

And then Yasiel Puig came along, joining Clayton Kershaw on what had been a lonesome, uphill journey.

And the rest of the Dodgers followed.

They were so bad, and now they’re so good. With their 8-0 shutout in Colorado tonight, the Dodgers have won nine games out of 10, moving into fourth place, .00058 behind the San Diego Padres, and 2 1/2 games out of first.

It’s remarkable to think that without the injuries and the losing and frankly, the depression, Puig would have come from the seas of the Atlantic only as far as the woods of Tennessee. But the road west opened for Puig, and tonight, he did to Coors Field exactly what you’d expect Puig to do to Coors Field – given that fact that Puig himself is pure imagination.

Matt Kemp is the living reality check on the Puig phenomenon, the former All-Everything going 0 for 5 with three strikeouts and, almost tenderly, the most encouraging out of the night, a 400-plus blast to the fence in deepest Coors.

But otherwise, reality, or what used to serve as reality, seemed far away. Hanley Ramirez had another two hits, including a double. Adrian Gonzalez had two hits, including a homer.  Juan Uribe had two RBI singles. A.J. Ellis anted up and drew two pair, walks and doubles.

And Ace was Rocky Mountain High.

Five years and change into his major-league career, Clayton Kershaw remains as sweet as a river of chocolate. He threw his second shutout of the season, dominating the Rockies with eight strikeouts, no walks and but one runner getting as far as second base. He ended the 27-game hitting streak of Michael Cuddyer in the process.

The pitcher whose ERA in the second half of the season has been lower than the first half every year of his career dropped his 2013 mark to 1.93, with two starts to go before this year’s All-Star Game, a game he will certainly be a part of.

Lately, there’s been much debate about whether Puig will join him, to which I say, whatever happens, happens. If we’re meant to keep Puig for ourselves for a little while longer, I am content, come what may.

In other words, if you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.


One a day


How will it end?


  1. Anonymous

    Going back to a previous post we’ve quoted frequently, Jon, I’d like to add a line to this imaginative post . . .

    “. . . and enjoy the waffle.”

  2. Anonymous

    Another benefit of the Dodgers playin’ red-hot ball : it seems to give Jon fuel for inspired prose!

  3. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 2m

    Dodgers HOF broadcaster @JaimeJarrin says Luis Cruz has signed with the Yankees. Assuming minor league deal

    • Cruz then told Jarrin that was false, hasn’t signed with Yankees.

      • KT

        luis cruzVerified account‏@CochitoCruz 9h

        @JaimeJarrin don jaime no es verdad ojala me salga una oportunidad

  4. “Five years and change into his major-league career, Clayton Kershaw remains as sweet as a river of chocolate. ”

    Knowing that you watched Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory with your family tonight adds some extra sugar to this line.

  5. Anonymous

    Just returned from my first game ever at Coors, and very much enjoyed it. Puig’s double sounded as if it dented the scoreboard.

    • Nice! Happy for you that was the game you got to see in Coors!

      • Anonymous

        It was a most pleasurable evening. Anticipating more of the same the next two nights.

  6. Anonymous

    9-1. How sweet it is.

  7. Anonymous

    you know the dodgers are winning when jon is posting more

  8. Anonymous

    Hate to be a buzzkill but I want to give a formal Farewell to Justin Miller. Nephew of my friend, I was happy to announce he was going to sign here a couple of days before it happened in December of 2009. Didn’t work out, and now he is gone. DodgerThoughts to Jill and his entire family and friends.

    • That was such sad news. Haven’t followed up to see what the cause of death was.

    • Very sad. My sympathies to you and your friend’s family. Too young to go. He was coaching and sounded like he was happy. Very sad.

  9. Anonymous

    Is Uribe the candy man?

  10. Man, this does feel like a dream–after the total nightmare of the first two months, where everything that could go wrong did, but we survived, the team survived, and now I don’t wanna wake up from this dream. Puigzilla just keeps on stomping. The team seems to be having fun now.

    The Giants meanwhile hit what they hope is bottom–can’t get any lower. And I’m gonna savor it whether it lasts for a night or the rest of the season.

    Dream on? Yes, please.

  11. Breck Lundin

    Were it not for the health of Crawford and Kemp being big question marks for this season at least combined with the fact Ethier is playing exteremely well again, I would wonder about Ethier + Lee + Gordon (??) + $35M for David Price. Or less cash if they prefer Pederson. Then again I have no earthly idea why Fla would need these guys, just playing with names after wathing how well Price threw today. He really has an effortless delivery. I don’t care for his somewhat stiff legged follow-through but seems t work fr him so far.

    No matter what lsing Ethier would indeed add a hole in the lineup at the plate and now in the OF given he is playing all three spots well. In fact to my eye seems hehas been enjoying the challenge that represents, just look at his face during games going back to before they started winning.
    Kershaw, Greinke, Price, Ryu, a warm body would be a huge rotation worthy of the Dodgers logo on the jersey.

  12. KT

    Dustin Nosler ‏@FeelinKindaBlue

    RT @JimmyBramlett: Yasiel Puig’s solo homer is estimated at 451 feet.

  13. Anonymous

    Once Crawford gets back, the Dodgers most productive OF will be Puig, Ethier, Crawford.

    • Anonymous

      Kemp making 22 mil this season.
      Crawford 20 mil
      Ethier 13.5 mil
      Puig 8 mil

    • john galt

      That remains to be seen but Kemp and SVS are contributing little or nothing now. If Kemp doesn’t come back to what he was, that’ll be the biggest Dodger tragedy of all time.

  14. KT

    ESPN Stats & Info ‏@ESPNStatsInfo 19m

    Courtesy of @EliasSports, we know that Yasiel Puig’s 8 HR are the most through 1st 27 career games by a Dodger all-time

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