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All-Star final vote: Freeman rising in the South

For the non-color-blind among you, here is this morning’s update of how votes break down geographically for the final spot on the National League All-Star Team.

Yasiel Puig is in second place behind Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman with fewer than 24 hours of voting left. Canadians and Southern Californians love Puig!

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.


Kemp, Fife return to disabled list


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  1. I get the feeling people are a little biased towards the players on their resident team–call me crazy but I’m picking up that vibe.

    Also getting the feeling that Braves fans are particularly prickly about this. See poor Dustin Nosler (@Feelinkindablue on Twitter) and his experience after doing a clearly labeled opinion piece on his Yahoo blog (look at his twitter feed today for instance). People care too much.

    That said, if fans think that it will be more exciting for viewers to have Freddie Freeman come off the bench than Yasiel Puig, more power to their delusional selves.

    • Outside of seeing Kershaw pitch a couple innings, the prospect of Puig coming off the bench is the only reason I’ll watch the game.

    • Anonymous

      The twitter brings out the worst in people. Or the comments on any yahoo blog.

  2. KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Crawford LF

    Puig RF

    Gonzalez 1B

    Ramirez SS

    Ethier CF

    Ellis C

    Schumaker 2B

    Hairston 3B

    Nolasco P

  3. thegmac99

    *100% of total voting precincts in Fulton County reporting.
    **Polls still open in Little Havana, Southern California and in all other places where people want to see excitement in a stale all-star game.

  4. Anonymous

    I probably won’t bother with the ASG, which hasn’t been worth watching since the farce of interleague play began.

  5. Anonymous

    That vote for Freeman shows that The Solid South still lives on. But the state of Texas is really all over the place. Puig is carrying Dallas-Fort Worth and El Paso and Pence is carrying Houston. I can’t eyeball San Antonio on that map though. Stupid Texas and its hundreds of counties.

    Adrian Gonzalez must have not left a good impression in Boston because Puig is winning in Massachusetts. But Gonzalez is leading in the extreme northern part of Maine. Where hardly anybody lives except lumberjacks and potato farmers.

    • If you can click on that original link, you can scroll your cursor to get a county-by-county vote count.

      • Anonymous

        Bexar County Texas leans slightly to Freeman. But the experts won’t call it. I will ask John King to look at the results further on his magic board.

    • Anonymous

      Stupid Texas and its hundreds of counties.

      Rule 5 violation?

      • Anonymous

        It would interesting to see according to the distribution of wet and dry counties.

      • Anonymous

        Stupid Minnesota and its hundreds of counties too!

    • foul tip

      At risk of Rule 5, the Solid South is not known for electoral enlightenment, except in a few places. Also, many folks here would vote for the Braves’ mascot if he were on the ballot.

      • Anonymous

        Do they still refer to the battle in the NL West as “the other race?”

  6. Anonymous

    I also like how California is divided between Puig and Pence almost exactly along the lines of where Giants and Dodgers fans live. Puig’s support stops along the coast with San Luis Obispo County and then goes up to Lake Tahoe along the Sierra Nevada.

    However, Modoc County is voting for Freeman!

  7. Anonymous

    Are we to assume that Alaska is a hot bed of the Free Freddy movement?

  8. Anonymous

    What’s up with the AL final five? All middle relievers, including two I’ve never heard of.

    • Anonymous

      They should really just cancel that one.

  9. Anonymous

    We need a prediction by Nate Silver.

  10. KT

    Eric Stephen ‏@truebluela 4m

    Brett Butler hit .515 (34-for-66) in a 19-game hitting streak for Dodgers in 1992. Hanley Ramirez is at .486 (36-for-74) in his 19-gamer

  11. Anonymous

    Where did this “Titan” nickname come from? Does Jaime Jarrin call him that on the Spanish-language broadcast (I hope), or did the marketing department cook this up (more likely)?

    • Anonymous

      I can picture Gonzalez saying “Release the Puig!”

    • KT

      He went to Eastlake High school around the corner from my house…Their nickname is the Titans…My daughter will be going there in 3 years…It’s also in his twitter handle

      • Anonymous

        That’s the kind of insight I expect here! And the kind of backstory I like. Thanks KT!

  12. Bruce Brooks

    Butler County OH: Puig-46.6% Freeman-26.1% Gonzalez-10.9%
    Lot’s of Dodger faithful in the place Walter Alston called home.

  13. KT

    Blake Williams ‏@BlakeW38 8m

    @Dodgers #votePuig!

  14. Anonymous

    This is a fantastic visual aid. But I still worry that if Puig goes to the AS game, he will get hurt trying to run straight up, or through, a wall or something.

  15. Anonymous

    I believe it was a Fox game where they said that Toronto and Atlanta were teaming up in their efforts to elect their players.

  16. Anonymous

    Just my two cents….
    If Yassy doesn’t make it to the All Star Game, Kasten, et. al. should get some “computer hackers” to hijack the jumbo-tron in New York … They should show a montage of his highlights over and over…
    You know, ‘ala – Cal Tech’ at the Rose Bowl. :-)

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Yasiel = “Yassy” (kinda like Rafael = “Raffy”)
        If I was in the Dodger clubhouse, that’s what I’d call him.

        Well, except ‘Sir’… that is. :-)

  17. Anonymous

    One more idea….
    How about getting whoever scouted Puig to go out and recruit one of local well-built blondes to wear a Puig t-shirt and rush the mound during the All Star Game ???
    You know, just like that lady, Morganna, used to do….
    I can see her now, with “PUIG” ** stretched** across the front of her shirt. :-)
    We can have her go out and kiss Sergio Romo…

    • Anonymous

      I say this about the guy who scouted Puig as it’s obvious that this guy knows ‘talent’ when he sees it. :-)

    • Anonymous

      If it were Morganna, you would only be able to read the U and the I.

      • Anonymous

        In any case, the letters would now be in the strike zone.

  18. Anonymous

    The color that is the same as the great lakes is for counties where there is are no votes at all
    It looks like Freeman is getting over 95% of all votes in GA

  19. jim hitchcock

    Canuck Dodger has obviously voted tens of thousands of times.

  20. My fellow Hawai’i residents are voting strangely. Kauai and the Big Island are Freeman territory; I wonder why. Oahu, Maui, Lanai and Molokai are all for Puig.

    • Anonymous

      Kalua Puig, of course.

      • Oh, man. Awful, simply awful.

        And there is a Kailua-Kona on the Big Island.

        • Anonymous

          Kailua Puig has too many eyes. But maybe the eye is the most delicious part?

  21. Once again I’m reliant on you folks and Gameday, as Prime Ticket is not showing tonight’s game. Grumble, mutter, snarl.

    • KT

      Yea I’m stuck with the AZ feed tonight along with Charlie and Rick

  22. foul tip

    John from Aus no doubt will approve of this, from Good info.

  23. KT

    Let’s go CC

  24. Carl Crawford apparently shows you can take Luis Cruz from the Dodgers, but you can’t take Luis Cruz out of the Dodgers.

  25. KT

    AZ feed was showing Puig’s 4 strike at bat and then he lined the single to LF

  26. KT

    Hanley…way to get on

  27. KT

    Let’s go Dre

  28. I don’t know nothin’ from nothin’, but I don’t think Kennedy was trying to hit Hanley. But we’ll see what happens next.

  29. KT

    Mike Petriello ‏@mike_petriello 2m

    I bet Ricky Nolasco is going to be the best hitting Dodger to wear #47 this year

  30. KT

    Good inning Ricky!!

  31. KT

    Bill Plunkett ‏@billplunkettocr 3m

    Going into tonight, #Dodgers lead MLB in avg (.320), slugging (.530) and OPS (.891) for July. 3rd in runs scored (45) but in 1 fewer game

  32. KT

    Nice AJ

  33. Pitcher’s best friend. Rats.

  34. KT


  35. Since when do we have two or three pitchers who can actually hit? Wow!

  36. Lefty Tyler Skaggs scheduled to start Wednesday. We might see Scott Van Slyke in LF.

  37. Twenty singles in 11 innings for Dodgers in Arizona.

  38. Crawford had a 1.000 OBP in June and has a .053 OBP in July. Baseball is funny!

  39. KT

    Another Nice inning Ricky

  40. Those breaking balls are looking filthy.

  41. KT

    Dylan Hernandez ‏@dylanohernandez 31s

    Matt Kemp underwent a MRI exam and received a PRP injection; still expected back on July 21.

  42. KT

    my 3 year old son is showing me how to play games on my wife’s smart phone…I wonder if she knows he has it?

  43. KT

    losing vinny now…damn hate KCAL nights

  44. Nice hustle Dre.

  45. KT


  46. KT


  47. KT

    YES CC!

  48. Puig’s sixth walk of the season loads the bases.

  49. Anonymous

    Break it open!

  50. KT


  51. Anonymous

    Agon again!!!!!

  52. KT


  53. If there had been a banana peel on the warning track, the Dodgers couldn’t have asked for a luckier break from Eaton.

  54. The third baseman could have tagged out Gonzalez if he had just looked. Instead, Ethier is safe.

  55. Sounds like Ted Lilly has basically given up on being a starting pitcher.

    Gurnick: “Lilly hasn’t made a relief appearance since 2003, but he’s now 37 and concedes that he can’t manage a chronic neck problem with a starter’s workload.”

  56. KT

    DP time

  57. Looks like I missed some good stuff while getting dinner.

  58. KT

    There’s my DP

  59. KT

    hitting is contagious…spread it around

  60. Just watched that epic error from Eaton followed by the Puig/Montero collision. Can’t control the wild horse it seems.

  61. KT

    Did the bunt wake up CC?

  62. Long foul from Crawford.

  63. KT

    Nice eye CC

  64. You see that Yasiel death stare after the pitch up and in??

  65. Two-Walk Chuck.

  66. KT

    Good eye Yasiel

  67. KT

    GONZO!!…hitting is contagious!!

  68. Most amazing part of that play was Puig stopping at second base.

  69. KT

    that’s the most emotion I’ve ever seen from gonzo

  70. That was almost an amazing catch.

  71. KT

    Kubel LOL standing at the altar

  72. KT

    Standing O Ricky!!

  73. KT

    Kevin Kennedy ‏@KevinKennedyMLB 3m

    Dbacks playing pretty poor baseball right now Dodgers taking advantage and playing like a first place team they soon will be!

  74. Anonymous

    Someone doesn’t have a something, yet. One more chance.

  75. KT

    Almost JP

  76. Well there goes the streak… oh well. Let’s just wrap up the W.

  77. KT

    bases loaded 1 out for mets up 5-4

  78. KT

    Chad Moriyama ‏@ChadMoriyama 15s

    [GIF] Yasiel Puig’s almost catch and reaction:

  79. Anonymous

    Beli angry he hit him.

  80. KT

    Ball Game!!!!

    1 game below .500

    2.5 games back

    Sweep tomorrow!!!

  81. This has been fun, let’s keep it going tomorrow!

  82. Anonymous

    Good game!

  83. Anonymous

    Mets and Giants, tied again.

  84. KT

    Dodgers 14-3 since Puig signed my jersey!!

  85. In that Padres/Rox game old friend Eric Stults pitched a complete game, giving up just one run in the ninth.

  86. KT

    Great Game night all….remember sweep tomorrow

  87. Anonymous

    Paco makes this 25-man NL ASG roster (along with Clayton, Hanley, Puig and Jansen)!

  88. Anonymous

    Nice to see this in the standings
    Cubs 40-48
    Giants 40-49

    • Anonymous

      Even better to see Dodgers 44-45.
      I don’t want to count chickens before they’re running around, but after April and May, I thought we’d never see .500 from this bunch.

    • Anonymous

      That is a hit piece since it never mentions Braun’s statement that his only connection with Biogenesis is that his lawyers got expert advice from Tony Bosch, Biogenesis’ owner, about the treatment of Braun’s specimen during 2011-a statement that I happened to read so many days ago that I cannot begin to tell you when it was.

  89. Anonymous

    Another day, another game I’m looking forward to watching. What a turnaround from a month ago! There we were, and here we are, through thin and thick. Go Ryu!

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree.
      This is more than just the Manny Effect. It was getting Puig, then Hanley coming back, on fire . . . it was Agon being fairly consistent all year (and an All Star in my mind) but suddenly surrounded by consistency.

  90. foul tip

    If accurate, this is far from good.

    If true, best spin I can put on it is that Puig’s young, first time through the league, and caught up in the Dodgers v ‘Backs bad blood from last time. But still….

    • Anonymous

      As you say, I could understand him to be shy of fraternizing with the opposition in an unfamiliar environment.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe Ethier and/or Kemp told Puig that Gonzalez and Pierre took playing time away from them when they were young

    • Anonymous

      Good for McGwire putting Puig in his place – Puig better listen up to the likes of Lopes, McGwire, Mattingly, etc. and start showing more respect for past greats of the game.

  91. West Coast Ram

    The idea that anyone would want to see Hunter Pence in the all-star game just baffles me and is a strong argument to take the fan’s vote away.

    • john galt

      There’s something about him that turns me off, way off, and that goes all the way back to his appearance in Houston. I don’t know why, he just repels me.

  92. Giants already trail 3-0 after one, Matt Cain pulled after getting just two outs.

    • They could end up losing to the top prospect they traded away as their Week They Hit Bottom continues unabated.
      {plays world’s smallest violin}

    • KT

      now 5-0 after another HR by Bryd

  93. Candace Parker ‏@CandacePParker11m
    Puig is 22 and tried to escape Cuba 7x b4 succeeding. This guy is going to have a different attitude than other peeps. #DealWithIt #Puig

    ^^^^ amen candace!

  94. KT

    Los Angeles Dodgers ‏@Dodgers 26m

    Yasiel Puig is offering home-field advantage. Freddie Freeman is offering hugs. Text N5 to 89269 or online:

  95. Anonymous

    Just keeps getting better and better : 7-0 Mets

  96. Anonymous

    Puig and Hanley first teammates batting over 400 with both at least 100 AB since 1931.

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