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Choose your Dodger stat of the day

1) Since June 22, the Dodgers (14-3) have gained 11 games on Giants and Padres (each 3-14).

2) “According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Yasiel Puig and Hanley Ramirez are the first pair of teammates in more than 80 years to concurrently own batting averages of .400 or better at the end of a game, at least 100 at-bats into a season. The last teammates to do so were Al Simmons (58-for-144, .403) and Mickey Cochrane (60-for-149, .403) of the Philadelphia Athletics, who were each batting .400 through the first game of a doubleheader on May 30, 1931.” (Dodger press notes)

3) “Dodger pitchers have hit .458 (11-for-24) with two doubles, a triple and two RBI in 11 games against Arizona, including a 3-for-3 game at the plate by Hyun-Jin Ryu on April 13 at Arizona.” (ibid.)

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40 p.m.


All-Star final vote: Freeman rising in the South


July 11 game chat


  1. Anonymous

    They are all as remarkable as each other (and only the stuff of dreams a month or so ago)

  2. Anonymous

    The ’31 A’s went on to win 107 games and the AL pennant, with help from Lefty Grove, who went 31-4.

  3. Anonymous

    I choose them all, but No. 1 is the most important.

  4. KT

    J.P. Hoornstra ‏@jphoornstra 3m

    Beckett will start his rehabilitation in five days and is expected to be ready to pitch in Spring Training 2014, Dodgers say.

    • Anonymous

      If only he could be hurt until 2015! Or at least “hurt.” Never want to wish injury upon a man.

      • foul tip

        Coming back at all from surgery isn’t a given. If he can, he won’t be what he was years back, but it’s feasible he could help. Even while struggling this year, he still averaged around a K per inning.

        I’ll hazard a guess that it’s tough to know where your pitches are going when the feeling in your pitching arm/hand isn’t right. Maybe both he and the team will get lucky next spring..

  5. KT

    Dodgers lineup:
    Ellis 2B

    Puig RF

    Gonzalez 1B

    Ramirez SS

    Ellis C

    Ethier CF

    Van Slyke LF

    Punto 3B

    Ryu P

  6. From the Dodgers: “Josh Beckett underwent surgery today in Dallas, Texas by Dr. Greg Pearl
    to remove his right first rib to relieve pressure on his nerves caused
    by Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Josh will start his rehabilitation in five
    days and is expected to be ready to pitch in Spring Training, 2014.”

    • Anonymous

      Wow, I haven’t heard of somebody getting a rib removed since Adam.

      • foul tip

        Maybe this removal won’t lead to as much trouble as Adam’s did.

        (Looks around to be sure wife can’t see screen. Then gets ready to duck.)

      • Anonymous


  7. “Skip Schumaker’s suspension for his actions during the Arizona
    Diamondbacks game of June 11, 2013 was upheld by MLB and he will begin
    serving his two-game suspension tonight.”

  8. Anonymous

    2nd game in a row no Uribe @ 3rd.

    • Anonymous

      Uribe, a RHH is terrible against LHP. Even last season his stats just against RHP should have gotten him some playing time. This season he is 227/292/409 ( 2 HR and 2 2B) against LHP while Punto hits them well 328/388/377 (0 HR, 3 2B)

      • Anonymous

        Ian Kennedy is a RHP.

        • Anonymous

          He pitched yesterday; I was explaining why Punto was playing 3rd instead of Uribe tonight.
          I have no insight into yesterday except Uribe was 0 for 11 against Kennedy, Punto 0 for 5 with 4 K’s plus he is terrible against RHP, while Hairston had a hit and 2 SF in 14 PA.
          Anyway, thank you for your friendly reply.

  9. Anonymous

    Skaggs has been in 4 ML games this year. His OPS splits are 717 and 553 favoring the expected that RHH do better against him, a LHP. Last season, in 6 games much more extreme in favor of RHH.
    But, in 2013 in AAA except in HR, LHH did much better than RHH. 341 to 223 in BA for example.

  10. Anonymous

    this from Dodgers web-site: With its Tuesday broadcast of Los Angeles’ 6-1 victory over Arizona,
    KCAL 9 attracted the largest audience for a regular-season Dodgers game
    on any local broadcast or cable outlet since Aug. 1 2007, when KCAL 9
    attracted 505,000 viewers for a game between the Dodgers and Giants.
    Barry Bonds entered that contest with 754 career home runs, which at the
    time was one short of Hank Aaron’s Major League record.

  11. Anonymous

    Marmol pitched the top of the 7th for Rancho C. tonight. Results were HR, single, GO, fly O, called K.
    Score was then 2-1 Rancho which was also the final as Jarret Martin gave up only a single in the 8th and Eric Eadington wove 3 K’s around a single and a walk.

  12. KT


  13. Anonymous

    Hill obviously dining off the Gibby Grit menu

  14. KT

    RT @molly_knight Hanley Ramirez foul ball into the press box five minutes ago almost killed us all: #rip

  15. KT

    turn two

  16. KT

    Come on SVS

  17. KT

    Come on Nicky

  18. KT

    Let’s go Ryuth

  19. Anonymous

    MEllis, knocking it hard and getting hard knocks in return.

  20. KT

    Good eye Hanley!



    Come on SVS

  21. Anonymous

    SVS, SVOP!

  22. KT

    alright we scratched! SVS!

  23. KT

    Come on Nicky

  24. LOB, LOB. Foo.

  25. Anonymous

    Surprised them!

  26. KT

    Come on hanley…Let’s get ahead

  27. KT


  28. KT

    Come on AJ…drive him home

  29. KT

    Centerfield wall except it’s black

  30. KT

    Nice Hanley!

  31. Anonymous

    Let’s go Scotty!

  32. Anonymous


  33. Anonymous

    Should have one more on ball four, called strike two. Shame.

  34. KT

    Cool strike zone. Cost a run.

  35. KT

    DP time

  36. KT

    still waiting on my DP order

  37. KT


  38. Anonymous

    Great play by Hanley.

  39. Jack Dawkins

    Man…..Vin was in the sun today! He needs some sunscreen!

  40. KT


  41. Anonymous

    Going, going, Gonzo!

  42. Anonymous

    Parra makes me nuts.

  43. KT

    Time to put up a crocked number

  44. Anonymous

    Vinny punning.

  45. KT

    that was ball 4

  46. Anonymous

    Puig chasing.

  47. Anonymous

    Great at bat, Adrian!

  48. KT

    Come on Hanley

  49. KT


  50. KT

    Come on AJ

  51. KT

    Let’s go Dre

  52. Anonymous


  53. KT


  54. Jack Dawkins

    Free Baseball!

  55. Anonymous

    Greinke. Pinch hitter.

  56. KT

    Nick Zack!

  57. Anonymous

    C’mon CC. You are due!

  58. Jack Dawkins

    Maybe it will be a HR on the 18th…its been done!

  59. Jack Dawkins

    Withrow…..uh oh?

  60. KT

    DP time

  61. KT

    Puig for the win

  62. Anonymous

    Let’s get some runs! And the “W” for W!

  63. KT

    Good eye JH jr.

  64. Anonymous

    Oakland at Pittsburgh started after our game but they are done (2 hour 50 minute delay)

  65. Anonymous

    We don’t even have Shoe to pitch.

    • Anonymous

      I’d figure if it goes really long, Capuano will get the call and then somebody else would be called up so start for him.

  66. Anonymous

    Collmenter’s high pitch count this year is 81, but we have Capuano who hasn’t pitched since the 4th.
    On the other hand, Miley hasn’t pitched since the 6th.

  67. Anonymous

    It’s gonna be a hard several years watching Puig mature, especially once everything’s not coming up roses.

    • Anonymous

      hard for whom?

      • Anonymous

        Well, at least for me. When (or if?) he cools off, it’ll wear thin, fast.

        • Anonymous

          I find it nice to see a player enjoy it when the team does well and to look upset when he doesn’t do well. Not sure that is the opposite of mature.

  68. KT

    DP time

    • Anonymous

      Ask and ye shall receive . . . hopefully again!

  69. Anonymous


  70. Anonymous

    Please, don’t let it be Parra.

  71. Blue-eyed Gal

    Woo, finally found my old password. I’ll repeat what I said when I called into Dodgertalk Monday (and made a fool of myself, as I’ve never called into a radio show before): we don’t want to have to depend on a Giants manager to do the right thing and add Puig. I hope everyone’s taking a little time to poke at the stupid ASG voting widget during this looooong game.

    • Anonymous

      maybe Puig would rather visit his parents

      • Blue-eyed Gal

        Sorry, kid, go out there and represent! *whipcrack* :)

        (Actually, I bet Freeman’s gonna get in, and I understand the doubts about letting someone in this soon. But I see all the Giants message board alight with people voting Freeman — against their own guy — just to thwart Puig, and I figure we oughter compete too.)

  72. Anonymous

    only game still going

  73. KT


  74. Anonymous

    Uribear legging one out. For someone whose only following on gamecast did that like take a crazy hop or something?

    • KT

      no the ball was hit slowly and the ss tried to bare hand and couldn’t

  75. Anonymous

    Withrow is being called on for a third inning. Though he was a starter in the minors back in the day.

    • Anonymous

      he started 7 games at AA last year but that was in the beginning of the season

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I looked it up. He was a highly regarded prospect but his numbers as a starter were pretty bad, so that’s prolly why he was switched to relief.

  76. Did Gonzalez get hurt? How come Hairston’s playing first?

  77. Anonymous

    1st hit for the Snakes since the 5th ? Wow.

  78. Anonymous

    It feels like the game is played slower when I’m following on gamecast than when I’m watching on TV.

    • Anonymous

      no Vin does that
      with Lyons it feels longer on the TV

  79. Anonymous

    Great job by Withrow tonight – top ‘O the order comin’ up – time to score.

    • Blue-eyed Gal

      He’s been a rock for us tonight. Here’s hoping he gets the “W” he’s earned.

  80. Blue-eyed Gal

    Hey, if they play just a little longer, Skip Schumaker should’ve finished serving his suspension, so he can pinch hit, right? ;)

    • Anonymous

      are you trying to be funny?
      it’s a 2 game suspension, this is game 1

      • Blue-eyed Gal

        evidently I need to work on my delivery.

        ETA: oh no, League does not inspire faith. COME ON HANLEY, HIT A FOUR RUN DINGER WITH NOBODY ON.


        well, it’s a start.

  81. Watching Ellis’s last at-bat I couldn’t help thinking of Cora, who had that 14-pitch one and then hit an HR. Was that Joey or Alex?

    • Anonymous

      Alex, for the Dodgers.

      • Thanks. I knew it was for the Dodgers; I remember the disbelief hitting me when he hit the ball out. Just couldn’t remember which brother.

        From Alex’s Wikipedia entry:

        On May 12, 2004, Cora had an 18-pitch at-bat against Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Matt Clement. Facing a 2–1 count, Cora fouled off 14 straight pitches before finally hitting a home run. It is the third longest documented at-bat since baseball statisticians began keeping track of pitch counts in the mid-1980s. So much time elapsed that Cora’s brother Joey joked that he and Jay Fritz were watching the game at a restaurant ordering their first beer during the first pitch, and, by the time Cora homered, Cora and Fritz were “so drunk that we had to call a cab to take us home.”[1]

  82. KT

    I never got my last order of DP…I want it now

  83. Anonymous

    DP time, right KT?

  84. Anonymous

    lol, thanks for trying to bunt

  85. Anonymous

    Did Nieves paint on that beard with eye black?

  86. Anonymous

    Ever since he went out of his mind and started hitting like Barry Bonds for the Giants in the playoffs in 2010 Cody Ross has really bugged me.

  87. Anonymous

    Great pitch, Kenley!

  88. Anonymous

    Okay Hanley. I need my beauty sleep.

  89. KT

    Come on Hanley

  90. KT


  91. Anonymous

    Thank you!

  92. Anonymous

    Ooooooh Yaaaaaaa Baby !

  93. Wow, I just got home. Good timing it seems.

  94. KT


  95. Anonymous

    Kenley now up for a win and a save

    • Anonymous

      A player can not earn a win and a save in the same game.

      • Anonymous

        I was only joking – but in essence he will “earn” both (if he pitches the bottom of the inning without giving up the lead) – just not get the credit for both.

      • Jack Dawkins

        Seems assymetric. You can get a Blown Save and a Win in one game.

      • Anonymous

        If a starting pitcher is leading by one run after 5 innings and finishes the game without giving up the lead……..

  96. Does Gibson not trust his bullpen past this guy? I mean, 70-something pitches is a LOT!

  97. Anonymous

    Yes! Let’s get more!

  98. Anonymous

    Feel a little badly for Colmetter, but WOO HOO!

  99. Casey Barker

    What an incredible game!

  100. Anonymous

    Ether thinking, “Me, too!”

  101. I guess I missed it. Why is FedEx playing first? Has Hairston moved to another position? (Gameday’s Box is unclear, at least so far.)

  102. Anonymous

    When Hanley crossed the plate, he said something in passing to AJ, which judging by AJ’s reaction, I think was to the effect of “your turn.” Then after AJ got back to the dugout, you could see Hanley jab his finger at Trey Hillman’s chest and yell “I TOLD HIM!” Yup.

  103. Anonymous

    C’mon, KJ — 1, 2, 3 . . . please!

  104. Anonymous

    C’mon Janson! You can do it!

  105. Anonymous

    Alright Kenley. Let me get some sleep.

  106. Anonymous

    Did Vin mention these are Fedex’s first innings at first base as a pro?

  107. Anonymous

    One more, boys.

  108. KT

    Ball Game!!!!

    1st come from behind after trailing after 7 this year

    1.5 back finally back to .500 as I called before this series

    15-3 since Puig signed my jersey

    1st place by ASB!!!! (calling it)

  109. Anonymous


  110. Took a while but… SWEEP!!!

  111. Anonymous

    Finally dug out of the big hole and back on even ground. And now I can get some sleep!

  112. Anonymous

    Good night, everybody!

  113. Anonymous

    Gotta hand it to Withrow, as well.

  114. KT

    Night all…great game!!

  115. Anonymous

    .500 — my waffle!

  116. Anonymous

    Super sweet game.

  117. Anonymous

    League only pitcher not used tonight….

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Yes – lucky for us ! – and good bullpen management by Mattingly tonight (’cause it worked, of course….)

  118. KT

    Morning all…Good day to be a Dodger fan

  119. Well, this has been a fun week to be a Dodger fan (not so fun professionally, but alas, these things happen) …. I’m beginning to wonder if it might not be such a bad idea for young Master Puig to miss the ASG, maybe go hang out with some veterans who can talk to him about being sensibly aggressive or about handling the pressures of the bigs. I’m afraid there are some chinks showing in that armor.

    • john galt

      Sitting out a game might help his concentration, too.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, but hopefully not tonight. I’m going to the game!

  120. Larry Ham

    Since I work in an office full of Giants fans, #1 gets my vote!

  121. Anonymous

    Big plaudits to Withrow for three innings of scoreless relief.

    Mattingly: “Hey kid, great job last night, striking out Paul Goldschmidt and keeping us in the game until we could get the bats revved. up. Here’s your reward: we’re sending you back to AAA because you’re useless for the next three games.”

    Does the Carlos Marmol era begin tonight?

  122. KT

    Next on the list Washington / Arizona…1.5 behind, could catch them by ASB

  123. KT

    Love the fact that we are playing .834 ball since Yasiel signed my jersey…I looking at 19 of 22 an .864 winning percentage from 6/22 going into ASB

    Sweep the Roxs

  124. Anonymous

    You guys see this ? “Waiting for Yasiel Puig to slump.” :

    • I like Grant Brisbee, but starting any story with an Ian Kennedy quote is a bad start. SportsCenter has been playing a piece on Puig over and over today and guys like Buster Olney are using quotes from Miguel Montero to show that players don’t like him, even implying some Dodgers don’t. So we’re taking the words of Arizona players who have both shown arrogance and broken unwritten baseball rules, who both have a hate for the Dodgers as shown by head hunting and brawls, and using that to frame the entire league’s perception of him. It’s silly, honestly.

  125. Anonymous

    According to Dodgers’ site, tonight’s OF includes Puig, SVS, and JHJ . . . none of the All Star OF we expected to be fielding this year.
    Since this is truly Game 1 of A Whole New Blue (back at .500), let’s see what happens.

  126. Anonymous

    The Diamondbacks are going to have a game broadcast entirely in Navajo on Saturday.

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